The Horse Started Trampling The Coffin. When It Cracked Open, People Burst Into Tears!

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“Sometimes animals have instincts that can shock us. This horse started trampling the coffin when it cracked open. People burst into tears; the funeral was sad. Cari had loved the older woman they were saying goodbye to with all her heart. She was one of the few people who really knew the young lady. Going on without her was going to be tough.

Suddenly, they heard the hoof beats as a big horse ran towards them. That wasn’t strange; they were on a farm, after all. But the horses were all closed up in their stalls. However, this horse had something to show them, and he wouldn’t let anything keep him away from the funeral. He charged in and wouldn’t be stopped; people tried to grab him by his halter, but he was on a mission. He started to trample the coffin; everyone was horrified as the wood started to part and crack open. They didn’t want their friend to be exposed; what could they do?

When they saw what was going on inside the coffin, they all burst into tears. There was a lot of shock going through the crowd, and they couldn’t believe their eyes. This horse had uncovered something horrifying.

Cari was born on the farm, and she loved the land. It had been in her mother’s family for generations, and everyone was very proud of it. She loved living on the land and helping on the farm, but there was something missing in little Carly’s life – her father. She never had the chance to know him; he was killed in battle before she was born. He served and paid the ultimate price, leaving a profound impact on her mother, who then chose not to get involved with other men. Having her daughter was sufficient for Lily, as she often told Carly that it was them against the world. However, Lily hadn’t considered that Carly might desire connections beyond their mother-daughter bond.

It was acceptable when Cari was small for her world to revolve around the farm and her mother. Back then, the farm workers and the animals were all the friends she needed. Then she went to school, and she got to have some friends there. She wasn’t allowed to do anything that would keep her after school; she had too many chores to do on the farm. But at least for that little while, she got to be a kid.

It was only later that she discovered Edna, a longtime farm worker, had intervened when Lily contemplated taking her out of school. Lily believed homeschooling would be preferable, allowing Carly to be at home full-time. However, Edna insisted otherwise, explaining that depriving Carly of an education would be a disservice to her. The old lady subtly warned that it would be sad if Child Services had to be alerted so they could check on the child’s education. Lily left Carly in school, but she wasn’t happy.

All Carly knew was that Lily decided she hated Edna one day, and she didn’t want them to interact with her as often. It was the only time Cari didn’t listen to her mother. As a small kid, Edna was like a grandmother to her, and she wouldn’t dream of not having the woman in her life. Thanks to Lily’s parents, who had great affection for their devoted worker, Edna had been granted the right to live on the farm until her death. Lily couldn’t kick her out, and Carly could still visit the little cottage on the hill.

When Carly became a teenager, she wanted to bring friends over to visit. She would do all her chores before asking her mother, but her mom still said no. She didn’t want a bunch of strange kids hanging around. Besides, she always had something fun planned for just the two of them. When her mother said no, Cari never knew how to stand up to her or how to change her mind, so she just stayed silent. She simply ensured not to inform her mom when school ended early, seizing the opportunity to spend that time with her friends.

She only brought home friends one time; they had a special group project that they all had to do together. Her mom didn’t want her to go to any other homes, so the friends ended up coming to the farm. Cari wanted to set up snacks and have a good time, but that didn’t work for Lily. She wanted them in and out as quickly as possible; she refused to give them any reasons to stick around for longer than they needed to. When they got there, she was far from friendly; she stuck around close to the kids at all times. It was super uncomfortable, and as soon as they were done working, Carly’s friends left. She couldn’t blame them; afterwards, she would rather never invite friends over again.

There was only one time Cari could ever remember standing up to her mother. She was around 18 and had just finished school. Her main responsibility on the farm was the animals; the horses were her biggest joy. One of them was expecting a foal; it was exciting but very quickly, it would turn into a scary experience. The mare was having a lot of difficulties through the birth; it wasn’t progressing, and she was struggling. The foal was finally born, but the mom still wasn’t doing well; her breathing was bad, and she was pacing back and forth.

They got the vet out, but even after working with her for hours, they couldn’t save her. The baby was left an orphan who needed round-the-clock care, and Carly was happy to step in. She hand-fed the baby and raised him; Thunder became her heart. She adored the horse, and he loved her; he grew into a stunning stallion.

At first, Lily liked that Carly was so attached to the horse; it kept her on the farm and busy with the animals. But then she started to resent all the time Carly was spending with Thunder. Every time she wanted Carly to do something for her, she was out at the stables with the horse. It irritated her mom a lot.

Carly was getting ready to go out one morning when Lily told her to get Thunder ready for transport; his new owner was going to come and get him that day. When Carly wanted to know what she was talking about, Lily informed her that she had sold the horse. She was used to her daughter blindly following instructions, so Lily was shocked when Cari blew up at her.

Her daughter shouted that she couldn’t sell her horse. Lily just said she owned him, and her daughter had no say in the matter. But then Cari turned cold; she wasn’t screaming; she wasn’t even crying. She just calmly told her mother that if she sold the horse, she would move out of the farm. She didn’t care if she had to go and scrub stalls somewhere else, but her mother wouldn’t see her again. She was an adult, and if she chose to leave, Lily couldn’t do anything about it.

The scary thing was that Lily believed her; her daughter would leave if she did this. That was the worst thing that her mother could imagine; her daughter couldn’t just leave her. She phoned the seller and she cancelled the sale in front of Carly. She was not happy, but this was not a fight that she would win. Lily let it go.

