Sister was late for the funeral and asked to open the coffin – When they opened it

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A journalist could hardly imagine what was inside her sister’s coffin when she begged to open it after arriving late for the funeral. When they discovered the terrible secret hidden inside, everyone was shocked. On that gray and sad afternoon, Annabelle ran through the streets soaked with rain, which seemed to weep along with her.

The heavy sky reflected her state of mind, deep in melancholy and despair. The news that her sister, Annabeth, was being buried at that very moment had come to her like a devastating and unexpected bolt of lightning. ‘No, she can’t leave me. I can’t believe it,’ muttered Annabelle as she dodged cars and people, her heart beating at a frantic pace.the chaotic traffic in that big city had tragically delayed her going to the funeral of her beloved sister. ‘How did this happen? It doesn’t make sense,’ she thought, unable to assimilate the brutal reality that was,………Read Full Story Here………………..

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