She Opened Her Eyes and Was in a Hotel. From There, Her Life Turned Into a Nightmare

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She thought she was living the life of her dreams, but ended up being betrayed and taken to a horrible place where she would be sold like an object. She fought with all her might to avoid the worst, and when all hope was lost, she was surprised once again by the unimaginable.

My name is Chloe. I grew up in a small town in the countryside. My family was poor, but I was always a good student and dreamed of being a great businesswoman in the cosmetics industry one day. Even though everyone said it was impossible because I was nobody, I still believed that great things would happen in my life.

When I was 18 and had just graduated from high school, I was planning on getting into a business school as it would give me a solid foundation in business management, finance, marketing, and other essential skills for me to run a company. I also wanted to attend a cosmetology college to specialize in cosmetics and makeup business, to learn about the industry’s manufacturing techniques and product formulation.

I started to study hard to take the entrance exam, but there were no schools in my city. It was then that I started to work in a bar as a bartender on the weekends to save money to move. One night, I ended up meeting a man named Caleb. He was tall and muscular with an attractive, confident appearance. He had dark eyes and a stubble beard, which gave him a mysterious air. I thought he was very handsome at first.

When we first spoke, he seemed like an honest and kind man. He started going to the bar every time when it was my shift. We got to know each other, and gradually I fell in love. Besides, it felt like fate, as he worked representing famous cosmetic companies and promised to help me make my dreams come true.

“I have many contacts in São Paulo. My clients are from very well-known companies, and I can get you a job there. Then, when you go to college, you will already be working in the field. You’ll get to see everything up close,” Caleb said.

When I asked Caleb if he thought a girl like me was dreaming too big, he told me that my dream to be a great businesswoman wasn’t silly. I just gave him my heart. Oh, but how I regret that day I decided to go with him to São Paulo to try a new life.

I convinced my parents that it would be a new beginning for me, and I would come back on every vacation. I loved my parents with my life, and I was doing this for them because I wanted to give them the life they deserve.

Caleb treated me very well in the beginning, as if he really cared about me. I trusted him. After all, he seemed like a good and honest man, and I was in love with him. But things didn’t go as I expected.

When we arrived in São Paulo, he took me to a cheap hotel room and said that I should stay there for a while until he got that job at the company for me. I didn’t understand what was going on. Why did he bring me here? Weren’t we going to stay at his house? I thought. But I stayed quiet and did what he said.

Hours passed, and I started to get worried. Then the door opened, and Caleb and two other men entered the room. The men grabbed my arms, one on each side, and I screamed, “Caleb, what is that? What is happening?” I asked, starting to cry. I was terrified, but even more so when he just laughed and yelled, “Shut up, you wench!”

I felt a sudden cold coming from so much fear, and I looked desperately at the two men. That’s when one of them took a syringe and injected me with something. I kicked, trying to free myself, but soon I was feeling weaker, and my breathing was getting slower.

The last thing I heard before passing out was Caleb saying, “Don’t damage the product.” I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. But I felt like all my strength was leaving my body.


Where am I? What place is this? I opened my eyes slowly, trying to remember where I was. I was bewildered. The first thing I noticed was that I was in an unfamiliar, dark, stuffy room. I tried to get up, but my legs were attached to the bed by a thick chain.

What am I doing here? What happened? I tried to remember, but I was very scared. Suddenly, the door opened, and a man entered the room. He was tall, strong, and dark-eyed. He approached me and introduced himself as the owner.

“Hello, girl. I’m your new owner. You belong to me now. This brothel is mine, and you work here now,” he said with a malicious smile.

He explained to me that I would be an escort, and that if I did what I was told, I could even get a more beautiful and tidy room with a bathroom and no chains. I was shocked and scared. I didn’t know what to do.

I tried to free myself from the chains, but it was no use. I was completely vulnerable and at the mercy of that terrible man. My thoughts raced desperately, trying to figure out how I had gotten there.

“Please let me go. I think you made a mistake, sir. You got the wrong girl,” I begged. The man laughed out loud and, mocking me, grabbed my chin and said, “Ah, innocent girl. So beautiful but so stupid. Now you have no choice. You have no family anymore. You are a long way from home. You will be here now, and you’re my property. You’ll have to do what I say.”

I noticed that the man had a different accent, like he was a foreigner. At that moment, I felt a wave of despair wash over me, and I asked, “What do you mean, far from home?” He said with a lot of contempt and laughing, “Well, just another dummy that Caleb brought me.”

