Priest Installs Camera To Find Out Who Was Stealing The Offering, But He Screamed When He Sees

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After several weeks of constant theft, Father Mark installed a camera to find out who was stealing the church’s offerings. When he found out who was stealing the money, he screamed in disbelief. One Monday morning, Father Mark woke up feeling a bit anxious.

Just the night before, he had realized that the money collected during Sunday’s Mass was missing. This wasn’t the first time such a thing had happened, but Father Mark wasn’t worried. In fact, he had been waiting for this moment for the past month. He had a feeling that today would be the day he finally discovered who had been stealing from the church.

Despite his excitement to uncover the truth, the priest knew he had other duties and tasks to attend to throughout the day. He couldn’t drop everything and investigate right away, so he decided to wait until the evening when he would have some free time to review the surveillance footage from the church’s security cameras. As he went about his daily activities, his mind kept wandering to the impending revelation and what he would do once he found out who was…….Read Full Story here……………………….

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