Police stop car where 7-year-old brothers were driving, cry upon discovering the reason

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Police officers can’t believe their eyes when they see two seven-year-olds driving a car at high speed. But when they see what was in the back seat, their hearts ache and they cry bitterly. On that starry night, a team of police officers set up a routine operation on the city’s Main Avenue to check documents and ensure traffic safety.

It was a quiet night, with cars and motorcycles passing by, some stopping at police signals, others moving on after a brief inspection.

“Good evening, vehicle documents and driver license, please,” asked one of the officers with a flashlight in his hand, illuminating the interior of the vehicles that stopped at his signal. Most of the drivers cooperated by presenting the documents requested; some with minor infractions were warned, others released without any major problems. The evening followed its predictable routine until an unusual event broke the monotony of the night. An apparently ordinary car approached, but instead of slowing down for the inspection as instructed, it accelerated abruptly, passing through the police barrier like a ghost in the night. Surprised, the officers exchanged confused glances before taking……Read Full Story Here……………………..

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