Parents Dumped Him for Being ”Ugly”. Years Later, He Paid Them a DISTURBING Visit

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Aiden’s birth was not met with the joy and happiness like most babies are welcomed with. His looks made his parents hate him on sight, causing them to dump him years later.

He paid them a disturbing visit.When Aiden was born, Klo and Derek were shocked when they saw what he looked like. They couldn’t believe that he could be related to them.

Aiden was born with a hunchback and a lot of facial hair. He also had the brightest smile ever, and his skin felt soft to the touch. But his parents noticed none of that; all they saw was that he was ugly, and they couldn’t accept him as part of them.

As a result, they made an outrageous decision that would begin the tragic journey of the poor infant. A week after delivery, the couple left the hospital with their baby. However, they didn’t go home; they went straight to an orphanage. When no one was watching, they dropped the boy at the doorstep and ran away. Not once did they even look back. They had a……Read Full Story Here…………

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