Nobody Wanted This Girl With Silver Eyes, Then Mom Saw Detail In Photo And Did Something Unimaginable!

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People were creeped out by the silver eyes and wanted nothing to do with her, but one mom noticed a particular detail in the girl’s photo. And then she carried out a shocking act.

Primrose was walking alongside her mother, her small legs working overtime to catch up to her mom’s lengthy strides. When walking was failing to cover the distance, Primrose ran, but suddenly her mom stopped. She wondered what the matter was and looked up to her, hoping to find answers there. Unfortunately, Primrose couldn’t read their mother’s expression because her eyesight was weak. For several months she’d been seeing less and less, and it had led her into domestic accidents. She had crashed into walls, accidentally turned over or broke plates of food, and slipped on wet floor, stinging herself.

Her parents had initially been understanding and forgiving, but soon frustration had stepped in. It had been easy for the little girl to tell because they easily snapped at her, cursing their luck for being settled with a child like that. Primrose hadn’t understood why they were so harsh. She didn’t mean to run into the wall of the kitchen or break her glass. In fact, it had even hurt. She had cried and pointed at her eyes, trying to communicate to them that she didn’t see well.

Her efforts had only added fuel to her parents’ anger. Why couldn’t Primrose open her mouth and talk? She was over 2 years old and she hadn’t uttered a single word in her life to her parents. Primrose was a liability that they weren’t willing to take on. They hadn’t bothered taking her to the hospital to have her eyes checked or to a speech therapist to understand why she was having trouble speaking. They couldn’t afford it, and there was no certainty that if they rallied around and raised some money for Prim Rose’s treatment it would be successful. Giving up had seemed like the most sensible thing to do.

It was why her mother took Primrose to the orphanage and turned her over to the caregivers. They saw her silver eyes and recoiled. What was it about the little girl’s silver eyes? Her eyes were enlarged, her cornea was cloudy, turning a silver hue, and it affected her sensitivity to light. Whenever people in our locality saw Primrose and her Silver Eyes, they were uncomfortable. They called her many awful names because of it, “ghost girl” and “monster” among them.

At the orphanage, Primrose could make no friends because all the children were frightened by her Silver Eyes. They left her out of activities. Whenever she walked in the direction where she faintly heard the voice of children, they fled from her as if she were a demon set loose upon them. The children cried, begged her to leave them alone, and in worst-case scenarios, they called her freak. Primrose was alone, and she knew to the core of her bones that she was unloved. It set a heavy cloud of gloominess over her.

Besides being partially blind due to the Silver Eyes, which were as a result of untreated childhood glaucoma, the caregivers at the orphanage also suspected she was partially deaf. She didn’t hear the caregivers whenever they spoke in front of the room giving a general instruction, but she heard if the caregivers were standing in front of her and speaking close to her ears. It seemed as though each dawning day revealed more of Prim Rose’s health issues to them. Primrose was a lost cause, and beside bathing her, making sure she wore clean clothes, and food to eat, they didn’t spend an extra minute on her. They neglected to teach her important basic things such as how to hold her head up and drink from a bottle, how to hold something in her grip, and how to feed herself without making a mess. Primrose was in a state where she was merely existing and waiting for the day she would exit out of this world.

As months passed by, she watched as different kids left the orphanage either to be fostered or adopted. Whenever the parents came over, none spent more than a few seconds with Primrose. Nobody wanted the little girl with the silver eyes, and it seemed like it would remain this way for a long, long time. But that was until something happened that changed the course of Prim Rose’s life.

In 2014, a well-meaning group of people visited the orphanage on an outreach. They brought many cartons of milk, children’s clothes, and other essentials. They also handed a check to the director of the orphanage for the children’s upkeep. This group walked around the orphanage having personal interactions with the children there, laughing, talking, and playing. Eventually, one of them found Primrose. She laid sprawled and unmoving on her bed, in her onesie, her Silver Eyes staring up blindly at the ceiling. One man came close to her, but there was no reaction from Primrose to suggest that she heard the man draw near.

The group asked the caretakers about Prim Rose’s condition, and when they learned of it, their faces fell. They didn’t have enough resources to get her the help that she needed. But they could do one thing: spread awareness. One of them asked permission to take pictures of Primrose. The photos were uploaded to Facebook. In the caption of the photo, the tragic story of Prim Rose’s existence was shared. There was no mention of raising funds; however, the simple kind act would go on to have a reverberating effect halfway across the world.

