Baby was born with a HUGE HEAD, so Their Parents Decided to do The Unexpected

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Parker’s parents were eagerly awaiting his arrival, but when he was born, something extraordinary happened.

Parker came into the world with an unusual condition—skull distemper and hydrocephalus—causing his skull to fill with spinal fluid. As a result, only five percent of his skull contained his brain, a stark contrast to the usual 90 to 95 percent in a typical baby. Faced with this challenging situation, Parker’s parents made a surprising decision—to keep loving him despite his differences.

Ryan Gregg, Parker’s father, remained by his side constantly, talking to him, praying for him, holding his hands, and gently stroking his head. The doctors were amazed at his survival instincts immediately after birth. Following his birth, Parker underwent surgery to drain the excess fluid from his skull, providing relief from the pressure.

After two weeks, Parker’s parents could finally bring him home. Four weeks later, he began physical therapy. Chrissy, his mother, shared that it took Parker a considerable amount of time to sit up and hold his head up, but progress came quicker in other aspects—he swiftly surpassed the crawling stage and started walking, astonishing everyone around him.

Parker’s parents are at a loss for words to express their gratitude to the doctors for their incredible efforts with their little one. They see the medical team as an extension of their family.

Today, Parker appears like any other boy; it’s hard to imagine the hardships he faced at birth. Described as talkative and affectionate by his mother, Parker clearly feels abundant love from both his biological and hospital families.

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