She was about to be buried but bishop sees something unusual about Her and stops the Funeral

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He was about to be buried, but Bishop sees something unusual about him and stops the funeral. The death of a loved one is a huge tragedy for their family, especially when it occurs suddenly and affects a person in the prime of life.

The entire grieving family goes through a very difficult period. An important part of this process is the funeral ceremony as they see off their loved one on their journey to the other side. The family can hear words of comfort from the priest who presides over the ceremony.

However, while a funeral is difficult for most people, today’s story is about one that ended in a true miracle. The priest who presided over the ceremony ended up in the hospital because of it. Alexandra, a young woman from Belarus, had just become a mother for the first time. She was overjoyed to hold her newborn son in her arms and couldn’t wait to take him out for a walk on a beautiful day. She carefully placed her son in his stroller and set out for a leisurely stroll around their small town.

As they made their way through the quiet streets, Alexandra couldn’t help but feel grateful for this precious moment with her new baby. As they walked, Alexandra took in the sights and sounds of her town. She stopped to chat with neighbors and admired the colorful flowers blooming in the nearby gardens. Her son slept peacefully in his stroller, and Alexandra savored the feeling of being a new mother. She knew there would be challenges ahead, but in this moment, everything was perfect. She felt a deep sense of love and protection for her son and was grateful for the opportunity to enjoy this time with him.

As they made their way back home, Alexandra’s heart was full of joy and contentment. She knew that there would be many more walks with her son in the days and years to come, but this one would always hold a special place in her heart. She couldn’t wait to see what the future held for her and her little family. However, a lovely spring day was about to turn into one of the most important days in her family’s life.

While walking, Alexandra suddenly began to feel uncomfortable, but she dismissed the slight dizziness, thinking it was probably due to the fact that she’d not had time to eat breakfast. So she bought herself a candy bar and something to drink at the kiosk as she suddenly felt thirsty. Unfortunately, this did not help at all as Alexandra continued her walk. The dizziness intensified, and she started to feel unsteady on her feet. She tried to push through it, but soon she found herself stumbling and almost falling over. Panic set in as she realized that she was unable to control her body.

She frantically looked around for help but found nobody in sight. She tried to call for assistance, but her voice came out as a weak whisper. When Alexandra was about 100 meters from her apartment building, something terrible happened. She suddenly lost consciousness. At that moment, her maternal instinct kicked in because by falling, she did not overturn the stroller with her son. However, when the mother stopped pushing it, the boy began to cry loudly. This alerted the neighborhood, and someone soon called an ambulance.

Alexandra’s sudden discomfort resulted in an unexpected turn of events that led her to hospitalization. As she walked, she felt a slight dizziness, but she dismissed it thinking it was due to her skipping breakfast. To address the issue, she bought a candy bar and drink. However, things turned for the worse when she felt, causing a glass bottle of juice to shatter and injure her with shards of glass. The accident left her in need of medical attention, and she was rushed to the hospital.

It was there that the doctors diagnosed her with severe anemia, a condition that was likely causing her discomfort. Unfortunately, Alexandra’s rare blood type made the situation even more complicated. Her treatment required blood from a donor with a matching blood type, but such blood was not available at the hospital. As a result, blood had to be brought in from another city to save her life.

Alexandra was taken to the hospital where doctors administered the necessary treatment to manage her severe anemia. Blood had to be brought in from another city due to her rare blood type, but it eventually arrived, and she was given an IV. Unfortunately, Alexandra experienced convulsions and went into cardiac arrest soon after. Despite the doctor’s efforts to save her, she was declared dead. Her husband, Archim, received the devastating news and rushed to the hospital in a state of shock. He was unable to comprehend the sudden loss of his wife and the mother of his two children.

Archim was particularly heartbroken that he was unable to say a proper goodbye to Alexandra. The idea of an autopsy was unbearable for Archim as he believed it would be an unnecessary violation of his wife’s body. He could not bear the thought of her being examined in such a way after her untimely death. Archim was left alone to raise their two children, a young daughter and an infant son. As the sole provider, he had to juggle his grief and taking care of the family all while continuing to work to support them. The loss of Alexandra left a gaping hole in his life, and he struggled to come to terms with the new reality he found himself in.

Alexandra and Archim’s church community was their lifeline, providing comfort and support during the most difficult time of their lives. Their friends from the church offered their help and support, hoping to alleviate the burden on the bereaved husband.

Neighbors Hannah and Cyril stepped in to take care of the children, knowing that Archim needed time to grieve and make arrangements for his wife’s funeral. Father Vladislav, the priest of the church, arranged everything needed for the funeral, working tirelessly to ensure that everything went smoothly. He provided emotional support to Archim and the children and prayed with them, hoping to give them strength and peace during this heartbreaking time.

