She Tried to Cheer up her Dying Sister By Blowing Air Into Her Belly Button – And Then a Miracle Happened

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When Poppy, the daughter of Amy and Stephen Smith, entered the world, it became apparent that something was awry. Born prematurely, she was diagnosed with Mobius syndrome, a rare condition affecting facial muscles, leading to paralysis and complicating speech and eating. Poppy’s initial days were spent in the intensive care unit, where her condition gradually showed signs of improvement.

Despite the challenges posed by Mobius syndrome, her parents clung to the hope that she would grow into a healthy young girl. At 15 months old, Poppy took her first steps, bringing immense joy to her parents. However, the impact of the illness persisted as she struggled to produce sounds, rendering her unable to laugh or smile. The positive progress took a tragic turn when, at the age of two, Poppy fell seriously ill. Discovered unconscious in her bed by her mother, she was promptly rushed to intensive care. Doctors revealed that her lungs were filled with…….Read Full Story Here………….

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