Nobody Wants This Girl With Silver Eyes Then Mom Sees A Detail In Photo And Realizes The Truth

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“A newborn girl was abandoned in an orphanage by her parents because of silver eyes. Erin and Chris decided to adopt Primrose after reading about her condition, and after collecting the money, the couple flew all the way across to China to bring Primrose back with them.

It’s been almost one month now since Primrose moved in with her new family, and her adoptive mom gave her a heartfelt tribute in an emotional letter.

Primrose, an adorable baby girl born in China, has congenital glaucoma which turned the girl’s eyes completely silver. For the first 25 months, Primrose was not treated, and the poor girl was in constant pain and irritation because of her condition. In addition to this, Primrose was also diagnosed with a hearing problem, which meant that in addition to not seeing properly, she could also not hear properly. Following her diagnosis, Primrose was………Read Full Story Here…………..

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