Carly was worried about Thunder for a while, so she kept the horse away from her mother. But it felt good to have won this battle; it was the one that mattered most, and she was happy to still have her horse. A few years later, having the horse would make all the difference. Things were tense for a while, but eventually, Cari and Lily made peace and they lived happily together again. The two of them worked hard together, and time flew.

When Thunder was around 3, they decided to get some help for the harvest season. They hired a few seasonal workers, and that was when Carly met Roberto. Rob was a young man who worked hard; she liked him from the moment she saw him. But she knew how her mom was, so she made sure she didn’t draw any attention. She didn’t want him to lose the job he needed just because she thought he was cute.

However, her mom made sure that they always worked on other ends of the farm. It was only while she was out on a ride with Thunder one day that she ran into him taking a walk. They started to chat, and then they often met at the same spot. She warned him early on to never let her mom see that he was interested, and during the day, they acted like they didn’t know each other. But soon, they fell in love; he was a hard worker, and their plan worked. Her mother believed they didn’t notice each other, and she hired him full-time. It gave them more time to get to know each other; they wanted to be sure before going to Lily to announce their relationship.

They told Edna, and she supported them, but then things changed suddenly one morning. Lily dropped a bombshell – Rob had quit suddenly and left the farm. She said it over breakfast like she wasn’t tearing her daughter’s life apart. His family had an emergency, and they needed him; he had to go home straight away.

Cari was confused; she tried phoning him, but his phone remained off. She wasn’t sure what happened, but she couldn’t get any answers. He didn’t even say goodbye, and it broke her heart. At the same time, something else would happen that would hurt her even more – Edna got sick.

Carly was devastated; she had already lost Rob, and now she was going to lose another person who meant a lot to her. She helped out in Edna’s home and was there with the elderly woman until the end. Edna worried about her; she made Carly promise to stand up for herself more. Then she was gone.

The only good thing that came from the experience was how supportive Lily was. She gave Carly a lot of support; she sat with her that night, holding her while she cried. She even made her daughter the hot cocoa she enjoyed as a child. It surprised her even more when Lily suggested having Edna buried in the family cemetery on the farm and having the funeral service in their little chapel. Cari was taken aback, knowing that her mother always wanted Edna off the farm, so Lily’s willingness to do this was very sweet. It reminded her just how much Lily loved her.

They argued a lot, but for once, it was nice to just have her support during this difficult time. They got much closer while preparing for the funeral; so much so that Cari even opened up to her mother about her relationship with Rob. Instead of getting angry, her mom gave her empathy and support for the first time in years. They felt really close to each other.

The day of the funeral arrived, and Carly went over to look at the horses first. Thunder was very uneasy; he wouldn’t calm down. Carly believed he felt her stress and sorrow, which explained why he was so on edge. She gave him extra snacks, and then she left for the chapel. The sight of the coffin in front of the room truly broke Carly’s heart; it was so sad. Many people had wonderful things to say about the late Edna.

After the service, they moved the coffin to the cemetery. They were on their way when they suddenly heard galloping sounds coming towards them. It was Thunder. Carly wasn’t sure how he had gotten out of his stall, but he was very angry. Carly tried to soothe him, but he kept stepping past her, trying to get to the coffin. She positioned herself in front of him, but he pushed her over.

Lily, filled with anger, grabbed one of the farmhand’s guns. She had always claimed the horse was bad news, and this incident seemed to prove it. Cari, still recovering from her fall, was shocked; she swiftly intervened and jumped between her mother and the horse. How could her mom even consider something this extreme in the midst of the confusion between mother and daughter? The horse surged forward; it started trampling the coffin, and when it cracked open, people burst into tears.

The scene was truly shocking; Thunder jumped against the coffin, and piece by piece, it cracked open. The coffin opened, and everyone gasped. Edna was not alone in the coffin; seeing her lying there was sad enough to make everyone cry. But when they looked closer, they noticed that there was another body in the coffin. They quickly opened it up; inside lay Rob. He was tied up with tape over his mouth.

Carly could not believe her eyes; she thought he was gone, and now he was right in front of them. Where had he come from? Was he dead too? Then, to everyone’s astonishment, Rob opened his eyes. Carly rushed to help him get up, carefully removing the tape from his mouth. His voice was hoarse, and he had trouble speaking, but he managed to get one word out: “Lily.”

Everyone looked around to see where Carly’s mother had gone, but she had disappeared. She wouldn’t get far hiding in the house with nowhere else to go. She was quickly arrested by the police.

The story Rob told was horrifying. He had intended to propose to Carly, and despite her warnings, he approached her mother for permission. Lily served him tea, and the next thing he knew, he was tied up in the storeroom. Lily made it clear that she wouldn’t allow him to take her little girl away and kept him captive for weeks without knowing what to do with him.

Then, with Edna’s passing, Lily saw her chance. She only offered to let Edna be buried in the farm cemetery, knowing this would give her the opportunity to place Rob in the coffin. But Thunder spoiled all her plans.

Cari felt shocked and hurt when she found out her mother wanted to make Rob disappear. After Lily was taken away, another funeral was organized, laying Edna to rest. Rob was at Carly’s side, and Thunder walked next to them. The woman was going to need a lot of support to run the farm and to recover from her mother’s betrayal. But for the first time in her life, she was finally free.

How would you react if you found out your own mother would go this far with her controlling impulses? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching; join us again for even more incredible stories.”

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