The community rallied around the grieving family, bringing food, offering to clean the house, and doing whatever they could to help. Despite the support of his friends and the community, Archim was consumed by grief. The loss of his wife was overwhelming, and he struggled to come to terms with it. He could not accept that God had taken her away so early, and he felt angry and cheated.

Archim resented the fact that his wife would not be there to see their children grow up and start their own families. Archim’s friends and acquaintances were worried about him. They knew that he was struggling to cope and that he needed professional help. They encouraged him to talk about his feelings and offered to accompany him to therapy sessions. They also reminded him of the good times he had shared with his wife and urged him to find solace in his memories. The community stood by Archim and his family, offering their love and support during this difficult time.

On that day, the atmosphere in the church was solemn and heavy with grief. Many people were moved to tears during the service, and some could not contain their emotions. Archim was seated with his children in the front row, his face still in shock and disbelief. Polina held her father’s hand tightly, while baby Ilya slept in his mother’s arms. Father Vladislav delivered a heartfelt sermon, trying to comfort the family and the community. He spoke of the importance of faith in times of suffering and encouraged them to remember Alexandra’s life with love and gratitude. As the ceremony drew to a close, the priest began to final blessing.

Suddenly, a woman’s voice pierced through the somber atmosphere. It was Alexandra’s sister who had arrived from Minsk that morning but had not been able to get a seat inside the church. She cried out in anguish asking to see her sister’s face one last time.

The entire congregation was stunned by the outburst, and for a moment, the priest hesitated. But then he realized the depth of the sister’s pain, and he asked the pallbearers to open the coffin. Archim was paralyzed with the shock as the coffin lid was lifted, he saw Alexandra’s face once more, but this time it was peaceful and serene, almost as if she were sleeping. The sister was able to say goodbye to her sister and pay her last respects.

The priest then led the congregation to a final prayer before the coffin was closed again, and the procession moved to the cemetery. Archim walked behind the coffin with his children, tears streaming down his face. He knew that his life would never be the same again. However, at the end of the ceremony, something unthinkable happened. When the whole church began to sing the Belarusian equivalent of the Angelic procession song, Father Vladislav presented Alexandra’s coffin. Suddenly, they heard screams and thumps from inside the coffin. At first, he thought he was imagining it because the church was noisy. However, when the song ended, he still heard something from the coffin. He gasped and collapsed from the sensation.

However, he quickly told the Rector standing in the ceremony to fetch the instruments from the sacristy. There was considerable commotion in the church. Archim stood with his head lowered, trying to hold back tears when his daughter Polina pulled him by the sleeve and asked what was going on.

Seeing people trying to open the coffin, Archim exclaimed, “People, what are you doing?” Then he ran up to the lecterns, trying to lift the lid. He also saw Father Vladislav on the ground on the verge of fainting. Before Archim could do anything, it was over. The coffin had been opened, and inside lay his wife. Alexandra was very pale, but her eyes were opened. She was breathing and did not know what was happening. However, the woman was still alive.

At that moment, there was chaos and confusion in the church. The attendees were in shock and didn’t know what to do. Some people were crying while others were trying to help Father Vladislav get back on his feet. Meanwhile, Archim rushed to his wife’s side and held her hand tightly. He was overjoyed to see her alive, but at the same time, he was confused and terrified.

He didn’t know what had happened and was afraid that something terrible might happen to his wife again. The doctors were called, and Alexandra was rushed to the hospital. She was still very weak, and the doctors had to perform several tests to determine the cause of her sudden awakening. Archim and his children were relieved that their wife and mother was alive, but they were still shaken by the events of the day.

They spent the next few days at the hospital waiting for Alexandra to recover. Father Vladislav went with her as it turned out that this miraculous return to the world of the living caused him to have a mild heart attack. At the hospital, the doctors had no idea what had happened.

However, everyone took it very seriously, and an investigation was launched to explain how it happened that the living woman was declared dead. The doctor who pronounced the time of death alleged that he had not sensed a pulse and the apparatus to which Alexandra was connected confirmed this. Upon deeper analysis, it turned out that the device was not in the best condition and could not detect the weak pulse of the woman who woke up after several days in a coma. In the end, however, everyone was happy that Alexandra was still with them. Father Vladislav also recovered from the events of the funeral.

Archim and the woman’s loved ones took great care of her so that she could recover. They all thanked God, and they managed to get her out of the coffin before it was placed in the grave. With this, the woman got another chance to see her children and accompany them as they grew up.

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