Nobody Believed My Father Was Sleeping With Me So I Kept The Pregnancy As Revenge

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“When I was in junior high, my dad began sleeping in my bed with me. He always treated me better than my brothers and sisters, making sure I had everything I needed. One night, I woke up to find him standing over me, asking me to come with him to his room.

Even though it felt strange, I trusted him because he always showed me so much love.

That night, my mom was away on one of her monthly trips up north to buy things to sell. So, it was just me and my dad at home. He took me to his room and sat me down, telling me how much he cared about me. Then, he said he wanted to teach me something important – something that would help me find a husband when I grew up. Even though I was sleepy and confused, I tried to keep my eyes open and pay attention. After all, he was my dad, and I believed he only wanted what was…….Read Full Story Here……………

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