Scientists Placed a Camera in a Coffin For Research Purpose. When They Checked It, They SCREAMED

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When scientists placed a camera in a coffin to conduct some research, they were prepared for a fairly uneventful evening. However, what they saw in their monitors left them screaming in shock and disbelief.

This story starts with a group of visionary individuals who embarked on a groundbreaking research project driven by their insatiable thirst for knowledge. They were determined to unveil the inexplicable phenomena surrounding death and what goes on in the first 24 hours of being sealed within a coffin after we die. Fueled by an unyielding curiosity, they set forth an audacious mission to unravel the mysteries concealed within the somber chambers of a sealed coffin.

It wasn’t easy to find a family willing to lend the team a coffin. Many people backed down when they heard that the scientists would be filming their deceased loved one in the first 24 hours of their eternal slumber, as they thought it would be a terrible invasion of privacy. Others were too religious to allow living people to witness what they thought would reveal itself as a moment of passage between the living world and the underworld. But finally, a family came through and announced that they would be honored for their beloved daughter to be the protagonist of a scientific experiment of such magnitude.

In life, Madeline had been a scientist herself. Well, not quite. She had unfortunately perished just a few weeks shy of getting her degree in Biochemistry.

She had been involved in a terrible car accident while she drove to school and was declared dead on the scene. Miraculously, the impact had shattered her spine on the inside but had no repercussions on the outside of her body, save for a few tiny cuts, meaning that she simply looked like she was sleeping. And since she was only 24 and generally regarded as a really pretty girl, the team was allowed to name their experiment “Observing Sleeping Beauty.”

Her parents knew that Madeline, or Maddie as everyone called her, would be delighted to know that her body would be used to advance technology and medicine. She had been a firm believer of the scientific method all her life, and since her younger years, she had repeatedly expressed her desire to be part of something bigger. Unfortunately, it looked like she would only be granted her wish in death. But her parents were believers.

They were sure that Maddie would be looking over her dead body and rejoice at the opportunity she was being given. That is, if her soul had already left her body like they thought. They believed that Maddie’s spirit had traveled to the underworld immediately after the accident and therefore saw no harm in subjecting her earthly remains to the experiment.

So they held a funeral with an open casket, and when the time came to transport the coffin to the cemetery, they made a small detour to the scientific facility where they would carry out the experiment and left their beloved daughter in the care of the team with utmost diligence and precision.

The scientists meticulously prepared their experimental setup, ensuring that no detail was overlooked. Within the confines of the coffin, they placed a couple of state-of-the-art cameras, a marvel of technological innovation. These remarkable devices were endowed with advanced sensors, enabling them to capture even the minutest details. And out of respect for the deceased, the cameras would, of course, be left in there, and the coffin would never again be opened. Equipped with night vision capabilities, these cameras could cut through the absolute darkness and illuminate the secrets that lay hidden within. Moreover, an enhanced audio system was integrated to capture any sounds that may occur, further enhancing the comprehensive nature of their investigation.

The scientists believed that this innovative creation had the potential to shed light on many questions they had had for years. The one thing that they were sure to do was not record any of the footage. Maddie’s family had agreed to allow the cameras in the coffin but specifically asked that no footage be recorded for the privacy of their beloved girl. The scientists graciously accepted this request and agreed that they would have a team monitoring the cameras at all times and writing down any observations. This was the most dignified way of doing things.

As dusk descended upon their research facility, the scientists eagerly gathered around the array of monitors that displayed the live stream from the cameras placed inside the coffin. Each breath they took was filled with profound anticipation, the weight of their curiosity hanging palpably in the air. They were already five hours into the experiment, and not much had happened as of yet. Maddie was quiet and still, and they couldn’t help but think that the nickname “Sleeping Beauty” was perfect for her.

But the scientists were hopeful and monitored every little thing that they saw. They knew that the possibility of witnessing something truly peculiar was highly unlikely. The biggest changes in a dead body happen between three to five days after death when the body starts bloating and the skin begins discoloring. Maddie had only passed two days earlier, and she still looked like she was just sleeping.

Most scientists on the team were sure they wouldn’t see anything at all. But a few of them were hoping to find out if something not strictly science-related had happened to her body after being sealed inside the coffin. Would they manage to catch the exact moment her soul left her body, or would they end up demonstrating that no such thing happens to dead people?

Despite it being a very slow-paced experiment, the air was filled with a nerve-wracking expectation and a sense of impatience tinged with trepidation. The hours slipped by as the researchers intently gazed at the unchanging scene upon the monitors. Just as they began to tire and start to lose a little of their initial anticipation and eagerness for the experiment, a strange faint shimmer on the screen caught their attention.

The scientists leaned in hurriedly, their eyes squinting to try to make out what was happening. The shimmer gracefully morphed into a delicate glow emanating in ethereal radiance that seemed to fill the camera’s lens as if it was diffusing a very gentle light throughout the coffin. The glow intensified gradually, its ethereal light casting an eerie glow on the body. The scientists exchanged soft murmurs, their voices dipped in reverence and bewilderment as they pondered the unfolding mystery. Some scientists couldn’t peel their eyes from the screen, while others scribbled down page after page of notes.

Slowly, before their very eyes, the strange light began encapsulating Maddie’s entire body from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. She was bathed in a strange light, almost as if her soul was slowly exiting her body before departing forever for the underworld. The scientists recoiled instinctively, with a few letting out an audible scream of shock. They were initially overwhelmed by astonishment, but soon a growing fear eclipsed their initial excitement. Their collective breaths caught in their throats as the light kept glowing, slowly filling the entire coffin with shimmery particles.

Desperate to verify what they were seeing, the scientists hastened to examine the feed from a second backup camera. Their eyes flicked to the second smaller screen that contained the feed of the backup camera. Yet to their perplexing consternation, the second camera showed nothing but the body laying there as if nothing interesting or exciting was happening at all. This defied all logical explanations. How could the main camera be picking up such a strange and ghostly scene playing out, yet the backup camera showed nothing out of the ordinary happening within the same coffin?

Each and every one of the scientists had a burning

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