She Heard Strange Noises Since Her Birth, After 32 years she Discovers the Strange Reason

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For a long time, one woman, Gemma, kept hearing unfamiliar noises in her head. But despite the doctor’s prescriptions, the frightening sounds continued. Then, 32 years later, she visited a different doctor and discovered the strange reason. Right since Gemma was a kid, she had always heard strange noises in her head, but this young girl thought it was pretty normal.

She assumed every other person was experiencing the same thing, so she never discussed it with anyone. But you see, unbeknownst to her, she was going through untold hardship. Can you imagine not ever knowing the sound of silence? He yikes, right? Well, that was what Gemma had to put up with. “Well, little, sometimes I wish the sounds would go away, so I would force myself to sleep since I didn’t hear them while asleep. I was a very sleepy kid who just wanted to run away from the noises in her head,” Gemma explained.

Although this girl wished a situation would change, how does one even seek a solution to a problem when they aren’t even aware there was one in the first place? Hence, little Gemma kept living her life with the disturbing noises in her head. But she soon realized everyone wasn’t hearing these weird sounds like her, and that was when her world and that of everyone around her turned upside down.

One day, Gemma was getting dressed for school when she said, “Mom, I have superpowers. I always hear sounds,” but her mom thought she was only imitating the characters in movies she watched. Soon, this woman would wish she had paid more attention to her daughter’s words. Three months later, Gemma’s mom was making dinner when her daughter said, “Mum, I just heard my eyes move. How often do you hear yours?” When her mom heard this, she stopped all she was doing, grabbed her little girl’s hands, and said, “I don’t hear my eyes move, sweetheart. What do you mean? I hear a lot of things.

I hear my eyes move and blood flowing through my veins. I hear everything happening inside my body every waking second. Don’t you hear yours, mom? Are you sick?” When Gemma was done explaining, fear gripped her mother, and tears welled in her eyes. She then asked how long she’d been hearing the sounds, and Gemma said, “For a very long time.” As Gem explained, her mother’s heartbeat rapidly; she lost control of her emotions and almost screamed in fear. She thought her child had a beautiful and stress-free life. Now, to hear that the girl had never experienced silence was devastating. “I felt like I had failed her. When she told me all this, I felt like I had failed to protect her,” then this woman vowed to make sure she brought an end to her daughter’s troubles.

However, numerous trips to the hospital would soon convince this woman that her daughter was meant to suffer such a terrible fate. Afterward, she pulled the girl into her arms and softly told her, “Something is wrong, baby. You shouldn’t be hearing such sounds. But I promise you will never go through all this alone again.” Little Gemma was now very confused.

She felt like her whole life had been a dream. She couldn’t believe almost everyone didn’t hear all the sounds she’d been hearing all her life. It was such a shocking realization for a 14-year-old. People often say what you don’t know doesn’t haunt you. That day that I realized something was wrong was the beginning of my suffering. Since then, every single minute, I wanted to be in another skin. I wanted anything that could help me stop these unfriendly sounds,” Gemma said.

Now that the truth was out, Gemma and her mom now had the same goal: to find an end to these superpowers that to them now seemed like a curse. The following day, Gemma and her mom went to the doctor, hoping for an explanation for this misery. Unfortunately, when the teenager explained she could hear her eyes moving and blood flowing, the doctors advised her that she needed to see a psychologist right away. “We have never seen a case like this.

Is she depressed? Is she having trouble at home? We think those sounds are just mere imaginations,” one doctor said. The doctor wasn’t done explaining when Gemma’s mom grabbed her daughter’s hand and stormed out of the doctor’s office. “I knew my daughter like the back of my hands, so I was certain it wasn’t psychological. I could tell she was really hearing those sounds, and all I wanted was someone to believe my daughter too.” Neither mom nor daughter knew at this point that they would wait for decades before meeting this person, but that’s if they even existed.

Several other visits to other doctors proved abortive, and none of them knew what was wrong. Some thought Gemma’s ears are plugged and prescribed medication, but nothing worked. After a few years of trying, Gemma finally gave up and decided she would have to live with the serving noises for the rest of her life. But her mom continued looking for ways out. Was this woman just walking towards a dead end?

Years later, Gemma eventually got married, and by the time she was 32, she already had a son whom she loved greatly. You see, despite Gemma’s condition, she didn’t let it come in the way of her life. She was a great mom who also worked full time as a waitress. But one day, her condition worsened, and she wished the problem could mysteriously disappear. Gemma was at the restaurant one day when a woman walked in with her kids, so she took their order.

When the family had finished eating, Gemma started clearing the table. Unfortunately, one cup she was holding slipped off her hand. The crash sent a wave of dizziness to her head, so she lost her balance and fell to the ground. Gemma’s colleagues quickly helped her up, and she apologized to the family. Then, the woman asked Gemma if she could talk to her in private. When they were out of earshot, the woman asked about Gemma’s condition, and after she explained, the stranger gave her a doctor’s contact and told her to try her luck. “He is very good. I think he will be able to help,” the woman said and walked away.

Unfortunately, Gemma didn’t believe this woman or the doctor she had just heard about, so she just kept the card in her bag and never bothered to check. Had she made the right decision? As weeks passed, Gemma’s health deteriorated. She couldn’t even have a good mother-child moment with her son. When the boy’s cries became too loud, she would become dizzy and lose balance.

Each day, her health went from bad to worse, and that was when Gemma finally revisited the specialist contact card. But was this doctor just going to call her crazy or prescribe drugs that would only make her sleepy? She feared. However, deep down, she wanted an end to it all. She desperately craved the sound of silence, so she decided to give it a try. If not for anything, but for her son. While Gemma thought nothing would come out of this, she was in for a big revelation.

Finally, Gemma got in touch with the specialist. They fixed an appointment, and soon she was in the waiting room. After 30 minutes, she was finally called in. Taking a deep breath, she picked up her bags and went in. Well, inside, Gem explained all she had been going through, and to her greatest surprise, this doctor understood everything. For once, Gemma felt heard. Finally, she was standing in front of someone who believed her.

The doctor even said he was sure about her condition. However, he would have to run some tests before his diagnosis. An hour later, the doctor returned with results, and he looked like he had won a lottery. Truth is, he won more than a lottery; he was about to save Gemma from her year-long suffering. This doctor then told Gemma his suspicion was right, and he diagnosed her with bilateral superior semicircular canal dehiscence. This meant she was missing part of the temporal bone in her ear canals, and this affected her hearing and balance.

Now that the problem had been identified, the doctor told Gemma the only solution was to undergo surgery. However, he warned her that she could lose her hearing forever. These words dampened Gemma’s spirit. It was like finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it suddenly went off. Anyway, it was already too late now. Gemma had come too far to turn back, and she faced the truth with courage. “I will do it,” she said, hoping she made the right decision.

On the day of the operation, Gemma was wheeled into the operating room, and the surgery lasted six hours. Soon, the operation was over, and Gemma slowly opened her eyes. After taking a deep breath, it slowly dawned on her that her left ear couldn’t hear any other sound apart from the one coming from the heart rate monitor. And that was it. Finally, the sound of silence. Now she wanted nothing more than to have the second surgery done on her right ear so she could experience complete silence. After recovering from the first surgery, Gemma went in for the second one.

The recovery period was nothing short of hell on earth. Each day, Gemma laid in bed suffering from headaches and dizziness. But she knew she was in for a greater reward, so she never once complained. Finally, after months, Gemma recovered from surgery, and now she no longer hears anything going on within her body. She now lives happily with her son and husband. “I am so glad Gemma was able to get the right treatment she deserved, and I wish her a happy life ahead.”

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