His Mum Abandoned Him And The Nurse Forgot To Feed Him. What Happened Next Will Make You Cry

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Annabelle gave up her newborn baby and escaped from the hospital. To make matters worse, the nurse in charge of him got distracted, and he starved for a long time. Incidents that followed after this will bring you to tears.

Stirring in her sleep, Annabelle blinked repeatedly to bring the room into focus. Gently, she sat up on the bed and winced. It had only been a few hours since she had delivered the baby. It had been one of the most painful experiences in her life. It felt like she was pushing out a large, strong stone from her body.

She recalled the cries of her child when he finally came out. She had fallen back on the bed, panted in an attempt to catch her breath, drunk some water the nurse had brought for her, and finally drifted off to sleep. Because she had been so tired, she didn’t know how long she had slept, but Annabelle knew that time was of the essence.

The hospital room where she lay was occupied by just her, although there were empty beds for two others. She was relieved; her plan would have been much harder to execute if she had company. As carefully as she could manage, Annabelle slipped out of the bed, ignoring the protests of her body to stay still. She crept to the wardrobe in the corner of the room on her tiptoes, afraid to attract the attention of any nearby medic.

There in the wardrobe, she found the dress she was wearing when she was brought to the hospital. She pulled off the hospital gown and changed into the dress. She quietly pulled on her shoes and found the paper and the pen to write a short note, which she left on the bed. Lastly, she listened to make sure no one was passing through the hallway before sneaking out of the room and making her way to an exit of the hospital. The entire time, her heart was beating loudly, and she was afraid that other people could hear it. If they did, they would grab her and keep her in the hospital. She couldn’t let that happen; it would ruin everything.

Luckily for her, Annabelle made it out without getting caught. And the few blocks from the hospital, tears rolled down her cheeks. She desperately wished that things had turned out differently. If only she wasn’t an 18-year-old girl with just a high school diploma. If only she didn’t have to run away from home to conceal her pregnancy. If only she had found something other than shelters to live in while she had worked part-time jobs, waiting to have her baby.

Annabelle wished that she had a mom or someone to confide in. She was all alone, and her story was full of misery. At a young age, Annabelle had lost both her parents to a car accident. Her aunt had taken her in shortly after and raised her alongside her two daughters.

Annabelle had been delighted to live with her cousins. She had no siblings and had dreamed that they would become best friends, but that hadn’t been the case. Her aunt’s daughters already had their lives and their interests; they hadn’t been interested in paying attention to someone else, especially not their poor orphaned cousin.

Annabelle’s aunt had behaved much the same way. She worked long hours, stretched out onto the sofa with the television when she was home, and sometimes took trips to the mall with her daughters without Annabelle. They hadn’t outright mistreated Annabelle, but she was treated as an outsider and ignored. They had provided her with the basics — food, clothing, education, healthcare — and that was it. She wasn’t shown any love or affection, and Annabelle had craved it so badly. It had made her feel unloved and invisible.

Even at school, she hadn’t been popular and only had a few friends who were merely getting by in their own lives. They had often jokingly called themselves losers, and that had hit Annabelle in her gut as true and sad. These few friends of hers couldn’t be counted on to come through for her in difficult times.

Annabelle had been a straight-A student with little effort, but she hadn’t considered it a big deal. Being one of the top students hadn’t made her more popular or likable, which was all she wanted. She had never considered using her wit to secure a scholarship into a college because she lacked a drive. Her life had been dull and without meaning until Ray stepped in.

Ray had been a top student athlete who was predicted to play pro in college and go on to have a big career in sports. He was handsome, charming, and popular. However, he had been struggling with his grades, and attaining an average GPA was necessary if he wanted to get into college. For this reason, he had approached Annabelle and asked her to tutor him. In exchange, he promised to improve her social life.

A few weeks into tutoring Ray, his academic progress had been remarkable, and her popularity in school had increased. She had received invites to parties and sat at the cool people’s table at lunchtime. Best of all, the chemistry between her and Ray had been heating up.

