Retired Couple Book 51 Back-To-Back Cruises Until Staff Spots Stains In Laundry

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In shock and disbelief, they just stood there. They could succeed with their plan; their true intentions were supposed to remain a secret. Nevertheless, there she stood. They had been caught in the act by the cruise ship cleaner; her evidence was enough to bring their plans to an abrupt halt. They were shown the evidence as she waved it before them.

As a matter of fact, she had much more than she needed. The laundry was given in the night before, and the stains were visible. “Can you explain this?” she asked, her bright blue eyes glinting with mischief. Those were the first signs that things were about to get worse.

It was highly embarrassing for the couple; before sending in their laundry, they ensured it was as clean as possible. There must have been an oversight when it came to cleaning this shirt. Since the incident happened the day before, they must have been so busy getting help that they forgot to clean up. Despite the couple’s best efforts, it appeared to be……Read Full Story Here……………………..

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