She Was Born With Horse Eyes Wait Till You See Her Two Decades Later

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She was born with horse eyes. Wait till you see her two decades later. You’ve probably heard of the tallest and shortest individuals in the world, but do you know about the woman with the most enormous eyes in the world?

It’s common for our eyes to pop out or widen when surprised or expressing fear, but some people almost bulge their eyes out of their sockets, quickly catching the attention of the people around them. When we’re scared or surprised, our eyes widen, but actress Jalisa Thompson’s eyes really pop as bulge right out of their sockets, as in a wild, Wildy Coyote cartoon character.

Thompson was part of a Today prank promoting Think M’s viral marketing campaign for a new horror movie, Ouija. She played a medium who shocked Today’s own Natalie Morales and Jenna Bush Hager during a psychic session. Believe it or not, the bugey Thompson is a champion, a two-time winner of Ripley’s Great Face Off, an event where people vie to see who can make the weirdest, funniest faces. Thompson, who looks normal when she’s not bugging her eyes, has said in……..Read Full Story Here……….

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