It had all been a heady adventure until her relationship with Ray got too physical, and she wound up pregnant. When Annabelle discovered that she was expecting, she was scared out of her mind. Her aunt would kill her if she found out. She panicked, not knowing who else to turn to. Annabelle had broken the news to Ray, and his reaction had shocked her. He had thrown things across the room, screamed, and scolded her for allowing something like this to happen.

He hadn’t minced words when he told her this baby could ruin his future if news ever came out. He had asked her to make the baby disappear. Graduation had been around the corner. The day after the ceremony, Annabelle had run away from her aunt’s house. She had left a note saying she wanted to explore life by herself, thanked them for everything they’d done for her. Annabelle had been hurt and broken inside, but she had done it. She went far away to have her baby and then abandoned him at the hospital. In her mind, he was better off there than with her. She had nothing to offer him.

An hour after Annabelle left the hospital, the nurse that was assigned to check on her came by and didn’t see her on the bed. She assumed she was using the bathroom, but when she looked in there, it was empty. Puzzled, the nurse walked around the room. That was when she noticed the hospital gown folded neatly in the wardrobe. Annabelle’s things were gone too. Alarm bells went off in the nurse’s head. She had never been in a situation like this. What was she supposed to do?

She ran to Annabelle’s bed and searched for any clues. She found the note that Annabelle had scribbled and left behind. It read, “Call him Marson Young. I’m sorry.” With the note shaking in her hand, the nurse ran out of the room to inform everyone that Annabelle was gone. She didn’t know how long ago this had happened, but it was important that they put effort into finding her.

The nurse was supposed to check on Annabelle and get her to feed her baby. However, in the commotion caused by her disappearance, the nurse completely forgot about the baby. It was evening, and baby Martin was lying in his cot in the hospital nursery. It was chilly, and he was only wearing one thin jumper the nurse had dressed him up in that during that afternoon, intending that after he was fed by his mother, she would put thicker clothes on him to keep him warm throughout the night.

Baby Martin was cold and hungry. Nothing had been given to him since he was born, and many hours had passed. His brain was light, his body was flailing, and he wailed at the top of his lungs to get the attention of anybody. But no one was around. It hadn’t been that long since nurses made their rounds, and they wouldn’t make rounds for another 6 hours. Would baby Martin survive until then? He was a poor, defenseless human being who couldn’t lift a finger to help himself. His persistent cries were palpable and heart-tugging, but there was no one to hear it.

There was nothing joyful about his cries. As expected from newborns, this baby was calling for help because he was so cold, weak, and so hungry. His fragile body was waning, and his red, puffy face looked like he would close down at any second. For hours, baby Martin continued fighting to hold on to life, but it was futile. He was gradually fading away. His cries had slowed down; he was hiccuping and drifting off to a dreamless sleep, never to wake up again.

It was at that dire minute that Addison, a trained volunteer, arrived at the scene. That day, she had arrived at the hospital late because she had been caught up in another engagement. She had apologized to the medics that she was supposed to make rounds with, but they had waved it off, excusing her because they knew how hardworking and committed she was.

Although there were a few more hours before the next rounds ensued, Addison had wanted to make personal rounds. She felt like she should, and as fate would have it, she had begun at the children’s wards. The moment that she walked into the babies’ nursery, Addison’s eyes fell on baby Martin’s cot, which was across the room from her. His eyes were shut, and tiny whimpers escaped from him.

Addison’s eyes widened in alarm. She rushed to place an oxygen mask over his face, massage his tiny body at acupuncture points, feed him water from a pacifier, and wrap him in warm clothes. He was cold to the touch, and she prayed to God that he would be all right. While he suckled the water, she hurried to the refrigerator and heated up some formula to body temperature before feeding it to him. Martin drank and drank for what seemed like hours. He drank nearly three full bottles, which amazed Addison.

