She Gave Birth To a Black Baby & Her Husband Left Her. Years Later, DNA Revealed The Unthinkable!

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When Sarah gave birth to a Black baby, her husband left her for good. Years later, DNA revealed the unthinkable.

Sarah groaned aloud as she tried again to push the baby out. The pains were excruciating, but she didn’t give up. With her husband, Tony, holding her hand and the nurses encouraging her, she gathered her strength and pushed again. Finally, the baby came forth. She heaved a sigh of relief as she sat back on the stretcher, a weak smile playing on her lips as the baby’s cry resonated through the ward. Just then, Sarah looked up and saw the confused faces of the nurses. There was a look of disappointment on her husband’s face as he drew back from the baby.

She panicked in fright, sat up, and demanded to know what was happening. Her baby was then handed over to her. In her arms, her eyes widened in shock at what she was beholding. Wrapped in her arms was a beautiful Black baby boy. This was shocking because Sarah and Tony were White. Sarah looked up at Tony to see his angry face depicting pain and disgust. She tried begging him with her eyes, showing that she too was as shocked as he was, but he was having none of it. The nurses left the ward with the baby, leaving the couple to themselves.

Tony was red with anger. He accused Sarah of infidelity, and in her defense, she swore her innocence. Sarah pleaded with him that they go for a DNA test rather than lay false accusations, but Tony stubbornly refused, claiming the evidence was clear enough and he didn’t want to pay to be further wounded. The heat of the argument increased, and when it got to its peak, Tony turned around and stormed out of the ward. Tears ran lazily down Sarah’s face; she was too weak to cry.

This was too much. She had just given birth, and instead of being allowed to rest and recover, she had lost her remaining strength arguing with Tony. She kept wondering how the baby ended up Black. Neither of Tony’s parents were Black, nor were hers, so how come? It was puzzling to her, but irrelevant. It was her baby, and it was beautiful.

A week later, Sarah and her baby were discharged from the hospital and allowed to return home. Throughout that week at the hospital, Tony never came around to see her or the baby. She knew he was still hurt, but all they needed to do was prove her innocence with a DNA test. Seeing he never did, Sarah decided to return home and met Tony there. But Tony would not even look her in the face. He detached from their baby completely. He never ate whatever food she prepared. Ever since she returned, he said nothing to her, no matter what she said to appease him or get him to talk to her. When he did start talking, he would only scream at her when something she did didn’t go right.

One evening, he had returned from work and was in his room working on some documents on his laptop when he heard a noise. It sounded like glass breaking, and it was sure it came from the kitchen. He ran out of his room to the kitchen to see what was going on. Sarah’s left index finger was under the running water from the tap when Tony rushed into the kitchen, meeting his wife by the basin. He looked down, and just beside where the rack stood, there were broken pieces of plates littered all over the floor. Anger filled his eyes.

“Why can’t you get just one thing right? First, you bring that bastard and claim it’s our child, now you want to destroy everything in my house. You can’t even cheat right; you had to do it with a Black man,” Tony barked, adding a string of colorful names to further his point.

Sarah bit her lip as the tears ran down. His words stung. Seeing her silence, Tony looked at her disdainfully, hissed loudly, and left. Sarah fell to the ground as she cried. Her heart ached with pain. It was too painful that he lost trust in her so easily. It was even more painful that his stubborn unwillingness to do the DNA test, coupled with all the postpartum hormone changes and sleep deprivation, was too much for her to bear.

Things continued like this for months. Tony left Sarah and the baby in their room to sleep in the guest room. He would only burst into the room when he heard the baby’s loud cry, blaming and insulting Sarah for not being able to handle her baby. Sarah kept pushing and hoping things would get better and it would all be fine in the end. Despite it all, she loved her baby so much and still considered him a blessing. She named him Mark and never blamed him for the problems she faced.

