She almost fainted when she found the daughter she left with her boyfriend PREGNANT

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She received a job opportunity abroad and left her ten-year-old daughter with her new boyfriend for five months. When she returned and found out that the little girl was supposedly pregnant, she was horrified.

Monique and her little daughter Lena walked side by side towards Julio’s house, the girl’s new boyfriend. The mother held tight to the ten-year-old girl’s hand, trying to convey security and comfort, while Lena carried her backpack on her back and dragged a suitcase with wheels. Monique carried a bag full of the girl’s toys and clothes, as they would be separated for a long time.

The sun was setting over the horizon, and the street was silent except for the sound of the suitcase wheels rolling on the street. The little girl, with a heavy heart, tried to hold back her tears, knowing that she would soon be away from her mother. Monique, on the other hand, had a lump in her throat, but she was trying to remain strong so as not to worry her daughter even more.

Arriving at Julio’s house, Monique looked around and noticed that the residence was well organized and prepared to receive Lena. The mother took a deep breath and, with a trembling voice, tried to console her daughter. “Lee, job opportunity is unique and will help us have a better life,” Monique paused and continued, “I promise we’ll talk every day, and I’ll be back as soon as possible, okay?”

Lena, with teary eyes, shook her head and replied, “I know, Mom, but I’m going to miss you so much. I’m scared of being alone,” sobbed the girl, trying to hold back her tears.

Julio, noticing the mother and daughter’s distress, approached and knelt beside Lena, looking into her eyes. “Lena, I know it’s difficult, but I’ll take care of you while your mother is away. You too can video call every day, and I promise we’ll do fun things together. I’ll take you for a walk in the park; we’ll watch movies and even prepare the foods you like the most. Time will fly, you’ll see,” he said, trying to calm Lena and Monique down.

Despite Julio’s words of comfort, Lena was still unsure and sad. Monique bent down and hugged her daughter tightly, her heart sinking. She kissed Lena’s forehead and said, her voice cracking, “I love you, my daughter. I will miss you every day, but I’m sure everything will be okay. I’ll call you every night before I go to sleep, and soon we’ll be together again. See you later, my love.”

At that moment, a cab pulled up in front of the house, and Monique realized that she was late for her flight. The mother gave Lena one last hug and got into the cab, her eyes filling with tears. She sat in the back seat and looked out the window, watching Lena and Julio standing outside the house. Lena stood in the doorway, her little face red and teary, waving at her mother as the cab drove away. Julio put a hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her. Monique, heartbroken, waved back, trying to smile at her daughter even as her chest ached at the thought of leaving her. Separation was a difficult choice, but Monique believed she was doing what was best for her daughter’s future.

The mother was looking through the cab’s window, watching Julio and Lena’s house become a distant point on the horizon. Meanwhile, a thousand thoughts and worries were running through her mind, and she couldn’t help but feel guilty about leaving her little girl. Tears streamed down Monique’s face as she tried to convince herself that everything was going to be okay. She clutched her cell phone tightly, eager to make her first video call with Lena that night.

As the cab drove away, the sky darkened, and Monique felt like she was leaving a piece of her heart behind at Julio’s house. Lena tried to contain her tears while he hugged her and said words of comfort. The girl, with her puffy eyes and heavy heart, knew she had a long road ahead of her. The separation from her mother was very difficult, and she hoped that despite the distance, the love between them would remain strong.

Monique and Lena’s life was about to change forever, and little did that poor mother know the terror they would live because of her choice. The separation, which seemed to be the best solution at the time, would bring countless challenges and trials for both of them.

It turns out that Monique was going to Germany, where she had a unique and promising job opportunity. She would be the new manager for an international company, a position that would earn her a salary significantly higher than what she was earning in Brazil. Monique and Lena had always struggled financially, and this chance to improve their lives was something Monique couldn’t pass up.

Monique and Lena shared an unbreakable bond; despite the difficulties, the two always found strength in each other. Monique did her best to provide for Lena, working long hours and making personal sacrifices. And Lena, despite being young, understood her mother’s effort and loved her unconditionally.

Julio was a kind and understanding man who met Monique about six months before. They fell in love quickly and developed a solid and loving relationship. He worked as a mechanic, and although he was not rich, he had a generous heart and was always willing to help others.

One day, Monique received the news of the job offer in Germany and was divided between the joy of the opportunity and the sadness of thinking about leaving Lena. She shared her concern with Julio, who listened carefully. “Monique, I know this is a difficult decision, but you can’t give away this chance. Think about the future you can provide for Lena if you take this job,” said Julio.

Monique looked at him, her eyes filled with tears, and replied, “I know, honey, but I can’t leave my daughter alone. I can’t imagine being away from her for that long.” Julio took Monique’s hands and, with a determined look in his eyes, said, “I understand, Monique, and that’s why I’m willing to take care of Lena while you’re in Germany. I promise that I’ll protect her and give her all the love and support she needs.”

Julio’s proposal surprised Monique, who hesitated for a moment. She knew she trusted him, but the thought of leaving her daughter still caused her anguish. However, Julio managed to convince her that it was the best option for Lena’s future. “Are you sure, Julio?” Monique asked, excited. “I am, Monique. I love you and Lena, and I want the best for you. I promise I’ll take care of her like she’s my own daughter. Go, and once everything’s stabilized, you’ll come back for Lena, and who knows, maybe me too,” he replied, with sincerity.