She cradled them close as he drifted off to a peaceful sleep. Right at that moment, the nurse burst into the nursery, having just remembered the baby. Addison filled her in on the state of baby Martin at the time she found him. The nurse was so sorry and filled with shame at her negligence. This sort of thing had never happened to her before.

Both Addison and the nurse were so worried for baby Martin considering what he’d just gone through that they kept the vigil. Neither of them slept a wink and kept checking on him. Although he dozed peacefully throughout the night, never stirring once in the morning, he woke up and cried normally. They attended to him, and he slept back again. Everything seemed fine with him, and they breathed a sigh of relief. However, they didn’t dare let their guards down.

In the days that followed, they checked in on him several times a day. On one of those days, Addison discovered that baby Martin’s breathing was labored. Also, he was running a temperature. She rushed him to the NICU where doctors quickly attended to him. After a scan and some tests, it was discovered that he had fluid in his respiratory tract. It could have led to a serious infection if immediate attention hadn’t been brought to it. They placed him on medication and hooked him up to oxygen and monitors to keep track of his recovery.

Seeing baby Martin with many tubes attached to his tiny body made Addison lose her composure. She broke down in silent tears and begged him to stay alive. She promised him that if he listened to her, she would always be in his life. Addison wasn’t in a position to adopt any child, but she knew there had to be a way. Fate had brought her to this darling baby, and she wasn’t about to let him go.

Unfortunately, baby Martin’s health didn’t pick up right away. He was having difficulty responding to the treatments, and there was widespread fear that he may not make it. Doctors switched out his medications on three different occasions to see which one would work. Addison stayed close; she prayed for him, held on to his tiny hand, and encouraged him relentlessly to survive. He had so much to live for, she continually told him.

Two weeks later, baby Martin miraculously started responding to treatments. In less than 24 hours, he had no need for the tubes attached to him, and they were all taken off. He looked pink and in good health. Addison was over the moon. She jumped, twirled, and danced, ignoring the looks she got from other people at the hospital. She was aware that the hospital was making arrangements to move Martin to a baby’s home, but she felt he deserved better than getting lost in a sea of babies waiting to be adopted.

Her passion to find him a conducive home led Addison to start talking to her friends about this special baby who deserved the whole world. Even though life hadn’t been fair to him from birth, Martin’s story deeply moved people, and many jumped into the campaign of helping him find the best family. That was how the older brother of Addison’s friend heard about the baby.

He and his wife had encountered challenges for years in trying to have a baby and were looking to adopt. Martin fell into their lap just at the moment they had decided they were ready. The man and his wife paid Martin a visit at the hospital, and the little boy playfully gurgled at them. He didn’t look one bit like a child who had gone through so many difficulties; he was fully recovered and perfect in the couple’s eyes.

They loved him and instantly wanted to be parents to him. The adoption proceedings went smoothly, and after it was done, the couple named Addison as Martin’s godmother. It was their honor for a soul as pure and sweet as hers to be their son’s greatest influence. Grateful tears filled her eyes; she thanked them profusely.

Martin grew up to be a strong and healthy boy. He was showered with so much affection from everyone who knew him. When he was 10 years old, his parents took him on a trip to see the marvelous sites of Asia, including the Taj Mahal and the Great Walls of China. They took many photos, and he experienced so much.

When he returned, he felt a nudge to pen down his experiences in a fictional format. The result was a children’s book of his adventures, and it won several awards. Parents and children loved it; millions of copies sold, and Martin made lots of money from it despite his young age.

Martin was aware that he was adopted after being abandoned; that part of his life story also made it into the book and moved many people to tears. They were glad that things worked out well for him in the end. It gave people hope.

Somewhere, a 45-year-old Annabelle ended up with the book in her hands, unaware that it was her son who wrote it. She read it to Mara, her 6-year-old daughter. One day, she would tell Marta about the baby boy she had given up. There wasn’t a day she didn’t think about him, and this book reminded her of him. What an inspiring story!

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