One day, Tony returned much earlier from his office and met his wife breastfeeding their son. He walked up to her, solemnly to her side, and went on one knee. Sarah, shocked to see this, drew back a little with her baby in her arms. She didn’t understand what was going on and was immediately on edge. He then began to apologize for how wrongly he treated her. Sarah was stunned. She still didn’t understand what was happening, but she was glad. Her baby was still sucking her breast, so she couldn’t stand up. She looked away and scolded Tony for not trusting her, but he pleaded to be forgiven as he had allowed anger to cloud his reasoning. She did forgive him.

Tony then suggested they go out with their baby. It was a good way to reunite after so long. Sarah was glad to hear that, and soon she got herself and baby Mark dressed. Together with Tony, they entered a car and Tony drove them to a lovely restaurant. They entered the restaurant, and Sarah was awed by its lovely view. She appreciated Tony for being so thoughtful, and in response, he smiled at her. They chose a lovely spot and settled down. Tony called up a waiter and placed their order.

They began eating and sharing jokes over the meal. Things went fine until a diner walked up to their table. Tony and Sarah looked up at her in surprise, wondering why she was there. She apologized for invading their privacy, as her curiosity was driving her crazy. She then asked about the baby, his name, and if he was theirs. Sarah noticed Tony was offended by the question as he looked down immediately the lady began asking. Sarah just answered the question and noticed the woman’s face depicted confusion when she affirmed Mark was their son. But Sarah wasn’t moved. With a smile on her face, proud of her son, she dismissed the nosy lady pointedly and turned her focus back to her husband.

His head was still bowed down. She thought of how to lighten the mood the nosy lady had spoiled. A loud bang on the table interrupted her thoughts as she jerked. Looking up alarmed, she found Tony standing up, his fist placed on the table with a boiling face. She became scared, wondering what was going on.

“You cheat!” he barked, and Sarah’s eyes widened in bewilderment. What had this nosy lady done? “I only brought you out here to see the embarrassment you’ve brought me with that bastard in your hands,” he hollered, drawing the attention of other diners.

Sarah bowed in shame. So all along, his intentions were just to humiliate her publicly. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She decided to leave with her face bowed, Mark in her arms. She quickly packed her things and tried getting up but was forcefully put down by Tony. He walked up to her in anger and yanked her hair, causing her to scream.

“I’m talking to you! Don’t you dare walk out on me! Who owns the baby? Who owns the Black baby?” he yelled, but Sarah kept screaming in pain, tears streaming down her face as he forcefully held her hair.

Other diners had to intervene, and Tony dropped her hair, staring at her with fire in his eyes. Sarah placed her hand behind her head, trying to soothe the pain as she cried. This was just too much. Even her baby began to cry like he understood what was transpiring.

“Look at you, smelling all filthy. It’s over between us. Go and find the father of that bastard. I wish you two a happy ever after,” he bellowed and stormed out of the restaurant, leaving Sarah to wallow in humiliation.

Sarah began living as a single mother. It was hard having to work and tend to Mark. It was hell. She wasn’t earning much and began to look increasingly frail and sick. People at her office tried to ask her how she was doing and if she needed help, but she always said she was fine. She didn’t want to earn anyone’s pity. She also didn’t want to be a source of worry to someone else. Everyone battled with their own issues; she shouldn’t add to someone else’s. So she kept struggling with hope that it would be fine someday.

Months passed, and things remained the same. One day, Sarah discovered Mark had a cough. She decided to get him cough medicine to stop it, but it didn’t seem effective. Instead, it graduated to a fever. Sarah became skeptical and decided to take him to the hospital. It was there that Mark was diagnosed with pneumonia, crushing Sarah. Things were only getting more complicated. How would she handle all this? But she couldn’t lose Mark. He was the only reason she kept pushing. He was her hope. That’s why she decided to reach out to Tony.

She hadn’t contacted him since the incident at the restaurant. The humiliation was too much, and she knew his mind was made up, so there was no need to beg or try reasoning with him. She had willingly signed the divorce papers when his lawyers brought them to her. She had endlessly wet her pillow with tears, but that was all she could do. But now it seemed Tony might be Mark’s only chance to stay alive. She decided to reach him by

sending him a text message, praying desperately that he would be considerate this time. After all, he had had some time to cool down. Picking up her phone with trembling hands, she sent him the text: “Our son is sick. I have never cheated on you. Mark is yours, and he is sick. We could lose him, and you will regret it someday. Please believe me. I need your help. We both do.”

