Student arrived late, and the teacher asked one strange question. His answer shocked everyone!

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A university student was late for one of the most important classes of the semester. Upon entering the room, his professor asked him an impossible question. What he answered left everyone, including the professor, speechless.

When Jake woke up, the sun had already risen over the horizon, illuminating the college room with its golden rays. The 25-year-old woke up startled, realizing he hadn’t heard the sound of his alarm.

“Oh my God, what time is it?” he asked, looking for his cell phone. He realized that his cell phone had run out of battery during the night. “Oh no,” he looked at the clock on the wall, and it read 9:30. “Damn it,” Jake huffed, quickly throwing the blanket aside. The young man began to get ready as quickly as possible, as he was late for an important class – mathematical physics. It was one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong. The alarm didn’t go off because he’d forgotten to……..Read Full Story Here……………..

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