In Buford, Georgia, Erin Austin and her husband Chris were living their lives. They had two children, a daughter Meline and a son River. They had always talked about adopting, but no child had quite called out to their hearts. Erin returned home from a long day at work. She wanted to get some rest before rising up to make dinner. Logging on to her Facebook app, Erin tried to catch up with the latest news in the lives of her friends. She saw a few posts that made her smile. She liked them and commented, then continued scrolling until she came across the photo of a little Asian girl in a onesie. It was Primrose, and her Silver Eyes Were prominent in the photo. Erin was studying it when the doorbell rang. She went to answer it and from there, she went to make dinner. Primrose was forgotten for now.

A few days later, Erin was scrolling through her feed when Prim Rose’s photo popped up again. Erin was lying on the sofa, but she set up abruptly when she saw this. She was studying the details in the photo when her husband Chris came home. She lit up at the sight of him, and after a brief welcome home kiss, she showed him Prim Rose’s photo. Judging by the furrow of his brow and the tightening of his jaw, Erin could tell he was affected as she was. However, they didn’t talk about it. They went about their evening routines, taking care of the children and relaxing.

In the days that followed, the couple noticed each other’s mood changes. They went from being bright to being dull. One night before bed, they could no longer put off the concern that they felt for each other. Erin asked her husband what the matter was. He denied that anything was wrong. He inquired about Erin as well: Was she feeling okay? She shrugged and replied that she was fine Left with nothing to say, they both went to bed.

Three days later, Erin was sleeping at night when she suddenly screamed in her sleep. Chris jumped up and shook her awake because she was crying but hadn’t woken up. He gathered her in his arms and stroked her back, murmuring words of comfort and consolation. Erin pulled back from him and told him that she dreamt of the silvery girl. He confessed that Primrose had been weighing heavily on his mind as well. It felt as if her soul was calling out to him. Nervously, Erin admitted that she had been experiencing the same thing, which was why she acted impulsively. She had actually booked a flight to China to meet Primrose. Chris was taken aback. Why hadn’t she informed him before acting? Did she think he would stop her?

Erin rushed to explain that wasn’t why she did what she did. Because of her own self, her financial situation wasn’t great and she didn’t want to talk herself out of helping Primrose because of it, especially since she couldn’t get the girl out of her mind. She choked on sobs in between explaining. Chris pulled her into an embrace. He wasn’t mad anymore. He asked her to stay safe.

A few days later, Chris and their children dropped Erin off at the airport. When she arrived in China, she gave herself a few hours to refresh and rest before heading to the orphanage. She was anxious at what kind of reception she would get. It turned out to be nothing like she expected. The caregivers were baffled when they learned that she came for Primrose. No one had ever come for her specifically. They brought Erin to where the little girl was. Primrose struggled to stand to her feet. She clasped her visibly shaking hands in front of her, and her expression conveyed both a deep sadness and a sense of indifference. This was a child who wasn’t 3 years old yet, but she wore the pain of rejection like a second skin. Erin knew then and there that she would do anything to help this little girl.

Due to their language barrier, Erin didn’t bother speaking. She hugged Primrose and held on for a while. She heard her sniffling and carried her. Prim Rose’s hands wound tightly around Erin’s neck, seeking comfort she’d never known. After crying, the little girl fell asleep on Erin’s shoulders, her breathing even and peaceful. Erin called Chris and relayed everything that happened. She wanted to adopt Primrose and bring her home. He already saw this coming and was open to it. Erin remained in China for a few extra days to start the adoption process. It would be lengthy, time-consuming, and expensive. Erin returned to the States, but the process of adoption continued.

It was a phase of faith for her and Chris, who came up against many challenges that made them want to give up, feeling that these obstacles must mean Primrose wasn’t meant for them. However, when they had a check-in call with Primrose and saw how unhappy she was, they regained strength to continue pushing for the adoption. It was their ultimate goal to put a smile on her face. Primrose’s caretakers weren’t keen on Erin adopting her because of her health challenges. But when they saw Erin and Chris’s persistence, they sided with them and gave their full support. They were the ones who put Primrose on calls with the couple. Primrose couldn’t see the couple, but she could vaguely make out their features and over time grew used to their voices. She didn’t know English, but because of their calls, she started picking up a few basic words.

