Priest Suddenly Notices Something STRANGE About Bride, Then He Angrily Stops The Wedding

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It was a bright and sunny day, perfect for a wedding ceremony. Everyone was in high spirits and prepared to have a beautiful day. But the event took a drastic turn when the priest took a sharp look at the bride and stopped everything. The reason is shocking.

Friends and family gathered to witness the union of Donald and Media. As the organist played the Wedding March, Donald strolled confidently to the front pew, his eyes fixated on the crucifix adorning the altar. Anxious but hopeful, he adjusted his brown tuxedo suit, silently praying for everything to proceed smoothly. While he wasn’t anticipating any mishaps, he couldn’t shake off his nerves. Marrying Media had always been his dream, and he couldn’t bear the thought of losing her to another man. With her stunning beauty and charm, Donald considered himself incredibly fortunate to have her by his side.

The priest, Francis, stepped out of the vestry clad in ceremonial robes. He was a well-reserved priest and spiritualist. He held a holy sacrament and stepped down the altar, his glasses resting on the tip of his nose as he stared at everyone. He placed the holy sacrament on the table and walked towards Donald, who nodded in reverence to the priest and recited the sign of the crucifix in Spanish. Donald wasn’t good with the church doctrines because he rarely attended any. He had to start the marriage counseling class because of his wedding.

The organist changed the tune of the song, and Donald lifted his eyes to the entrance. He beheld the love of his life standing at the entrance. She was clad in a dazzling white wedding gown. As she walked down the aisle, the whole church gasped; they had never seen such a beautiful bride. There was no one to walk her down the aisle; she had informed Donald that she had lost her family in an accident. She had no uncle or aunt who took care of her. Donald felt proud of her. Despite the lack of parental upbringing, she had managed to raise herself into a decent and vibrant young woman.

As she arrived at the altar, Media effortlessly drew attention to herself. Her walking step, her poise, and her smiles were angelic. Donald remembered how he had met her. He had attended a charity event of a friend and met her standing alone, sipping her cappuccino. She had a white gown and exuded a strange kind of angelic brilliance. He had watched her discard rich and powerful men who tried to start a conversation with her like they were nothing.

He was interested in her, but watching her do such to the most handsome men killed his bravery. He couldn’t contain his shock when she actually walked up to him and asked for a drink. At first, he thought it was a dream, but then it was real. They spoke and exchanged their contact information. Right from that day, he had been seeing her in his dreams.

She overwhelmed his thought process. He thought he was losing his mind, but then he realized it was love. It just had to be. But this love happened way too fast; it was just on a whole different level. At first, it was worrisome, but Donald soon quickly got used to feeling that way. Besides, Media made it easy as she reciprocated his love with the same intensity. She had promised to spend the rest of her life with him, and now she was making it come true.

The priest stared at the young couple with a smile. He loved seeing young people get married. The priest addressed the couple directly, imparting a heartfelt wedding charge that urged them to honor and cherish each other in all circumstances, enriching their journey together. He then asked both partners if they were ready to take their vows.

They both nodded delightedly, and he asked them to come forward. When they got to the altar, the priest asked Donald to unveil his bride. As Donald did that, the priest suddenly screamed in shock and the microphone dropped to the floor. His legs wobbled and he fell. The altar boys ran to the priest to aid and helped him up to the chair. The priest stared at Donald and then Media. He tried to stand up but fell on the chair again. One of the altar boys returned with a goblet of water and handed it to the priest. He gulped it and then leaned on the chair, gasping for breath.

Donald was confused; he thought Father Francis was ill, but he kept looking at them strangely, especially Media. After a few minutes, the priest got up and glared at Media. The priest asked Media if she had met him somewhere. Media was surprised as she told him she hadn’t. The priest snapped at her, stating that she was lying. He insisted they had met somewhere but he couldn’t recall the exact place. However, he was sure that she knew about it.

Worried, Donald explained to the priest that his wife had just arrived in town, so there was no way he could have seen her. At this point, the priest got angry. He knew Media was hiding something. In an angry tone, he announced that he wasn’t going to officiate the wedding any longer. The entire church gasped and stared at the couple in surprise. They knew there was a strong reason why the priest chose not to continue with the wedding. However, Donald saw Father Francis as a deluded old man. Definitely, the old man clearly didn’t know what he was saying because he had only met Media during the wedding counseling classes.

“No, I know what I’m saying. I have seen her somewhere,” Father Francis yelled. The parishioners were all frightened; no one had ever seen the priest this angry. Just when they thought the worst had happened, the priest said something even more shocking. He pointed at her right shoulder and insisted that she had a beastly mark there. At this, Donald let out a loud laugh. This was all it took to convince him that Father Francis didn’t know what he was saying.

Media had no tattoo on her body; he was certain of that. And even if she had one, that wasn’t enough reason to stop the wedding. Father Francis said it wasn’t an ordinary tattoo; it was an insignia to a sacred realm in the dark kingdom. That was it. Donald couldn’t take it any longer. He turned to see Media looking very angry and he apologized. Media lost her cool as well. She insulted the priest and told him that she could sue him for harassment.

