Stepdad Insists On Alone Time Until Toddler Says 2 Words That Make Mom Freeze

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Mike’s insistence on spending alone time with Ally’s toddler, Kaylee, suddenly caused Ally to feel uncomfortable. His interest in her daughter grew rapidly, making Ally uneasy. Taking matters into her own hands, Ally set up a hidden camera in the living room without telling anyone.

She had always hoped that her husband and daughter would get along since they married, but now she wasn’t sure how to handle the sudden change.

Despite not having children of his own, Mike always expressed his love for them. He spoiled his five nieces and nephews to no end as an uncle. Ally was worried about Mike wanting to spend more time with her daughter, but was it a valid concern or just instinct? Having a close relationship with a stepchild was perfectly normal for a……Read Full Story Here………………….

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