The baby wouldn’t stop crying until her father looked underneath her and called emergency services

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A father is desperate when his six-month-old daughter won’t stop crying. But when he removes her diaper to see what’s wrong, his eyes widen in terror. He could never have imagined what had happened to his daughter.

Night had fallen over the city like a blanket of serenity, promising Augustus, a 33-year-old man, a well-deserved rest after an exhausting day’s work. The law firm where he worked was immersed in constant tension, with everyone pushing themselves to the limit to achieve increasingly challenging targets. The atmosphere was suffocating, making going home the most eagerly awaited moment of the day.

When he arrived home and opened the door, the tranquility of the familiar surroundings enveloped him, dissipating, even if only momentarily, the accumulated stress. Grace, the trusted nanny who looked after Nicole, his six-month-old daughter, was already waiting to give him the day’s report before she went home. Good evening, Mr. Augustus. Nick was an angel today. She slept well and……Read Full Story Here………………..

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