The Homeless Man Came To The Wedding, But When He Took The Microphone, Something Amazing Happened!

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When this man came to the wedding, everyone was shocked. But when he took the microphone, they were speechless. John was a homeless man in his 40s. The only thing he remembered was waking up in a hospital about five years earlier. He didn’t even know his name, but the people at the hospital called him John, so he went by it.

In the hospital, he was told he was found barely alive on the side of the road. It seemed he was flung out of a car that ended up crashing and burning at the bottom of a cliff. Every other person in the vehicle died but him. The other people in the vehicle were all men, and there was no further explanation to their connection.

The doctors knew that the accident had led to him suffering from amnesia, but they thought it was temporary and he would regain his memories with time. They couldn’t trace his family as he had no ID on him. So when he was healthy enough to be released, they let him go with the hope that he would head back home. But John didn’t go home as he didn’t know where that was. The first day he was released, he sat at the bus station for hours with…….Read Full Story Here…………..

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