She Caught Her Boyfriend On A Date With Another Girl And Decided To Teach Him A Lesson He Won’t Forget

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After receiving a phone call that raised suspicions, Corina Foss felt compelled to leave work and head to a local eatery. Little did she know that what awaited her was the sight of her boyfriend on a date with someone else.

In the face of this betrayal, Foss didn’t merely walk away; she took matters into her own hands to exact revenge. Corina Foss resided in Cloquet, Minnesota, not far from the state’s capital, St. Paul. She had graduated from Cloquet Senior High School and worked at the fast-food chain Wendy’s. Foss was in a relationship with Dom Lysik, a resident of Auburn, MN, approximately 25 minutes from her home. Lysik had pursued a degree in electrical technology at a local community college.

The couple had reached a significant milestone in their relationship by moving in together after 5 months of dating. They appeared to share a harmonious living arrangement for 3 months until a pivotal moment in May 2018. During that fateful time, Foss received a phone call that prompted her to leave work urgently.

However, it wasn’t a loved one in distress but rather a friend who had discovered her boyfriend on a date with another woman. Upon arriving at the restaurant, Foss confronted the bewildering scene before her. She later described her emotions to UNAD, saying, “When I arrived, they were sitting right there. I was mad and confused mostly, so I just had to say something.

Being cheated on does not feel good.” Foss did confront her boyfriend, asking him why he would betray her. Lysik’s response was far from satisfactory as he simply told her to leave with a smile on his face. Further exacerbating her distress, his apparent indifference and the smirking demeanor of his date deeply hurt Foss. She explained, “He was smiling the whole time, which really grated on my gears.

Meanwhile, his date was awkwardly sitting there, smirking and looking at her phone.” Lysik’s short and unsatisfactory answers fueled Foss’s frustration. In a moment of anger and betrayal, she grabbed a glass of water, presumably from the table they were sharing, and poured it over him. Despite this impulsive act, Foss couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by her emotions.

Tearfully, she fled the restaurant, with her friends following her, trying to comfort her. They reminded her that she had taken action by pouring water on her unfaithful boyfriend. Foss’s friends provided her with support and encouragement following the breakup, reassuring her that leaving the relationship was the right decision given Lysik’s apparent lack of integrity in choosing to cheat.

In their small town, Foss affirmed her determination not to return to the relationship, stating, “I’m never going to go back to him, ever.” In the aftermath of discovering her ex’s infidelity, Foss began the process of removing her belongings from their shared home, acknowledging that it would take time and multiple trips to complete.

While she desired closure, she admitted that communication with Lysik had been minimal since the restaurant incident, leaving her with unanswered questions. Speaking to UNAD, the Cloquet resident expressed a wish that she had also poured water on her ex-boyfriend’s new partner on that pivotal day.

She cited her reasons for this desire, explaining that the other woman was aware of Foss’s relationship with Lysik. Despite the tumultuous breakup, it appears that Foss’s life has been on an upward trajectory.

On June 14, 2018, she shared a tweet from Twitter user Proxateers that conveyed, “There is really no better compliment than someone telling you you look so happy.” A few days later, Foss posted a message on her own Twitter account stating, “I’m a fighter.”

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