Old Veteran Denied Access On Plane When He Makes A Phone Call, The Crew Turns Pale

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When Ben, a decorated veteran, wanted to enter the plane, something unexpected happened. He realized that he had lost his ticket, and the airplane staff refused to let him board. Ben could not believe that this was happening; he had just shown his ticket to them minutes ago. But still, they refused to let him in.

Luckily, Ben knew a different way to get in; he only had to make one phone call. The staff turned pale when finding out who he had called, but who did Ben call? How was he able to get on the plane after all, and why did the crew turn pale? Ben had been invited to attend a special ceremony in the country where he once served, honoring veterans like himself. The government had generously provided him with a business class ticket, acknowledging his sacrifices and contributions. Because of the business class upgrade, Ben was quite excited about flying. On the day of his flight, Ben made sure to……..Read Full Story Here………………..

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