The Baby Seemed To Be Quite Normal But When The Doctors Took a Closer Look, They Were Frightened

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“When this baby was born, he looked quite normal. But when doctors took a closer look, they were frightened. Muhammad Hassan, a man in his 50s, and his pregnant wife, Ani, 41, lived in a small village in Indonesia. Their home was adorned with colorful flowers and surrounded by swaying palm trees.

The couple already had two children: Ali and Noor. Ali, a 12-year-old boy with a precious smile, possessed a natural talent for soccer. Noor, a sweet-natured nine-year-old girl with sparkling eyes, had a passion for painting and could create breathtaking artwork with a vivid imagination.

One sunny morning, Muhammad and Ani sat together on their couch, engaging in a conversation. Ani’s pregnant belly, round and full, hinted at the imminent arrival of their third child. Muhammad, his deep voice filled with anticipation, spoke softly to his………Read Full Story Here…………….

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