She Was Abandoned By Her Family, Then a Doctor Adopted Her. You Won’t Believe What He Did Next

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“Angel Young’s parents abandoned her at the gates of an orphanage. A kind-hearted doctor named Johnson adopted her. You won’t believe what he did next.

When Angel was born in a hospital in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, her mom Maria took one look at her and almost flung her away in utter disgust. “What is this?” Maria screamed at the medics who had promptly taken away the newborn baby from her once they noticed Maria’s reactions. The medics explained to Maria that her baby was born with an encephalocele, a rare brain hernia, and neural tube defect. They tried their very best to reassure Maria that the abnormal growth on her baby’s face would possibly be removed via surgery when she came of age, but Maria wasn’t even really listening to all the medics’ explanations. She was still trying to make sense of it all.

When her husband Enrique burst into the room, smiling from ear to ear, he was clearly excited and eager to see his new baby. But Enrique’s instincts immediately told him that something was wrong when he entered the room and saw a saddened expression on his wife’s face. “Is anything wrong, Enrique?” looking at his wife, asked no one in particular. Maria didn’t respond. She only pointed towards the direction of the baby’s crib, where the medics had laid her down. Enrique got the message at once and promptly stormed over to the baby’s crib. When he got to the crib, he bent down, glanced at his baby, and sharply turned away. Enrique, stunned beyond words, didn’t say a single word again after that. He quickly stormed out of the room in anger and confusion.

Three days later, Enrique was back at the hospital to take his wife and baby home. The couple wrapped up the newborn baby in a blanket and placed her inside a baby basket. They carried the basket into Enrique’s small Audi car, then he drove away from the hospital with his wife and baby. It was already late in the evening once they hit the road. Enrique didn’t waste any time before he bluntly told Maria that there was no way they were going to keep that alien-looking baby. Maria agreed to her husband’s suggestions at once. “How are they going to explain to all their friends and relatives that they gave birth to such a monster?” Maria thought to herself. The couple then started making plans on how to dispose of the baby as soon as possible.

At last, they both agreed to drive around the city for a while until it got darker, then they would look for an orphanage somewhere and dump the baby at the entrance, as simple as that. After dumping the baby, they would then drive home to their hometown, which was about 5 hours from the capital city. As for all their relatives back home eagerly awaiting their arrival with the baby, the couple decided to simply lie and tell them that the baby died during childbirth. And that’s how they felt anyway; their baby, the one they had been expecting for so many months, was gone.

Enrique casually drove around the ever-busy capital city for about an hour. Then when it got darker, the couple kicked their plans into motion. They desperately started looking for an orphanage. The search took the couple around 3 hours, but at last, they located one orphanage in downtown Manila. Enrique drove around the orphanage for a while, gauging the security setting of the place. To his sheer relief, he discovered that the security was so lax that there was not even a single security guard outside the gate in sight. “This place will do just fine,” Enrique told Maria, who just nodded her head in agreement.

Enrique then parked his car a few distances from the orphanage’s entrance. He waited for a few minutes, watching the entrance. Then, Enrique suddenly grabbed the baby basket with their newborn baby lying inside, dashed to the orphanage entrance, and dropped the basket there. Then he dashed back to his car and immediately zoomed off at a breakneck speed.

Early the following morning, Mario, the guard who was supposed to be on duty the previous night but was happily snoring away inside the security post, suddenly jerked awake. Mario was a chain smoker, and the very first thing that he did every morning was to go outside and buy his favorite cigarettes. So he stretched out of the mattress on the floor of the one-room security post and stepped outside the gate. But as soon as Mario stepped outside the gate, he immediately heard the unmistakable cries of a baby. Mario didn’t need the suits to tell him that the orphanage had just received another gift, as the staff euphemistically called the abandoned babies. So he quickly walked over to the baby basket lying close by to see the gift for himself.

On getting to where the basket lay, Mario flashed his torchlight into it and screamed in horror, “Is this an alien or something?” Throughout his almost three decades of service at the orphanage, Mario had picked up hundreds of abandoned babies at the orphanage’s entrance, but he had never seen anything like this before. This baby didn’t even look human at all; she looked like something from another planet. But despite his sheer bewilderment, Mario knew he had to do his job. So he picked up the baby basket and walked back into the orphanage. None of the staff on duty he saw agreed to touch her; they all directed him to take the baby to the chief doctor, Dr. Johnson, who happened to be in his office that early morning.

Johnson was an American doctor who had settled in the Philippines with his wife, Susan. He was in charge of the government-owned orphanage. Mario, still carrying the baby basket, gently knocked on the doctor’s office door and was told to enter. As Mario explained everything to the doctor, Johnson promptly stood up from his seat and lifted the baby girl up from the basket. The security guard expected the doctor to express some form of shock at the baby’s abnormal appearance, but Johnson maintained his calm demeanor and just stared at the baby girl. At that very moment, the baby girl, who had stopped crying once Johnson picked her up, smiled ever so sweetly at Johnson. The innocent baby girl’s sweet smile did it for Johnson; something melted inside his heart at that very moment, and he pitied the innocent little baby so much. Johnson felt an instant connection with the little helpless baby girl and vowed to protect her all his life. Johnson thanked the guard and directed him to return to his post; then he immediately called his chief nurse on the intercom.

When she arrived, Johnson instructed her to thoroughly examine the baby for any visible signs of injury. He also directed the nurse to bathe the baby afterward with warm water and feed her formula. The nurse attempted to take the baby girl from Johnson, but she started crying at once, proving that she already felt a sort of connection with the doctor. Johnson cuddled the baby for a while until she stopped crying; then the nurse took her from him and proceeded to carry out her boss’s instructions.

