Pope Kissed Dying Baby’s Head. 6 Weeks Later, Parents Noticed Something ALARMING

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When the Pope happened to kiss baby Masi Antonio on the head, her parents never dreamed of what would happen next. Just 6 weeks later, they were faced with a shocking reality.

Theas Antonos were thrilled to find out that they were expecting their second baby, even more so when they found out it was going to be a girl. They felt that God had really answered their prayers. Little did they realize the secret their sweet little girl was hiding from them.

When their little Giana came into the world, she made them face the most challenging times of their lives, one that would even make them question their faith at some point. The first month of Gianna’s life seemed like a tranquil chapter in their family story.

They reveled in the joy of Parenthood, marveling at their daughter’s every coo and giggle. Life had never felt so complete.But as with all stories, there came a moment when the clouds of uncertainty began to gather on the horizon. God was really about to test their fate. Giana, initially a…..Read Full Story Here………….

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