The priest said the only way he could continue with the wedding was if she proved that there was no sign on her shoulder. He then called three women and asked that they escort Media to the inner sanctum. They were to check if she had a mark on her right shoulder or not. Donald tried to protest but his dad signaled that he should calm down. Three women stepped forward and they tried to lead Media to the inner room, but she refused. Donald wanted to flare up but he listened to his dad instead. After what seemed like a back-and-forth argument, Media agreed to follow the women into the room.

Once they stepped in and were out of earshot, something shocking happened. Media lifted her hands and her eyes changed immediately. The women were terrified. Media’s once pretty eyes changed into different colors as she stared fiercely at the women. Her powers were suffocating them, and they were gradually going out of breath.

Satisfied, Media pushed the women and they fell with a great thud. She then ordered them to inform the church that the priest was lying. The women accepted to do so because of the pain they were going through. It felt as if someone had poured acid on them. Media waited for them to catch their breath before pushing them out of the inner sanctum.

As the women approached the congregation, with Media walking elegantly behind them, the church members noticed the confident pose that Media exuded and they feared the outcome. When they all got to the front of the altar, the women calmly said they didn’t see any mark on her shoulder.

A heavy silence immediately took over before Donald screamed at the priest, wondering why he had to resort to theatrics instead of officiating the wedding. He knew his guests would be embarrassed, and Media too. He apologized to her and threatened to sue the parish. The priest ignored the rant and started mumbling words of chant. He turned to Media and their eyeballs locked for a moment. The priest said Media had enchanted the women so they could do her bidding.

“That’s preposterous!” Donald screamed in frustration. He never believed in the supernatural and he saw the priest’s acts as a paid fanfare to discredit his marriage. He wouldn’t wait again to be disrespected a second time. He took his wife’s hand, intending to leave, but his dad walked towards him and whispered something to calm him down. He said that in all his years knowing Father Francis, he had never known him to be a liar.

Father Francis was a well-known spiritualist and a powerful exorcist. He was well-versed in the act of exorcism and deliverance. He had traveled to nearly all the continents of the world, delivering people from the agents of darkness.

He could see into the realms of the spirit and could identify any demon. But as he grew old and was nearing retirement, he had to apply for a transfer to a small settlement in Scotland. He wanted a place where he could rest and do God’s work. The entire village and other parts of the city knew Father Francis. They knew his gifts and powers and they respected him for it, so they believed that something was wrong with Media. The priest wouldn’t spring up an accusation like that.

Donald was torn between listening to his father and wife. Media kept screaming that the old priest and his members were living in delusion. Just then, the priest screamed and pointed at Media.

“I remember you!” Everyone immediately turned to face him. Father Francis had officiated a wedding in London 10 years ago. Media was the bride. Before he blessed the marriage, he had seen a vision of the sign on Media’s shoulder. He dismissed it, but all through the wedding, he kept having turbulent visions. He knew all wasn’t right with Media, but he couldn’t just bring himself to stop the wedding. Her pretty face and comely spirit melted his heart. On the night of the wedding, Media took her husband’s life and ran away. Father Francis had never gotten over that death, and since then, he vowed to always act on his intuition.

The church was in deep shock after Francis’s revelation. Donald was very close to losing his mind while Media folded her hands and acted in disbelief. The priest started praying, binding and casting Media. His body was filled with sweat and he trembled but just kept praying. Just then, something terrifying happened. Media suddenly barked like a dog. Next, she meowed like a cat, and her body slowly transformed into something from a movie.

The sound of bones crushing as she transformed made Donald throw up. Media’s once pretty face was now filled with warts and snorts. The priest started invoking the prayer of the crucifix on Media. She snarled at the priest, but he never stopped. His lips shook as he kept praying and sprinkling holy water on her. Media stretched her hand and commanded the elements to listen to her voice. She snarled and slowly invoked the power of the dark ages. A sharp wind blew and the crucifix was turned upside down. Doors slammed and the entire contents of the altar were in disarray.

The people gathered couldn’t believe their eyes. They had come for a wedding, but it had been changed to a battleground. Some watched with fear as they hoped and prayed for the priest to defeat Media. Though they had heard of the priest’s successful exorcisms around the continent, watching it firsthand felt so different. Just then, Media stretched her hand towards the priest. He gasped as he felt a snap in his throat. He felt an invisible force trying to lift him from the ground. He clung to his crucifix and kept praying aloud. Media laughed and told the church that the priest was powerless. She said she was a close ally to Lucifer, so the priest couldn’t harm her.

Father Francis was an experienced exorcist. He knew Lucifer meant light, and she was trying to shine her way through his mind. She was going to try to reveal his fears and past sins and use them against him. He closed his eyes and asked for heaven’s protection. He pointed the crucifix at her and charged her to surrender. Media felt the resistance from the priest. She lifted her hand again, but she felt a powerful wind underneath. The priest was a man of authority.

