The old man asked her to sleep in her house this is what he did in the middle of night

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The old man asked her to sleep in her house. This is what he did in the middle of the night. The weather outside was inclement, and sitting by the window, Amelia looked at the large snowflakes dancing and whirling in the gusts of strong wind.

The young couple got married. Life together cooled their hearts, previously heated by passion. Since it was hard to find work in the small town, Amelia got a job as a store assistant in a roadside shop where the owner immediately took a liking to the young beauty, Jim.Heather was a married man in his forties who had long been assigned the title of shameless womanizer.

Of course, Amelia made it clear right off the bat that she didn’t like what the store owner was hinting, but it seemed to have no effect whatsoever. Jim harassed the woman, getting even more persistent every time she pushed him away. “Why are you fighting this? I will get what I want anyway. None of the workers have ever managed to……..Read Full Story Here…………….

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