Parrot Visits Man’s Balcony Every Day – One Day, It Speaks Words That Made Him Call 911

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Caleb had only recently moved into his new apartment when he found that it had a regular visitor: a colorful parrot squawking away. Caleb had started to become rather fond of the creature as he saw the bird once a day and taught it some new words.

Then, the words that the bird used seemed to click, and Caleb visibly paled. He knew he had to take immediate action and called 911. They had been skeptical. How could a bird know something so concerning about a crime being committed.

Caleb needed to prove to the police that something was actually happening. He started to record all the phrases the bird said, leaving nothing out. With the proof of the recordings, Caleb went to the police station, and when he arrived, they still tried to dismiss his concerns. Detective Michaels and Caleb set out to find the truth, but it seemed like this was…..Read Full Story Here…………….

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