Surrogate Gives Birth To Twins, Then Doctors Did A DNA Test And Revealed The Unthinkable!

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On her delivery day, this surrogate mom birthed a set of twins. But a DNA test performed by doctors exposed an outrageous thing. Jessica wished the opaque screen would be taken away so she could see. She was currently in the labor ward delivering twins.

Instead of general anesthesia, Jessica had opted for a local one so she could be awake for the birthing of the twins via C-section. She wanted to meet them. It was true that they weren’t biologically hers, but having carried them for almost 9 months, she felt a maternal attachment to them. Tears gathered in Jessica’s eyes when she heard the first baby cry. He had such good lungs. At the cry of the second baby, when he was brought out of her……Read Full Story Here……………………….

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