Rich Guy Lost a Bet And Had To Sleep With An Old Homeless Woman. But When He Took Off The Wig

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This rich guy lost a bet and had to sleep with an old homeless woman, but what happened when she took off her wig will shock you. Leo was the kind of guy every fun-loving person would love to be with; he was always the life and the soul of any party he attended. He was free-spirited and he loved to take risks, no matter how crazy they were. Whenever his friends were with him, they would cast their worries aside and just go wild. Leo always had that effect on everyone.

Whenever Leo’s friends were having a party, perhaps a birthday or a bachelor party, they always made sure they invited him. He had a way of taking any party from a zero to 100 real quick. So when Andre, Leo’s childhood friend, was celebrating his 30th Earth Day party, he invited the fun-loving man.

After about an hour into the party, Leo came up with a dare, wearing a proud smile. He told his friends that the next girl that would come into the party would walk over to him and ask for a dance. Actually, since the party began, about 5 girls had already walked over to Leo requesting a dance, but he turned them down because he was still busy chugging his bottles of beer. And now that he was Tipsy, it was time to show his friends what a real party should be about: games and crazy dares. The dare was between Andre and Leo, so here’s how it would play out: If the next girl to come into the party walked over to Leo and asked for a dance, Andre would give Leo a huge amount of money.

But if she went to Andre, it means Leo lost the bet and would have to pay Andre. That sounds like a cool bet, right? Well, everyone in the room disagreed, and their reason was simple: You see, Leo and Andre were quite rich, so money wouldn’t be an issue. So they asked Leo to come up with a crazy and difficult task for the loser. Leo, being a smart and creative young man, quickly came up with one.

He told his friends that whoever loses the bet would have to sleep with an old homeless woman and take an intimate picture of them together. But there was a twist: The loser would have to disguise as a homeless man and would rely solely on his wits to get the woman, because if they showed up looking all rich and classy, then it might be too easy to get the woman. Leo’s friends agreed that it was a perfect idea.

So everyone fixed their eyes on the door, waiting for the next damsel that would show up. Who would she walk over to, Leo or Andre? About 10 minutes later, a gorgeous blonde lady, dressed in a striking blue bodycon gown, showed up at the doorstep, walking seductively. She glanced around the room and walked straight to Andre. “I’m so sorry for coming late, baby.

Happy birthday, my love,” the lady said. Then she pulled Andre closer to her and asked him to dance with her. Just then, everyone burst out laughing, and poor Leo began to scream, “No, no, that doesn’t count! No!” You see, the lady who just walked in was Andre’s girlfriend, Priscilla, and who else could she have gone to other than her boyfriend?

Leo wanted to back out of the game, but after so much back and forth, he eventually agreed. The next day, the friends, a group of six men including Leo, met at a cheap hotel so they could carry out the dare. The plan was for Leo to find a way to get the woman to the hotel, and of course, it had to be a cheap one so she wouldn’t suspect a thing. Next, the men dressed Leo in tattered clothes, and boy, he was unrecognizable; he looked wretched and homeless.

Afterward, the men walked down to a nearby abandoned building where some homeless people lived. The shelter was only a stone’s throw from the hotel, so it would be easier for Leo to convince whoever he chose to go with him. When they were a few minutes away from the shelter, Leo’s friends waited in a nearby garden while Leo went over to the shelter. There were a few homeless people in the abandoned building; they all looked hungry and unkempt. Leo could tell that most of them hadn’t had a proper shower in a week or maybe even two. Glancing around, Leo saw a woman who seemed to be in her early 60s sitting in a corner, so he walked over to her and started a conversation.

“Life is pretty unpredictable, isn’t it?” Leo said as he sat beside the woman. But she said nothing; however, her body language showed that she didn’t want Leo or anybody else beside her at the moment. Leo didn’t let that hold him back from doing what he was there to do. “You see, one minute you’re happy, and the next you’re sad. One moment you’re living in a mansion, and the next you’re homeless. I wasn’t always homeless; I had everything I ever wanted,” Leo said, and somehow his words touched the woman, and she felt sorry for him. The woman also opened up about some of the bitter experiences she had while living on the streets. Leo told the woman that he had been on the streets for about three months.

Afterwards, he asked her if she knew where he could have a proper bath. The woman told Leo that it was difficult for homeless people to take a shower, and sometimes she used public showers at park areas, but sadly, there were none close to the abandoned building. At that moment, Leo told the woman that he had some money on him, and since he was desperate to take a shower, he would book a cheap hotel down the road for an hour so he could have a proper bath. “Just then, Leo asked the homeless woman if she would like to come with him, and she shot daggers at him.