It was only after two days that Tony replied. Sarah’s heart jerked as she saw the notification on her phone. She opened her phone to properly read the message, and her heart broke: “Get lost. I don’t care what happens to that Black boy. That thing did not come out from me.” She read and broke down into tears. Still, she didn’t give up. She decided to ask for help from mothers she knew. She used up all her savings and borrowed from friends and even colleagues at work. She didn’t care anymore; she just couldn’t lose Mark.

Thankfully, Mark was treated, and his condition abated. But due to her inefficiency at work, weeks after Mark’s recovery, Sarah lost her job. She cried and begged her manager, trying to get him to understand that it had been hard on her as a single mother and her son had just recovered. She begged to be given time to improve and do better, but her manager was having none of it. He claimed he had issued her many warnings, but it seemed she wasn’t taking him seriously. Her colleagues sympathized with her, but that was all they did.

Thankfully, one of the sympathizers talked to her about a Single Mother’s Forum her friend hosted and the testimonies from that forum. She advised Sarah to give it a thought. Sarah began attending the forum. The women there were so accommodating, and they seemed joyful. When Sarah heard the stories of some women, she marveled at their strength. Gradually, she began to heal and began looking for a new job. When she related this to the women there, they told her not to worry and helped her find a remote job that paid really well. Sarah couldn’t be more grateful. She could now afford to properly take care of her baby and herself. It all seemed surreal. The bleak future was starting to get clear.

Every Sunday, she began taking Mark to the park and letting him play with the other kids while she just sat and watched them. One day, she left him playing with a girl who seemed a bit older than he was to get an ice cream. She just began craving one and decided to go get it for herself and her son. On getting back, she realized he was no longer where she had left him. She became alarmed. Where could he be? She could neither find him nor the girl. Where could they have gone? She picked up her things and began frantically searching the park for him. Then she spotted Mark and the girl with an adult trying to get some fries. She hurriedly walked up to them. Mark ran to hug her legs as she drew closer. She bent down and carried him up, then turned to the person who was with him. Her eyes widened in shock when she recognized who was in front of her—Ryan, her course rep in college.

He also appeared shocked to see her. They hugged each other for a while before withdrawing. Ryan was a very good friend of hers in college, but they had lost connection immediately after they graduated. While catching up, Ryan asked about her husband, and Sarah said she was divorced. He appeared shocked but was sorry for bringing it up. With a smile on her face, she told him not to be; she had since moved on and was very happy with her new life. Ryan seemed happy for her and introduced her to his daughter, Hannah. Sarah was delighted but her heart broke when Ryan told her he had lost his wife at childbirth. She sympathized with him, but he chuckled and told her not to worry, as he too had since moved on. They laughed and began to catch up.

As they were talking, Ryan asked Sarah if she still painted. Sarah had dropped painting since she and Tony began courting because he was never in support. Meanwhile, at school, everyone loved her pieces and her friends were proud of her, including Ryan. Ryan was disappointed that she had quit painting. He began to encourage her to get her tools again, as she was quite skilled. The fortuitous meeting did Sarah a world of good. Ryan’s support made all the difference to her, and without realizing it, she quickly picked up her tools and started painting. She primarily painted pictures of Mark or of herself with him. Many times, she would show Ryan her works, and he would be quite elated, which was so encouraging.

This continued for a while, and soon the two began forming a strong bond. Months passed, and Ryan began developing feelings for Sarah. He was skeptical about telling her, knowing she had divorced a year ago, but believing she had moved on as she claimed, he decided to give it a chance. He told her about his feelings for her and asked that they deepen their relationship. Sarah had healed but wasn’t ready to love again. The fear of opening herself up to someone and being left shattered in the end due to an unforeseen challenge made her seal her heart to love. So gently, she told Ryan how much she appreciated his friendship but pleaded for it to remain that way. Ryan understood but kept caring for her.

