I Hacked My Fiancée’s WhatsApp And Found Something That Left Me In Shock

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She had just completed high school and was at home waiting for her results when I came into her life. She had plans of pursuing higher education but money was a problem. In the beginning stages of our relationship, I was just there offering her emotional support.

As time went on, I got to know her better. Every time she revealed a new side of herself to me, I fell deeper in love with her. She happens to be one of those people you can’t help but love.

What I even loved more about her was the fact that she was hardworking. While she stayed at home, she started a small business to support herself. One of her concerns was that she wouldn’t be able to afford tuition for tertiary school. “My parents say there’s no money,” she would tell me, “does that mean I am going to be an SHS leaver? How will I get a job with a high school certificate in this country?” Every time she complained I told her, “Why are you worried about school fees when we haven’t seen your results yet? Relax!” Thankfully, when her results were released we were not disappointed.

She did exceptionally well. “Now that we know you’ve passed what do you want to do?” I asked her. She shrugged and said, “If I get teacher training college I will go, but once again, where is the money?” I spoke to her mother and asked her to inform her husband about their daughter’s college dreams. “Please, tell him that whatever money your family is able to gather, I will top up so we can send your daughter to school.” She assured me they would do their best.

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As discussed, her parents raised whatever they could afford and I also added mine to it. We paid her fees in full and bought all the items on the prospectus. When she was scheduled to report to school I was the one who drove her there. That was how much I was invested in her. Although she is twenty-four and currently in her third year in school, I am thirty-one and financially independent enough for marriage. My lady has proven to me that she is also ready to settle down with me. So I have started buying the items on her marriage list.

Throughout our relationship, I never questioned her loyalty. She treats me with utmost respect and gives me her full attention whenever we are together. Even when we are apart, she never gave me any reason to wonder if there is another man in her life. The only thing that could sound alarm bells in my ears is the way she puts passwords on her phone and some of her apps. Even with that, it wasn’t so suspicious that I would attempt to go through her phone.

They say we can’t trust humans but I trusted this lady beyond reasonable doubt. I don’t know what got into me but before she left for school last week, I got curious and hacked her WhatsApp. I didn’t do it because I thought she was hiding something. I just wanted to prove to myself that she was indeed, a faithful woman. Unfortunately, I only ended up proving myself wrong. The things I found in her chats left me speechless. My lady has been flirting with different men.

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Some of them went beyond flirtation. These guys would ask my girlfriend about her relationship status and she would say, “I am not married.” When they propose a romantic relationship to her, she accepts it. READ ALSO: How She Nearly Led Me To The Slaughter On Val’s Day There was a particular guy she told me was just a friend. In their chat he was asking her why their last intimacy was different. He said he had been okay since they did it and that she might have an infection.

This is unusual of you because you are always neat down there. So what happened the last time? To be safe, you should go to the hospital for check up,” he advised her. I have been so down since I saw the chats. I haven’t had the courage to talk to her for the past four days because of this.

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She has been calling me but I don’t pick up. She even called me with different numbers but I have ignored all those calls too. Everything You Need To Know About Happy Ending Massage

What am I going to do now? This is someone I was planning to marry next year if all our plans fall into place. What do I do with the items I already bought for the ceremony? I know I can’t ignore her forever. Our families are too involved in our relationship for me to do that.

This is why I need all the help I can get? What do I do? Should I tell her what I saw and give her the opportunity to explain herself? Is there even hope for our relationship after everything I have seen? I need to hear your thoughts on this before I make a move.

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