She Noticed Her Doctor Behaving Very Strangely During Childbirth. What Happened Next is Surprising

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When this woman was about to give birth, she noticed her doctor behaving very strangely. He was dressed inappropriately, admitted to a scary truth, and what happened next when the time came to deliver the baby is very disturbing.

On the 16th of May in 2015, Alex Sims stepped foot into the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Vegas to give birth to her baby boy. She was about a week past her due date, so she had to be induced into labor. As she lay on the delivery table, Alex whimpered and clutched the sheets as she felt the pangs of the contractions. She tried to compose herself while the nurses went about preparing for the delivery. Luckily for her, she had her mother by her side who was…….Read Full Story Here.……….

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