“Oh, no, no, no, I don’t mean it that way. You can shower first, then I’ll go in after you,” Leo said. “Seems like a good deal for someone who hasn’t showered in about four days, right?” So understandably, the homeless woman jumped at the offer; she was so excited, and she laughed heartily as the duo walked down to the hotel. The woman showed Leo around; even though they had only just met, she chatted with him as if they had been friends for a long time.

Her smile was also quite contagious and heartwarming. It was at this point that Leo began to doubt if he could go on with the bet. When they got to the hotel, Leo spotted his friends where they were hiding, and they made funny faces and gave him a thumbs up. Leo quickly looked away from them and went in with the homeless woman.

When they got into the room, the homeless woman thanked Leo for inviting her over. Then she rushed into the bathroom. At this point, Leo felt enveloped with guilt; he felt as if he was about to take advantage of a homeless woman over some crazy bet. When the homeless woman got into the bathroom, she began to sing; her voice was so pleasing to the ears, and Leo listened to her with rapt attention. Although the woman looked old, Leo felt she was young at heart.

About 20 minutes later, the homeless woman, who was still in the bathroom, apologized for taking a long time and promised to come out in about 20 minutes. She didn’t know when she would have another good shower, so she wanted to take her time. Leo told her that she could take as long as she wanted. Twenty minutes later, the homeless woman finally came out, but when Leo saw her, he froze. She looked nothing like the homeless woman that had gone into the bathtub about 40 minutes ago. Standing before him was a gorgeous young woman, perhaps the most beautiful woman Leo had ever seen.

“You’re surprised, right?” she said. For the next few minutes, Leo couldn’t even utter a word. The woman told him to go have his shower, and afterward, she would tell him everything he needed to know. Leo, who was now more than curious to know her story, rushed into the bathroom and came out after five minutes. Then he sat on a chair and asked the woman to tell him how she ended up being homeless. As she began to talk, for a moment, Leo got lost staring into her pretty blue eyes.

“You see, the homeless woman, Vivian, had been in this country for about five months. She lived in the Philippines and struggled to get a decent job there. However, eight months ago, an agency contacted her about a nanny job offer. The salary and other benefits were mouth-watering, so Vivian accepted the offer. She took out all her savings and flew out of her country.

However, when she arrived in the new country, she realized that everything the agency had told her was a lie. They seized her passport and told her she would have to work on the street as a prostitute and that they would take 80 percent of whatever she made. On the first day that Vivian was sent out to the streets, she managed to escape; however, she was scared to report to the police since the agency told her that they were also partnering with the police. Vivian found some old clothes and a wig in a garbage truck, then she disguised herself as an old woman to escape from the men. With no one to turn to, Vivian had no choice but to live off the streets.”

Leo felt so sorry for Vivian after hearing her story, and he told her that he would help her out, but she needed to trust him. At that moment, he texted his friends that he was no longer interested in the bet. Leo then told Vivian about the game, and she forgave him. Leo sought the help of his father, who was a lawyer, and with the help of the police too, they began searching for the traffickers. For the time being, Vivian lived in Leo’s parents’ house. The young woman and Leo grew so fond of each other. Leo, who had his apartment, also visited the house every weekend, and most evenings he and Vivian went out to have fun.

Three months later, all members of the gang were finally arrested, and Vivian’s passport was retrieved. So it was finally time for her to return to the Philippines. Leo booked Vivian’s flight, and the next day he went with her to the airport.

“It was nice staying with your family; thank you for everything,” Vivian told Leo as she was about to check in at the security point. Then Leo hugged her and waved goodbye. Vivian watched him walk away until he was out of sight. About five minutes later, just when Vivian was about to go to the departure gate, she heard Leo screaming her name. With her heart pounding in her chest, she picked up her bag and rushed back to the departure lounge.

When they caught up with each other, Leo cupped Vivian’s chin and said, “I will be the biggest fool on Earth if I let you go. I love you so much.” “Vivian, come back,” Vivian said. Then she kissed him fiercely while whispering, “I love you so much.”

Leo’s parents were glad when they saw the couple, and they told them that they had made the right decision. Six months later, the couple got married, and a year later, they gave birth to a set of twins, a boy and a girl.

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