Remember These Twins That Were Born With Blue Eyes? This Is How They Look Now!

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When a pair of black twins were born, both their parents and doctors were shocked to discover that both children had startling blue eyes. Well, it’s been several years since their birth, and you won’t believe what they look like now.

Megan and Morgan are not your average kids. Born in Philadelphia, no one was expecting these Afro-American kids to come out looking so unique, but their birth shocked everyone. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the babies, nor was it that they were strange-looking in any kind of way. Quite the opposite, actually. You see, Megan and Morgan were born with startling sapphire blue eyes.

Why is this such an amazing thing? Well, there are a whole variety of reasons. Firstly, Megan and Morgan are twins. This isn’t the most amazing fact, but with the odds of any pregnancy resulting in twins being 1 in 250, it’s a minor miracle that they were both conceived and born together. Secondly, babies whose hair is dark and whose skin is dark are usually born with brown eyes.

Blue eyes are usually confined to Caucasian people. To see a dark-skinned baby with blue eyes is a very rare thing indeed, especially eyes as special as theirs. Strangely enough, though, their mother and grandfather have blue eyes too, while one of their uncles and the great-grand aunt had one blue and one brown eye. It really was a family of eye anomalies.

Thirdly, one of the twins, Morgan, had one eye that is half blue and half brown. This is a condition known as heterochromia. It is a harmless quirk of the pigment in the eyes that causes them to be two different colors at the same time. The chances of having heterochromia is in itself very rare, with less than one percent of the world’s population having it. Suffice it to say, Megan and Morgan were two of the most bafflingly beautiful and eye-catchingly unique children that any of the doctors had seen.

Their mother, Stephanie Boyd, loved them from the moment she saw them. Sure, they were a little different, but different didn’t always have to mean bad. In fact, being different could be a fun and exciting thing too. Doctors spent a lot of time studying the twins, trying to better understand the color of their eyes. They very rarely got a chance to examine such unique babies and jumped at the chance. Stephanie was more than happy to let them too, as she considered Megan and Morgan to be the most special children in the whole wide world. Her pride was infectious, and even doctors and other medical staff started to feel like they were part of something truly special.

“It’s really not something we see every day,” said one doctor who was present at the birth of the twins. “The birth of Megan and Morgan gave us a fascinating chance to try to better understand the condition, how it occurred, and how we might look for it in the future before the babies are actually born. It was a gift that we were thankfully given permission to take advantage of and study.”

Once all of the doctor’s tests were complete and they were confident that Megan and Morgan were happy and healthy, they allowed them to go home. Stephanie was a first-time mother, but she was an absolute natural at raising them, bringing them up to be kind, clever, and beautiful young children. When they grew up, the girls always said that they wanted to be princesses, like something from a Disney movie. It was a beautiful and heartwarming aspiration, but as their mother always told them, “If you believe it, you can achieve it.”

Despite having striking looks, Megan and Morgan were just ordinary kids. They loved to play with their friends as well as socialize with each other, and they were doing well in school, excelling in many subjects. They were a handful at times, but then most children are at that young age. Raising twins is never an easy thing to do, so Stephanie did a fantastic job of keeping them in line and happy.

But as well as allowing them to be children and enjoy their youth, Stephanie understood the uniqueness of Megan and Morgan. In fact, she named them the True Blue Twins and started scouting out talent agencies that would be happy to work with her children in the fashion industry. Maybe one day, they would become models or fashionistas that other little girls could look up to and admire.

“I know my babies are beautiful; there’s no doubt to that,” smiled Stephanie, remembering how she strived for the very best for her children. “I know how amazing they are. I just wanted the rest of the world to see that too. If I could do something to get them out there and get their faces on billboards and magazines, then I’d be giving them the amazing future that they deserve.”

Stephanie had limited success and booked them a few small jobs, but their careers really took off when Deontay Hunter, a Camden musician and tattoo artist who enjoys 37,000 followers on Instagram and much more on Facebook, posted their pictures. He saw the raw potential of the twins and used his platform to help them achieve their goals. His altruistic intervention is what took Megan and Morgan’s fledgling career to the next level, and it was the boost that they needed to take their next steps.

Sure enough, the image he posted received thousands of likes on his social media accounts. The photo of Megan and Morgan was then shared by other Facebook users in a collage that was viewed close to 7 million times. From that point on, there was no looking back for the True Blue Twins. They were approached to participate in a kid’s fashion show in Jacksonville, North Carolina, as well as being scouted by celebrities like Yandy Smith, the Love and Hip-Hop reality star, Ray Ray, the band member of Mindless Behavior, and Wendy Williams. Megan and Morgan’s career started to go into the stratosphere, and their mother couldn’t have been prouder and more supportive of them.

“I was delighted to see all these opportunities lining up for Megan and Morgan,” said Stephanie as she reminisced about her children’s big break. “To see those opportunities start to open up and to watch them start to climb the ladder made me feel like the best mom in the world. And no matter how far they climb, I’m always going to be here to catch them if they fall. They’re always going to be my babies, after all.”

Flash forward several years, and the amount of success that Megan and Morgan have had is incredible. It’s far beyond anything that neither they nor their parents could ever have dreamed of. Since they posted that first photo that grabbed the attention of people around the world, they have gone from strength to strength. However, Megan and Morgan have not been changed by the sudden interest in them. They remain as happily childlike and curious as ever.

“I like that so many people think we look pretty,” said Morgan not long after the twins started gaining fame. “People come up to us and say hello and take our pictures and photos with us.”

Megan agreed, saying, “People from around the world send us messages. Some people from Australia said hello to us, and they said that we looked lovely and they wanted to dress like us.”

Their Instagram account has over 815,000 followers, with many more following them and their lives every single day. The account shares all kinds of images of Megan and Morgan, from their daily lives and the kind of things they get up to with their family to posed and staged photos showing off the latest in kids’ fashion wear.

Their success can be pinned on several different factors. Firstly, their stunning eyes are the thing that most people will notice first. Their unique look is not something that you see very often at all, so it’s a definite selling point that hooks all kinds of people in. Brands from around the world would kill to have such interesting and unique models showing off their products.

And secondly, Megan and Morgan have had the most amazing support from their family. It’s difficult to balance allowing your children to be social media icons while still keeping them down to earth and focused on other important things in their lives, such as school. But Megan and Morgan’s family have, and still are, walking that line perfectly, and the results are two amazing young girls who have bright and successful futures ahead of them. And it’s all thanks to their amazing blue eyes.

So now it’s over to you. What did you think of this incredible story about these two gorgeous girls? Have you ever seen kids with such startling and mesmerizing eyes? As always, we love to hear from you, so be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below.

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