Over the next couple of weeks, the baby girl was well taken care of at the orphanage. Johnson would always visit the baby girl’s ward at intervals to cuddle and play with her. During one of such visits, he called her “my little angel” while cuddling her, and that was how the baby girl was named. Johnson started calling her Angel henceforth; even the nurses that took care of the

baby girl took the clue from him and started calling her Angel too. The name stuck with the little girl forever.

Despite the fact that Angel was well taken care of at the orphanage, Johnson had bigger plans for her. Being fully aware that no other couple would be willing to adopt such an odd-looking baby, Johnson wished to adopt her himself. He didn’t want her to grow up at the orphanage where she would surely be bullied and isolated for her looks. Johnson wanted Angel to come live with him; he wished to give her a home, his home. Besides, he and Susan had been childless for almost 7 years. So he immediately started telling his wife about his plans. Susan was livid at her husband; when she came down to the orphanage to take a look at Angel herself, she just wasn’t having such an alien-looking baby as her adopted child. Susan pointedly told Johnson.

It took a lot of pleading from Johnson before Susan finally agreed to his suggestion to adopt Angel. With his status, the legal adoption process was much easier for Johnson, and in just a couple of weeks, Angel was legally his. Johnson then took Angel home, and she became an integral part of the family at once. It didn’t even take long before Susan completely fell in love with Angel as she was such a sweet baby despite her facial defect. The couple took Angel like their own biological daughter and showered love and affection on her as she grew.

Angel developed quite a close bond with her adoptive parents; she simply loved and cherished both of them. But the hernia, which was a sort of lump that weighed about 200 g between Angel’s forehead and nose region, literally made life hell for Angel. It basically prevented her from living a normal life. The hernia made it difficult for Angel to properly sleep, breathe, and play like other kids. In fact, the hernia so terribly affected Angel that she often had to lift the lump up or move it from one side to another just to be able to see properly.

As expected, when Angel came of age and was enrolled into school, she was at the total mercy of bullies. Her peers avoided her like the plague; bullies called her all sorts of demeaning names; they even called her a monster. Angel would sometimes bitterly complain about the bullying to her adoptive parents, and they would always console their beloved adoptive child. Johnson and Susan would tell Angel to persevere and that this episode of her life would soon be over.

Meanwhile, Johnson had been consulting with surgical experts about the potential surgical removal of Angel’s hernia. The experts all advised them to wait till Angel clocked at least 10 to avoid any complications. Johnson and Susan had also been saving a lot for the eventual surgery, as it would be very expensive.

The years flew by, and Angel finally clocked 10. Johnson and Susan, who were ready for the surgery, flew Angel to Australia for the hernia removal surgery. The surgery cost a couple almost $50,000, but it was a successful one, and Angel’s lump was finally removed, much to her adoptive parents’ joy. Once the lump was finally removed, Angel’s appearance changed at once; she became almost unrecognizable overnight. Angel was discharged from the hospital three days after the surgery. On getting home, she first dashed over to a wall mirror; she stood in front of the mirror for what seemed like ages, looking at the reflection of her so much changed self and feeling her face with her fingers. Johnson and Susan just stood behind Angel, overwhelmed with happiness that they had finally given their beloved adoptive daughter a new look and essentially a new life.

When Angel finally turned away from the mirror, she flew to her adoptive parents and entangled both of them in a tight hug, shedding tears of joy and happiness.

After the hernia was removed, Angel went on to have a successful life. She made excellent grades in high school and went on to study medicine and surgery. Angel’s dreams for choosing to study the course was to help other kids born with birth defects like herself. Angel graduated top of her class and secured a mouthwatering job in one of the biggest hospitals in the country. The job came with a six-figure salary, an official car and house, and other numerous benefits. Johnson and Susan were overwhelmed with joy for their little Angel.

Almost 15 years after the successful surgery, Angel returned home to spend Christmas as usual with her adoptive parents. But as she walked into the house that Christmas Eve, Angel was surprised to see a strange couple discussing with her adoptive parents in the sitting room.

Johnson and Susan sat together on the same sofa; you won’t believe what Johnson did next.

Upon Angel’s enter to the sitting room, Johnson, without mincing words, called out to her, “Angel, meet your biological parents, Enrique and Maria. They have come for you, and you’re free to leave with them if you wish to.”

The stunned-looking Angel stared at her biological parents, who were both smiling at her. And even without being told, her instincts told her that the couple were indeed her real biological parents, as the resemblance was just too overwhelming. The two couples sitting opposite each other were all staring fixedly at Angel, all eagerly anticipating her next move.

Angel stood between the two couples for a long time, like she was considering which of them to go to. At long last, she turned to her biological parents with tears in her eyes. Angel wanted to tell them something, but no words came out of her mouth. Then she suddenly rushed over to Johnson and Susan and hugged them both tightly. Angel then screamed at the top of her voice, “These two are my only parents before now and forever!” She then started sobbing profusely.

Susan, still tightly embracing Angel, took her upstairs with Johnson closely following behind them. Enrique and Maria were both left stunned and in total humiliation. They sat there for a while, staring at each other disappointedly. Then, at long last, they both stood up and walked out of the house through the same door they had come in. They were both feeling utter regrets for abandoning Angel. They had been childless ever since and had traced Angel to her adoptive parents’ home, thinking that she would accept them back. But how wrong and late they were.

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