She Divorced Her Husband But Two Years Later, He Sent Her a Video That Shocked Her To The Core

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“Fiona divorced her husband, Roman, and tried to move on with her life, but when it seemed she could finally do that, he sent her a video that tore her heart to shreds. When Fiona got married to Roman, she was the happiest woman on the planet. The couple was so much in love, and every little thing they did together was memorable. Fiona worked remotely as a salesperson, and she was good at it.

Roman worked as a manager at a supermarket in the heart of the city. They dated for about a year before deciding to get married. After the wedding, they both moved to Roman’s apartment in the city. The duo enjoyed every bit of their lives as newlyweds.

Fiona loved her husband with everything she had and would seize any opportunity she got to let him know how she felt. Roman, as well, adored Fiona as if his life depended on it.Whenever Roman was away for work, they would spend lots of time texting and laughing on the phone. She would also wait at the doorstep to welcome him whenever he returned from work. She would wrap her arms around his…….Read Full Story Here.………

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