That’s when I remembered what had happened. That bastard tricked me and apparently sold me, I thought. And looking out the window, when I saw that it was snowing, I concluded that, yes, he had taken me to another country.

I felt betrayed and deceived, and I realized that everything he had told me was a lie. So despairing, I went back to begging the man to let me go. But he got up and said very firmly, “You will do as I say. And don’t think about trying to escape. If you try, I will find you, and you will regret it.”

I was terrified. He glared at me and left the room. He left me locked in there alone, scared, and crying.

“Caleb, that bastard! I don’t understand how someone can be so cruel and insensitive. He used me as an object and sold me to make money. He destroyed my life and my trust in people. I will never forget the harm he caused me,” I cried.

I would cry and sob and think about my parents, who must have been worried about me. “Oh, mother, why is this happening to me?” I was trapped in an unfamiliar place with no one to help me.

On the first day, I cried a lot. I looked around and saw that the room was dirty, with the walls peeling and the smell of mildew in the air. The thick chains that bound me to the bed kept me from forgetting my situation. I tried to get up and test the chains; I saw that it allowed me to walk all over the room except next to the door and window. I felt like an animal in a cage, surrounded by walls and with little chance of escape.

The feeling of despair and helplessness was overwhelming. I spent the whole day trapped in that room with no food, no water, and without any kind of human contact. I felt fear, loneliness, and a deep sadness, thinking that it would be my destiny forever. I wondered if I would ever be able to escape this horrible place and go back to my normal life. But for now, I could only hope and pray that some miracle would happen and release me from that prison.

However, I couldn’t imagine staying there for two weeks being threatened and suffering. I knew I couldn’t surrender, so I fought back, kicked, and didn’t accept when the owner of the brothel said I would have to attend to a customer.

“Haha, this one is an angry one,” said the man.

I did this for days. I didn’t give in, but I was beaten several times by the pimp’s henchmen. I tried to keep my sanity, thinking about my family and friends. I missed my life so much, and I wondered how I had let things get to this situation. I felt angry with myself several times for believing in that bastard, Caleb. I wanted to get back at him for ruining my life, for making me go through that hell. It was like I was lost in an endless nightmare, but I still had hope to be saved.

I thought that if someone could hear me and help me, I would have a chance to escape. I needed a plan. I knew I couldn’t let fear overwhelm me, but I needed to stay calm and look for an opportunity to get away from there. At the same time that I was certain of never giving up on my escape, I remembered that I was now in the hands of that cruel man who told me every day that I would never leave that place alive.

I spent endless days in that dark room, with my legs chained to the bed and with no hope of getting out. I had nothing but a beat-up mattress and a torn blanket to keep me warm. I was hungry and thirsty, but I didn’t have the heart to ask those men for anything. I knew that if I accepted a glass of water, they might think I was giving in. I felt stupid, as if the situation were all my fault. “Caleb, you bastard!” I would scream and cry sometimes. I hated myself for being so naive. I wanted this whole thing to be just a horrible nightmare, but I knew it was real. It was very real.

The days went by, and then turned into months. I think I was there for about two months. I lost track of time in that place. I tried to keep hope alive, but with each passing day, it dwindled. I asked myself a million times if anyone was looking for me and if my family was worried. I felt alone and abandoned. Surely they didn’t know I was in another country, and I cried imagining my parents suffering, and it was all my fault.

One morning, the pimp came to my room with a different expression. He said, “I’ve been thinking, and I’ve decided you’re too valuable to be treated like the other girls. I have special plans for you.”

I shivered with fear when he said that, but was relieved when he added that I wouldn’t be touched by any of those men. “You’re special,” he said, “and therefore I need to be treated with respect.” I didn’t know what it meant to be special, but I knew it wasn’t good. He said I was going to get a new room of my own, and he took those chains off me. I could see the living flesh where they were.

I was taken to a red room, very beautiful and well-decorated. There, I was greeted by some women who took me to a bathroom and washed me from head to toe. They cut my hair, styled it, and made it shine. Then they gave me new clothes and sprayed perfume on me. I felt a little confused and even scared. Why was I getting all this treatment? I didn’t want to be one of those girls, much less a special girl. But on the other hand, oh, how good it was to feel the warm water running down my body, to feel the soft towel on my skin, and the soft scent of the perfume. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt this way.