Two years after several backs and forths, the Austins finally brought four-year-old Primrose to Georgia, where their children Meline and River welcomed her warmly. Primrose felt the love and acceptance she was unused to it and stiffened when Meline and River tried to hug her. Her reaction made them bent on showing Primrose plenty of love so that she could overcome her bad experiences.

The Austins took it upon themselves to teach her the fundamentals that weren’t taught to her at the orphanage. The family taught Primrose how to sit upright, hold her head, drink from a bottle, hold a spoon, and feed herself. Most importantly, they taught her how to communicate by touch. It was hectic, but Primrose showed a willingness to learn, which made everyone excited. Meanwhile, Primrose started getting laser treatment to reduce the pressure building up behind her eyes, and tubes were put into her ears to help her hear more.

Stefan Hannon, Clinical Services director at Optical Express, said, “The girl has the appearance of silver eyes due to changes in the outer window of the eye known as the cornea. These changes are a result of her congenital glaucoma, a condition which leads to raised intraocular pressure.” Prim Rose’s health and quality of life appear to be improving. Until one morning, she usually came out of her room for breakfast, but this time she didn’t. Erin thought that she was sleeping longer than usual and went to wake her up.

What she saw baffled her. Primrose was lying flat on her back, crying. She couldn’t come out of the bed and kept shaking her head when Erin tried to pull her out. Hours later, Primrose’s condition didn’t improve. In fact, she stopped walking and was writhing in pain on the bed. She was scratching her eyes and breathing heavily. The situation increasingly worsened. Primrose would wake up at random hours, sweating profusely. She would cry for as long as 16 hours a day, refused to eat. Erin became her primary caregiver in this time because Primrose was incapable of doing anything for herself. Erin forced down liquids into the little girl’s body with a syringe. She did this to save her from dehydration.

It took 11 specialists to figure out what was wrong with Primrose. They discovered a rare 6 p25 deletion syndrome that had caused the congenital glaucoma, Prim’s learning disabilities, her lack of muscle tone, and other problems. At this point, the 5-year-old girl was in critical condition, facing a life-threatening situation with a poor prognosis. The doctors did their best by eliminating all the possible causes of her pain one after the other. It was an excruciating experience for the Austins. Eventually, the doctor discovered the main source of Prim Rose’s tormenting pain was coming from her eyes.

As her mother, Erin, was presented with choices, and she did something unimaginable. The MRI scan revealed Primrose had suffered a buildup of pressure and the retinal detachment in one eye, while the other shrank to half its size. The only way for Primrose to survive pain-free was for the optic tissue from both eyes to be taken out, which would render her completely blind but pain-free. Erin gasped when she heard it. She covered her mouth with her hands as tremors rocked her body. All her life, Primrose had struggled with her vision. If only she’d been found quicker and treated earlier, things would have never gotten to this. Tears stained her cheeks, and blooming pain spread across her chest. She didn’t see anything good coming out of this. Prim Rose’s life was over.

However, Chris gripped her hand, and she looked at him. He reminded her that Primrose was

beautiful with her silver eyes. Erin thought so when no one else did. She had to have faith that Prim Rose’s battle wasn’t over yet. Spurred on by Chris’s words, Aaron agreed for Primrose’s eyes to be taken out.

The amount of time Primrose fought for her life until her eyes were taken out completely was 76 days. The Austins termed it 76 days of Crisis. Two days after Prim Rose’s surgery, a miracle happened. She stood for the first time in months. She was smiling, although patches covered where her eyes used to be, and she started making progress in other areas.

Weeks later, Chris began teaching Primrose to walk again using a walking stick. She looked frail and younger than her 5 years because of her lack of muscle tone, but doctors were confident she would gain it back. Erin was relieved at the outcome of events; her only fear is that the world won’t accept Primrose because of her disability.

Months after the surgery, Primrose underwent another one where molds were created and painted to look like pupils and colored irises. These were inserted into her eyes so they wouldn’t be empty sockets. Primrose learned to communicate in a new and different way. Although she never spoke and may never speak, she sleeps through the nights and is using her four fingers and thumb to pinch her snacks, something she was unable to do. Her parents and doctors are confident that with her determination and progress, she will continue to thrive and achieve milestones beyond what was once thought possible.

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