Police Officer Sees Girl Walking Home From School When He Finds Out Why, He Arrests Her Teachers

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Officer Donovan’s routine morning patrol took an unexpected turn when he spotted a young girl walking to school alone. Concerned, he stopped to talk to her and was taken aback by her distressing revelation. The chilling truth behind her solitary journey would lead him down a path he never could have anticipated.

When the little girl named Anna told Officer Donovan that she had been home alone for days, he immediately knew he had to help her. Her dad was out of the picture, and her mom had simply disappeared. From what Anna told him, he understood that this was very unlike her. Was she in trouble? Officer Donovan decided to start an investigation, and soon it became clear that her mom was missing. Nobody knew where she was or what had happened to her. She seemed to have disappeared without a trace. However, the officer was not going to give up, and he believed he was close to finding Anna’s mother.

When he finally found a lead and discovered what might have happened to her, he was shocked. His eyes filled with tears as he thought about ways to break the news to little Anna. What had Officer Donovan found? What had happened to Anna’s mother? And was Anna ever going to see her again?

Officer Donovan couldn’t suppress a yawn as he drove around town in the early morning carrying out a routine patrol. He took another sip of his coffee, which he grabbed at the station just before his shift. As he drove his usual route, he spotted something in the distance. At first, he thought he was just imagining it, but as he got closer, it only became more clear that his eyes were not betraying him. He saw a little girl walking on the side of the road.

Even though this might not seem weird at first, there were a couple of reasons why Officer Donovan found this odd. First, it was still way too early for kids to be on their way to school. Class wasn’t starting for at least another hour, and the streets were still completely empty except for this girl. Second, she was all on her own. Most kids walked to school together with their parents or took a school bus, especially if it was still dark outside. This girl definitely didn’t look like she was in high school yet, but rather in middle school or even younger than that. And third, the girl looked horrible.

Officer Donovan slowed down as he drove by the girl, wanting to get a good look at her, and he was shocked when he laid eyes on her from up close. She was wearing dirty clothes, her hair was tangled, and she looked very tired. The officer parked his car on the side of the road, got out, and walked back to the girl. He needed to see if she was okay.

“Hello there, my name’s Officer Donovan. Are you okay?” he asked. The girl looked at him with frightened eyes, and she didn’t say anything to him, but she showed a little nod. The officer understood that she was probably going to be a bit scared of him, but he wasn’t going to give up. “What’s your name?” he asked her, trying to make her feel more at ease. Luckily, his plan worked, and the little girl said, “Anna.” “Wow, that’s a beautiful name,” he said with a big smile on his face, and he saw something shimmer in the girl’s eyes.

“Anna, where are you heading? It’s a bit early for girls like you to be out on their own, don’t you think?” Immediately, Anna broke eye contact and looked down at her feet again, and he could see her bottom lip quiver a bit, like she was about to cry. “Nope, abort mission,” he thought to himself. He wanted to help this girl, not make her cry. He quickly thought of something else to ask, and he decided to go with, “Where are your parents, Anna?”

Anna just shrugged her shoulders and avoided his gaze. “What, you don’t know where they are?” Officer Donovan asked, just to double-check if he’d understood her correctly. She finally looked at him and nodded. After asking the girl some more questions, he found out that she didn’t have a dad; he left her mother years ago as soon as he found out she was pregnant, and Anna had never met him. Or, well, that’s what her mother had told her. Anna’s mom wasn’t home right now either; she left for work a few days ago, and according to the little girl standing in front of him, she still hadn’t returned.

Officer Donovan’s eyes filled with tears as he realized that this girl had been home alone for days, and one question kept repeating itself in his mind: Where was her mother? He decided that he was going to help this girl. “Anna, I’ll help you find your mom, okay? Can you tell me where you live? We can start there.” The little girl’s expression changed, and she looked hopeful. She nodded, and they got in the car.

Officer Donovan was confused; when he’d seen Anna, he first thought her parents were simply not looking after her. She had to be in trouble, he thought. He decided that once they checked the house, he would take Anna to the police station. They might need to start an official investigation. However, he didn’t want to scare Anna, so he playfully told her that today she deserved a day off from school. The poor girl had walked there and back for a couple of days now, and it was a long walk, about an hour and a half, she told him. She gave him the name of her school, and he called in to let the teacher know she couldn’t be coming to class that day. Luckily, the teacher was very understanding.

Before hanging up the phone, Officer Donovan thought of an important question he could ask Anna’s teacher. Maybe she knew where her mother worked. The teacher said she didn’t know right away, but she checked their database, and luckily, she had written down that information in Anna’s file. Her mother worked in a diner just out of town. “Thank you; this might just help us find her,” Officer Donovan said before he hung up the phone.

When they had almost arrived at the house, Anna suddenly asked him, “Will you find my mom?” He just nodded and told her he would, but thinking to himself, “I certainly hope I do.”

Once they entered the house, the officer searched each room for possible clues about where Anna’s mother could have gone. He found nothing out of the ordinary, and everything in the house looked perfectly normal. When suddenly, his eyes fell on something that just had to be helpful: the mother’s planner. He picked it up and checked the first page, realizing he didn’t even know the woman’s name.

Discovering it was Emily, he said, “All right, Emily, let’s find you.” He flipped the pages until he found the dates of the week they were currently in, and he saw that Emily had planned something for the day she disappeared. She had to work from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m., and she was going to meet with someone afterwards at 9:00.

Officer Donovan realized that he would have to start his investigation at Emily’s work. Maybe her colleagues or her boss knew more about where she was, and they could help him find her. The officer hurried to Annie’s Diner, which was the restaurant where Emily worked, and he hoped at least someone would be able to help him. He parked his car and walked inside, where he was greeted by a waitress. “Hi, officer, how can I help you?” the waitress asked. Officer Donovan took a seat at the bar and asked for a cup of coffee. “Sure, I’ll be right with you,” she said.

A few minutes later, she walked over to him and poured the coffee into his mug while making a bit of small talk. Then the officer decided it was time to ask her some more serious questions. “Look, I didn’t come here just to get some coffee. Is there anyone named Emily who works here?” Immediately, the waitress’s attitude changed. She froze and told him, “Yes, she was one of our waitresses. I mean, she is a waitress here.” Officer Donovan asked the waitress a few more questions, and he also checked the security footage. He discovered that she had planned a meeting with her ex, Anna’s father. This was the last time anyone had seen her.

The next day, Emily was found healthy and alive in her ex’s basement. He kept her there for days, with no food and water, demanding to be part of Anna’s life again, which Emily refused. He was arrested, and Emily and her daughter were reunited again.

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