And so, even with a sinking heart, Monique accepted Julio’s offer and made the difficult decision to leave Lena with him during her stay in Germany. On the day of departure, she felt mixed emotions. She was anxious about the new opportunity but also greatly concerned about Lena and the choice she had made.

In the cab on the way to the airport, Monique’s thoughts wouldn’t stop. “Oh my God, am

clusive, and the circumstances difficult to understand. Lena’s pregnancy advanced, and the case became famous in the small town where they lived, further increasing the pressure on everyone involved.

The little girl was sad and confused, feeling guilty about what was happening. Monique, trying to comfort her daughter, would say, “You’re having a baby, my love, but mommy will help you, okay?” Despite the situation, mother and daughter found strength to face the challenges together.

One day, Michelle, Lena’s little friend, went to visit her at home. Monique was happy to see that her daughter had a friend to support her through this very difficult time. The children went to play in Lena’s room, and the mother, wanting to please, decided to bring them some juice and cookies.

Upon entering the room with the tray, Monique caught a scene that left her shocked and with a sinking heart. Michelle was running his hand over Lena’s belly while the two exchanged looks and smiles. That image was enough for Monique to understand what was really happening.

After Michelle left, Monique sat down next to Lena and gently began questioning her about the things that went on between her and Michael. “Daughter, what did you and Michelle do together here when I was away?” she asked, trembling with curiosity and anxious about what she might hear.

But the little girl told her the usual. “Yes, but is he your boyfriend? Do you like him?” she said, noticing Lena’s little face, still innocent but with a look of concern. And she went on, “Lena darling, you have to tell me. Mommy won’t get mad,” Monique said, trying to control the anger and fear that consumed her.

Lena hesitated for a moment but ended up admitting that he was the boy she liked at school. “I like him, and he likes me,” and tears started streaming down the girl’s face, and she sobbed, “Did I do something wrong, Mommy?”

Monique, stunned and heartbroken, asked her daughter why she hadn’t told her sooner. Lena, with tears in her eyes, replied that she was afraid her mother would be angry. However, the mother, realizing her daughter’s innocence and the seriousness of the situation, hugged the little girl tightly and promised that together they would face all the difficulties that would come ahead.

Monique arranged for the charges against Julio to be dropped, and he was released from prison. With tears in her eyes, she deeply apologized for the misunderstanding. Julio, understanding, did not hold a grudge because he knew that as a mother, she would do everything to protect her daughter. “I understand, love. I regret even more for letting that boy come to our house so much. I would never have imagined that something like this could happen,” said Julio, visibly shaken. “But we’re going to be a family together because I love Lena like she’s my daughter.”

Sometime later, Lena’s pregnancy progressed, and the doctors decided it was time for an ultrasound. The family was anxious, looking forward to seeing the baby for the first time. However, as the doctor carefully examined the images, an uncomfortable silence filled the room. He whispered to himself, “Huh.”

The doctor hesitated for a moment and then said, “I’m going to run some additional tests, and I’ll be right back with the results.” This made the parents even more tense, thinking that something bad had happened. But no one was prepared for what came next.

A few hours after that agony and after several medical, psychological, and hormonal tests, a team came to the family, and the doctor began to explain the situation. “Lena, my dear, you are not pregnant.”

Monique widened her eyes. “What… What do you mean?” After several tests and analyzes, we concluded that your daughter had a pseudocyesis, also known as a psychological pregnancy,” the doctor continued.

Although it’s unusual, hormones can be affected by stressful and emotional events. In Lena’s case, separating from her mother and adapting to her new life with Julio could have triggered an abnormal hormonal response, making her body believe that she was pregnant. This is because the brain can release hormones related to pregnancy, such as HCG and prolactin, even without the presence of a fetus.

We believe that in some cases, the mind can create this illusion of pregnancy as a mechanism of coping or a way to fill an emotional void. In Lena’s case, the anxiety and anguish caused by the separation and the change in her family life may have been the trigger for this condition.

It is important to remember that pseudocyesis is not something Lena chose or that she has control over. It is the body’s involuntary reaction to a stressful situation. And indeed, the little girl had five very painful months.

At first, Julio did his best to make her comfortable and happy. He proved to be a loving and devoted father, always taking care of Lena as if she were his own daughter. Upon noticing the symptoms of pregnancy, Julio arranged tests but chose not to tell Monique until he was sure what was going on.

But now they were relieved and thrilled to hear that the little girl was okay. The doctor stated that Lena would need to go through some therapy sessions to learn how to deal with such feelings and emotions. And then Monique and Julio promised her, “We will take care of you. We will get through this together and be a happy family.”

The parents, now aware of what happened, were relieved to realize that Michelle was just a little friend with no involvement in the situation. Their relationship, in fact, was one of pure friendship and innocence, like any other between children of the same age.

Little by little, life for Lena, Monique, and Julio returned to normal. As time passed, that challenging experience became a distant memory, and they moved on, enjoying the joys of life, always together and supporting each other like a true family.

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