The Deepest Hole Ever Made Was Covered Up And Abandoned Forever For One Startling Reason

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“The deepest hole known to man goes so far down, nobody even knows what’s at the bottom. In school, we’re taught that beneath the Earth’s crust lies a mantle and core.

However, some people theorize, and falsely so, that the center of the planet might actually be hollow or there are a species of reptilian aliens that live under the crust. While those theories are silly, they speak to our fascination with what we can’t see.

Several decades ago, two countries—America and Russia—raced to drill the deepest hole into the Earth with the goal of discovering what was at its core. Both projects were massive undertakings, and the world was fixated on what mysteries they’d find beneath the surface. Russia’s efforts resulted in something called the Cola Super Deep Borehole, and when you see it, you might have to…….Read Full Story Here………….

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