The Old Man Found an Unconscious Girl. What He Did To Her Will Leave You In Great Shock!

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Deep in the woods, an old man seeking nothing other than his own peace of mind finds an unconscious young woman lying beneath a tree. When he takes her hand, he can’t believe his eyes. Although now in his late 70s, Pete Sanders from Alen’s Rest in the Green River Reserve was still fit and in very good health. Every morning, he went out for a walk in the woods. He enjoyed the breeze on his face, the darting interplay between sunlight and shadow, and the tiny forest creatures that always scampered out of his way. However, that day, he noticed that there seemed to be fewer creatures than usual, almost as if something or someone had disturbed them.

As he neared one of the oldest, thickest trees in the forest, he caught sight of something unusual and unexpected amid the tranquil greenery. He saw something—a flash of midnight black, a piece of fabric. But what was it doing here in such a remote, out-of-the-way place? Frowning slightly, Pete walked closer to investigate this unusual phenomenon. He took one step closer, then one more, and what he saw next seemed impossible. There, on the leaf-covered forest floor, partly obstructed by the massive tree trunk, lay a young woman.

Pete was shocked by her appearance and by her general presence in such a remote location. She did not appear to be dressed for rambling about in nature. Although she wore jeans, her blouse—that was the flash of black that caught Pete’s attention—was too silky and showy. And her shoes, while flat, were city shoes; their soles were much too thin to offer any real form of protection in this terrain. And she was unconscious. At first glance, Pete feared that she might be dead, but listening to her chest, he heard the faintest of heartbeats. Still, she didn’t seem ready to wake up.

In his job before retirement, working on a freight ship, Pete had received training in first aid. And so, he recognized the small bracelet she had on her wrist. He knew he was doing something risky, but he still decided to act. He took his bottle of orange juice from his backpack, grabbed the woman’s head, and forced a few drops down her throat. A few minutes later, he noticed her stirring. However, she would never regain consciousness and strength in time to receive the medical assistance she desperately needed.

So, Pete did something even more shocking. He slipped her over his shoulder and carried her back towards the town of Alwin’s Rest. It was not easy at his age. Although the woman did not weigh that much, he soon felt his back throb with pain. Part of the trail was difficult to navigate with this extra burden. Again, he wondered how on earth she could have ended up there. Pete walked for over an hour, carrying the young woman through the forest. By the time he reached the outskirts of Alwin’s Rest, his back was sore and his feet very tender. Nevertheless, in his concern for her rescue, Pete never paused or slowed.

The clinic at Alwin’s Rest was only open on certain days, but Pete radioed the emergency number, and a helicopter was dispatched to airlift the woman to the nearest hospital. Pete watched as the aircraft slowly shrunk to little more than a jerky dot in the sky. Then, the horizon appeared to absorb it, and he was left behind with a mystery. In different circumstances, he would have thought her an amateur city walker who had passed out from exhaustion during a walk and forgotten all about her in a few days.

But the young woman had worn a very distinctive ring around her pinky. It was an item that Pete recognized from his childhood, and that image still swirled in his mind hours later. He was deeply concerned about the young woman, but also intrigued by the ring she wore. Could she possibly know what had become of its original owner? Pete had known that person very well. After all, he had shared his childhood and teenage years with him, and despite his old age, he still remembered his every small feature, ring included.

Pete Sanders first came to the town of Alen’s Rest as a young orphaned boy after the death of his parents. He was meant to stay with his uncle, his father’s half-brother, who had been a park ranger here for many years. He remembered traveling by train along a narrow track, which was surrounded only by wild greenery. Occasionally, through the window, he would glimpse a deer through the leaves before the train would rush on. Upon arrival, he was met by Uncle Fritz and found friendship with his cousin George, who was two years older than Pete and soon became a role model to him.

George taught him so many things: fishing, whittling, how to play checkers and chess, how to use the moss on the trees to tell which way is north. George had a very distinctive signature ring, which had been given to him by one of the other rangers as a birthday present when he turned 16. The ring was embedded with an onyx stone, cut in the shape of an eagle. Pete was in awe of the ring and always remembered it. For his last two years of schooling, Pete was sent to boarding school. Although he seldom saw George after that, they exchanged letters from time to time. Pete enlisted in the navy and later signed up with the freight company. As far as he knew, George returned to Green River Reserve to become a ranger like his father. Pete had hoped they would reconnect in old age; that’s why he traveled to Alwin’s Rest once more after retirement.

But once he arrived in town, no one knew what had become of George. He had vanished two years earlier, and now his old ring had just come back into his life, on the ring of an unknown unconscious woman. For the next few days, Pete could not get the young woman out of his mind. He went to the clinic at Alen’s Rest, where the nurse assured him that the young woman had awoken but needed to stay in the hospital at least another week for observation. He made arrangements to travel to the hospital where she had been taken.