He spoke to her body and kept invoking fire upon her. Soon her body felt as if it was engulfed in flames. The priest charged the church to pray for victory, and everyone began to pray. The resounding voice of prayer slammed Media to the ground and she lay there weakly. Her face slowly changed to normal and she called Donald to help her. The priest warned him not to listen to her.

“Donald, help me,” she begged. Donald saw his wife lying vulnerable on the floor. He almost moved to her but was restrained by the priest. The priest told Donald that his wife wasn’t who he thought she was. The priest moved closer to her and sprinkled holy water, then commanded her to confess.

In a thunderous voice, she said, “My real name is Medusa, not Media.” She came from a marine clan, a sacred order of darkness from the spirit realm. Their mission was to share intimate moments with men, not just ordinary men but people with vision and impact. They would get married to these men and take their lives on the wedding night. She had existed for 140 years and had been with 665 men. Donald would have been the last person to make it the 666th. The sign 666 was a sacred code of dominance in the dark world. She needed the complete powers to ascend the throne of the dark.

Everyone screamed and gasped in horror, but the priest wasn’t surprised. He had dealt with similar issues as this. The priest tried to subdue her spirit so he could perform the final exorcism, but Media charged. She growled so loud and knocked Francis to the ground. She got up and pulled out a blade from her pocket. Just then, Francis commanded her soul to stay still, and Media couldn’t move. The priest invoked the power of the New Testament on Media, and she felt her strength slowly slip away. She ran into the congregation, and everyone screamed in panic. Pandemonium broke loose and everyone scrambled all through the church. Media then turned to the priest.

“I will surely marry Donald and I will do my will,” she yelled and immediately jumped through the window and fled into the woods.

Donald couldn’t believe that his wedding would end this way. He moved to the priest and fell on his knees. He apologized for doubting him and also thanked the priest for saving his life. The priest slowly lowered himself to the chair.

“This battle should have been won 10 years ago. You wouldn’t have been in this situation,” he told Donald. He also told Donald that his life was at stake and he needed to live in the parish where Media and her minions wouldn’t get him. He was the last person left for her to ascend the throne, so she would stop at nothing until she ended his life. The guests and church members exited the church while the altar boys started cleaning up everywhere. Donald was led to his apartment, a small room with just a bed. He was scared about everything. He moved to the window and closed it before settling on the bed. A wind started and the window suddenly opened.

That was weird. Donald moved back to the window and bolted it, but then he heard a creepy sound and the window opened again. Just then, Media stuck her face through the window, her teeth glaring. Donald screamed, tumbled, and fell to the ground. He tried to open the door but he couldn’t. Media was slowly climbing into the room.

She entered fully and was clad in a wedding gown. Now she looked so beautiful and innocent. Donald immediately screamed the name of Jesus and pulled the door open. This time, it opened with great force as if something had pushed it. Screaming, Donald ran to the main church and met the priest praying hard. He noticed that the entire church was in disarray. The benches were overturned and pieces of wood were around the church. Media had attacked the church and turned it into a mess.

The priest and Donald started praying. It was a very weird thing for Donald since he hadn’t prayed for quite a long time in his life. As they prayed into the night, it seemed the force wanted to pull them apart. The priest held tight to Donald’s hand and kept praying. The doors of the church were sealed in faith, and Media couldn’t step in. She kept lurking around the windows, hitting the glasses, and calling Donald’s name. The priest told him to concentrate and keep praying.

They couldn’t sleep throughout the night as Media kept threatening to destroy the church and expose the priest’s sins. Donald asked the priest why he didn’t respond to her threats. The priest informed him that she was only trying to distract them from praying. If she succeeded, she would be able to use their fears against them. The priest asked Donald to call his parents while he sent a bulk message to the spiritually strong members of the church. The priest wanted to perform one of the hardest exorcism rites. He wanted to send her to her kingdom without having to touch her.

They managed to survive till morning, and Media walked into the church. The priest took a deep breath; she just made the job easier. The priest prayed and put a barrier around them that Media couldn’t penetrate. Shortly, other members started arriving, and another round of prayer session started. The priest pointed the crucifix at her and called her to judgment. Media couldn’t prevail against the church. Her breath was leaving her gradually until she finally gave up.

Everyone sighed in relief, but Donald broke into tears. He couldn’t believe that the woman he loved was planning to kill him. He had never once thought that his charming fiancée could be a witch. The priest ordered that she should be buried because of the forces of darkness in her body. Donald watched with teary eyes as her remains were buried in the woods.

Donald came to the full realization of his vulnerability. If not for the priest, he would have been dead. So, he vowed to serve in the sanctuary. He joined the altar servers and began celebrating Mass every day. He finally believed that truly God exists, and he vowed to preach his message for as long as he lived.

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