Teacher Forced 8-Year-Old To Urinate In Class, Then Made Him Wear A Trash Bag Over Soiled Clothes

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At the Manhattan Place Elementary School, Los Angeles, a shocking incident took place that highlights ridiculous and unfair bathroom rules across many learning institutions.Sonia Mongol was absolutely shocked when her eight-year-old son came home from school in November soaked in urine and dressed in a trash bag.

During his school day, Mongol’s son has repeatedly asked to use the bathroom, only to be turned down again and again. His teacher suggested he use the trash bin in class, in front of everyone else, which he didn’t want to do.Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold his need to go to the toilet for much longer and wound up wetting his pants. Instead of realizing the seriousness of the issue, the teacher refused to let him change clothes or borrow alternative clothes. She forced him to sit in…..Read Full Story Here……….

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