When the young woman, whose name was Laura, discovered what he had done for her, she thanked him profusely and asked him to visit her again. She explained that she was a diabetic, and her condition had been caused by extremely low blood sugar while on a walk in the woods. The few drops of orange juice he had forced down her throat when she was unconscious had prevented her from slipping into a coma. Thankfully, Pete had recognized the alarm bracelet she wore on her wrist. But that was not the only trinket he had noticed on her. When Pete commented about the ring, her eyes filled with tears, and she promised to tell him the whole story when he visited again.

But the next time he arrived, he found her being questioned by the police. The questions they were asking her would have sounded absurd to any other person, but to Pete, they were the doors that opened a path down memory lane. When he lived in Alen’s Rest as a young child, there had been a story with which his older cousin George had entertained him many, many years ago.

In their grandfather’s time, there was a gang of robbers who had terrorized the entire country with their daring raids on banks, stores, and individuals. They were fearless and secretive, struck quickly, then disappeared long before the law could retaliate. According to legend, however, their biggest haul came from the mansion of a secretive millionaire from the Gilded Era. Their victim was so humiliated by this audacious raid that he vowed to hunt them down one by one and exterminate them like the vermin they were. He spared no money in his campaign, and after five years, succeeded in killing all but one of the robbers.

The last robber fled to the most remote place that he could think of, which was, of course, the Green River Reserve. There, he and what remained of his loot disappeared. While George’s father, the seasoned park ranger, said that it was merely a story that had never been proven, George told it so convincingly that it was difficult not to believe him. He claimed to have spoken to the man who found the last robber’s remains and also claimed to have a map that marked the path to said remains, that remained buried in the Green River Reserve. But George never took Pete along on any of his excursions in search of the treasure.

Seeing the uniformed police officers in Laura’s hospital room, Pete was again reminded of the story George had told so often all those years ago. He could not help but think that this was related to the young woman. Could George have found the treasure after all? Was Laura involved somehow? Surely she could not have been so foolish as to go off in search of the treasure alone and so ill-equipped for the venture. But the story Laura told Pete once the police investigators had left was far more startling than he could have imagined. In fact, he was shocked to learn how she had really ended up unconscious below that tree deep in Green River Reserve.

Laura told Pete that she had qualified as a nursing assistant and was tasked with caring for an old man who was plagued with severe arthritis and had become wheelchair-bound. But although he was physically weak, his spirit was strong and lively, and she enjoyed caring for him. The old man told lively stories about his childhood home in a remote forest, and one of those stories involved a buried treasure. Laura wasn’t sure that she believed the story, but she ended up telling it to her boyfriend, and he persuaded her to get hold of the old man’s treasure map.

Laura was reluctant to do as her boyfriend had asked, but an ideal opportunity arose when the old man was scheduled for a minor operation. As he was wheeled into the operating theater, Laura searched his room. She found the map fairly easily, but her boyfriend wanted more. Threatening to report her, he made her remove the old man’s little metal trunk as well. This contained not only cash but also some other keepsakes her boyfriend was not interested in these and threw most of it away. But Laura secretly took a ring from the trunk and kept it hidden.

“I did not want to do any of this,” she confessed to Pete, “but he kept threatening to expose me.” The day after the operation, her boyfriend arrived at the hospital with a friend. They forced Laura into their van, and they drove away. For many hours, as a diabetic, Laura felt aware that she was in danger of losing consciousness. It was as if everything vibrated and spun around and around, but she was too terrified to speak up. The very last thing she remembered was holding on to the stolen ring and slipping it onto her finger. The next moment, she lay on the crisp white linen of a hospital bed.

Pete had many questions as he listened. He felt briefly angry that she and her boyfriend had exploited his cousin George while he was unable to defend himself. But Laura seemed so remorseful, and Pete was also keen to finally reconnect with George. When she told him the name of the city and the hospital where she had cared for George, Pete made arrangements to travel there. Laura gave him the ring back and urged him to tell George how sorry she was over all that had transpired.

Two days later, Pete finally saw his beloved cousin for the first time in over 40 years. Both men wept at the joy of their reunion. George explained to Pete that he had disappeared from town two years earlier to try some experimental treatment for his worsening arthritis. If he had known his long-lost cousin had come back, he would have immediately requested to be transferred back home. When George discovered the role the stolen ring had played in reuniting him with a childhood friend, he forgave Laura. After all, she had been forced into the role she played. Pete suggested that if George wanted to return to Owen’s Rest, he would be able to care for him. Thankfully, his cousin was keen to give it a try.

Laura’s boyfriend and his accomplice were arrested and jailed for their theft and also for abducting and endangering Laura. When she had completely recovered, she visited Alwin’s Rest and loved the town so much that she decided to stay. The town’s clinic had an opening for her, and she loved to fuss over both Pete and George. After her scary experience, she was deeply grateful for the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. As for the robbers’ remains and loot, nobody ever tried to look for them again. According to both old men, the secret had been kept for too long to be unveiled, and he deserved to be remembered by all the citizens of Alen’s Rest as the one who got away.

What a shocking twist! Have you ever gone treasure hunting with an old map? How would you have felt if your long-lost cousin reappeared? Tell us in the comments; we’d love to hear it. For now though, we’re out of here. We’ll see you in the next video.

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