Four years later, Ryan and Sarah still remained friends. Sarah knew her heart was already melting towards Ryan but kept denying she felt anything more than platonic. An art competition came up, and Ryan advised Sarah to participate. The winner was to be rewarded with a few thousand dollars and would be made a member of the Newman Artistic Fellowship, a top fellowship of great artists in the country. Sarah refused bluntly, but Ryan did not give up. He kept pushing and telling her to give it a chance, as he would always be proud of her no matter the outcome. Sarah finally yielded and reluctantly participated. Fortunately, she was selected as one of the top ten that would be considered for the semifinal rounds. It was then Sarah’s interest in the competition sprouted. Though it was tough, she gave it her all.

When it was getting overwhelming, Ryan decided to look after Mark, giving her the space she needed. With encouragement from the forum and especially from Ryan, she fought determinedly to emerge as the winner. And that’s what happened. Sarah’s heart swelled with joy as she was announced and celebrated as the winner of the competition. Tears of gratitude ran down her face as she hugged Ryan. He was just the friend she needed at this time.

Ryan suggested they celebrate the award with a dinner, and Sarah agreed to it. They dropped the kids with a friend of Sarah’s from the forum. The dinner was like a picnic, held under a tree in Ryan’s compound. The moment was so beautiful as they just related to each other freely. Sarah was so elated that she didn’t realize she leaned forward to kiss Ryan. She immediately apologized and adjusted, creating a tense atmosphere. Ryan then held her hands and told her that his feelings for her had not changed. He asked her if it was still not clear enough how much he really loved her.

Sarah broke into tears. “I like you too, Ryan, but I’m scared. Please promise you will be with me no matter what. I can’t go through this hell again, please,” she pleaded passionately. Ryan drew her into a warm hug. He began reassuring her that no matter the weather, he would always be by her side. He then drew her from his chest and grabbed her lips, and she grabbed his as they both shared a deep kiss.

Two years into their relationship, Ryan proposed marriage, and elatedly, Sarah accepted. Wedding preparations began. It was while they were together at the mall that they bumped into Tony. Tony immediately sought her attention, saying he had been trying to find her for a while. She ignored him completely and was about to walk out on him when Ryan held her back, begging her to hear Tony out. Sarah sternly declined, saying Tony had lost that right, but Ryan kept pleading until she finally agreed. Tony apologized for how badly he had treated her and admitted to being the father of Mark.

When Sarah asked him why he had changed his mind, he said he had just found out that his mother had an affair with a Black man while she was married and got pregnant in the process. Not wanting to lose her marriage, she decided to cover it up and was grateful Tony was White. He apologized again and asked if he could still be a father figure to Mark. Sarah only looked at him scornfully and walked out on him.

The big day came, and the excited guests were all settled in the hall, watching two finally become one. Ryan and Sarah’s hearts swelled with joy. They could finally spend the rest of their lives together, fighting every challenge together in love.

“If anyone here has reason or reasons why these people should not be joined together in holy matrimony, can either say now or forever remain silent,” the priest declared, and there was grave silence. Just as he was about to continue, someone burst into the hall screaming, “Wait!” causing fear to grip the hearts of the intending couple. Everyone turned their attention towards the entrance of the hall. The fear on the faces of the intending couple turned to pure anger, realizing the intruder was none other than Tony.

She turned towards him. “Really, Tony? Like you couldn’t be more shameless. You really came to stop my wedding? Are you destined not to see me happy?” Sarah said angrily.

Tony then pleaded with her to reconsider and allow him to be a father to Mark. Sarah called Mark to come up. The guests kept watching, wondering what was going on. She then asked Mark to point to his father, and with all joy, he ran to hug Ryan, calling him Papa. Ryan and Tony exchanged

looks, Ryan wearing a sly smile and Tony’s face red with anger. Sarah then ordered the guards to bundle Tony out and make sure she never saw him again.

When he was gone, Sarah smiled at her son, telling him to return to his seat. She then told the priest that they should move on to the vows, and they both swore before God and the witnesses to be committed to each other for life. The gleeful guests cheered.

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