Scientists Discovered A Skin-Crawling Secret That This Strange Island Had Concealed For 80 Years

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Found between Australia and New Zealand, the award Howe Island group lies in the Tasman Sea. The rocky land masses that form it are comprised mostly of volcanic remnants, and the main isle, known simply as Lord Howe Island, is just 6.2 miles long.

The central island was first discovered in 1788 by a British lieutenant named Henry Lidge bird fall. On his way to the nearby Norfolk Island, Ball spotted what would become known as Lord Howe Island. However, on his return trip, he claimed it for his home country, and by 1834, the island had been permanently settled. Designed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the island group boasts a rich variety of lush terrain within which lies a bounty of historical, cultural, and natural points of interest. What’s more, the majority of the islands are covered in……..Read Full Story Here.………….

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