When the women left me alone, I looked in the mirror and was surprised by what I saw. My hair was shorter, but it was cut nicely and highlighted my features. My skin, which had previously been grimy and dull, now seemed to come alive. I looked into my eyes, and even with the fear still present, I saw the determination of someone who wouldn’t give up on escaping that hell. I knew I had something special, something the brothel owner saw in me. Maybe that was why he never let anyone touch me by force. I was pretty, and maybe that made men think more of me. But at the same time, I knew that wouldn’t be enough to keep me safe in this place. I needed to get away, and fast.

Thank God that dark room life I knew was over, but I thought that either I would be sold to rich men who would pay a lot of money to have me, or they would pay a lot of money to have a night with me in that red room. Anyway, I couldn’t let that happen.

There was a time when I even tried to picture myself getting used to this idea, but it was impossible. I wouldn’t accept that my life could be so miserable. The days that followed were filled with tension. I knew that at any moment, I would be introduced to rich men who would pay for the privilege of having me.

The pimp came to my room several times, talking to me and trying to deceive me that I would make a lot of money. But I knew he was just trying to manipulate me. Still, I resisted. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, shaking with fear, when the door opened, and a man walked in.

He was tall, in an expensive suit, and appeared to be successful. He was the first man who came to have me. He walked over to me and tried to kiss me, but I backed away. I had to do something to stop it. I pushed him and yelled at him to get out of my room. That only made him even more interested.

I ran across the room and started throwing things at him until I hit a vase of flowers on his head, and he got mad. He tried to grab me, but I pushed him again, and then he fell to the floor.

“You can’t touch me! Get out of here!” I screamed.

The man looked at me with a murderous glare and left the room, slamming the door. I was shaking with fear, but at the same time, I felt a sense of power. I had resisted, and no one could break me. That was the first time I’d felt strong in months, and it gave me hope.

But that feeling was short-lived. Soon after, the owner of the brothel entered the room in a rage and slapped me so hard that I fell on the floor.

“Do you have any idea how much money you made me lose? It will be on your account!” he shouted, leaving and slamming the door hard.

I cried. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I wasn’t going to give up. I would not become a victim. I would find a way to escape that place and get my life back. However, I confess that I went to sleep crying a lot that day, afraid I would never get out of there. I lay in that bed, comfortable but not softening my heart. I was really scared of that man using me. But that night, I prayed and asked God to take me out of that nightmare.

I was on the verge of giving in to that life, as I was sincerely tired of fighting and crying. I fell asleep.

“Chloe, Chloe, open your eyes, darling.”

I opened my eyes and saw a woman dressed in white with a bright light around her. She looked me in the eye and said, “Don’t be afraid, my dear. I’m here to help you.”

I didn’t know what to think, but her presence brought me peace that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I just smiled. The woman held out her hand and said, “Come.”

Without thinking, I got up and walked over to her. As I got closer, I felt a wave of warmth run through my body and a calm that filled my heart with tranquility. It was serenity, joy, all at once. I was overflowing with it.

Suddenly, as soon as my hands touched hers, I saw a flash of light, and then I found myself out of the room, running through the streets of a place I had never seen before. I was stunned. Where am I? Was I free?

I ran as fast as I could without looking back. I didn’t know what had happened, but I knew it was a miracle. I ran until I found a church where I knocked on the door, desperately asking for help.

A priest opened it and started talking to me in Spanish. Then he told me that I was in Madrid, Spain. I told him everything that had happened, even the glowing woman part. He took me to a shelter, and they gave me clothes and food. They also helped me to get in touch with my family in Brazil, who were desperate to hear from me. My poor parents thought I had died. I told them everything, and they sent me money to go home.

But before going back, I called the police, and they managed to arrest those damn smugglers. I returned home. However, months later, I testified against those bastards in court, and they were sentenced to a long time in prison. Even Caleb was caught. It was a relief to know they couldn’t harm anyone else.

Nowadays, five years after that hell I went through, I got my dream company, and part of what I earn I give to charities that fight against human trafficking. I work to help other victims recover. I know that what happened to me was a miracle and that I was blessed by a higher power. I will never forget the woman dressed in white and the light that saved me. I think she must be an angel sent from heaven. I will never forget the suffering I went through and the anguish I felt, but I believe my story can inspire others to have hope.

The miracle that happened to me may be different for everyone, but I believe that we all have an inner light that can guide us through difficult times. My story may have an emotional ending, but I know that many other victims of human trafficking are not as fortunate. It is important for all of us to be aware and work together to end this horrible crime.

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