They All Laughed When He Married a Black Woman With 4 Kids. Years Later, They Regretted It!

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When a man met and married a black woman with four kids, people laughed and judged them for taking on such a burden. However, years later, they all regretted their words.

Jolie was an American Korean man who ran his own small business. He worked hard and had made enough money to buy himself a nice home. He had a fantastic work ethic and enjoyed his job and life in general. However, there was one thing that was sorely lacking from his life: someone to share it all with. He had no girlfriend, nor had he been on any dates in a long, long time. Work always took priority, and Joe had made many sacrifices to make his business successful. But things had to change, as he was experiencing bouts of sadness and loneliness that only being with someone else could fix.

So Joe set off to find a date. He was not too picky when it came to looks; he just wanted someone that would make him happy and keep him laughing. Joe had a fantastic sense of humor, so he ideally wanted someone who he could joke around with and have some fun with. He started off by looking for other American Korean girls. However, it seemed like there weren’t too many that were available. It was a pity, but Joe wasn’t deterred.

“I couldn’t let life get me down,” said Joe as he reminisced about those days of struggle. “If I had been the type of person to give up so easily, my business wouldn’t have gotten to where it is today. I just had to apply that same level of persistence and patience to my love life. I was sure I’d find someone one day.”

Luckily, Joe didn’t have to wait too long, as he met someone when he least expected it. Going to a bar after work, Joe grabbed a drink and sat down, scrolling through his phone as he sipped his beverage. The bar was busy, and there weren’t too many seats available. That’s when a black woman walked up to his table and asked if she could sit down. Joe barely looked up from his phone and told her that, of course, she could. She wouldn’t bother him, but as she sat down, Joe looked up. He even did a double take, like something out of a cartoon. There, across the table from him, was one of the most beautiful women that he’d ever seen. Her ebony skin looked soft and smooth, and she had the most beautiful eyes topped off with a killer smile.

Placing his phone down, Joe took his shot and introduced himself. She shook his hand and told him her name was Alina Maze. Alina was supposed to be meeting a friend at the bar, but it seemed that she had been stood up. Not one to miss an opportunity, Joe offered to buy her a drink. She smiled warmly and agreed. Her friend might not be there, but she could still enjoy herself. And so, Joe and Alina had a fantastic night together. It was unplanned and unexpected, but the two of them hit it off instantly. They found that they had a fantastic connection and agreed that they’d both like to meet up again at some point in the future.

There was one slight issue, though, at least as far as Alina was concerned. You see, she had four children. Their father was out of the picture, but she was worried that this baggage might cause Joe to run for the hills, as it had with so many other men.

“People always seem into you and like you have a connection, but as soon as I mentioned my kids, they would ghost me,” said Alina, remembering back to her struggles. “Kids are something that a lot of men don’t want to have to deal with, and I can see why. Having to take on four children that aren’t your own is a big ask. That’s why I was struggling so much to find someone that was right for not only me but also for my family. We’re a package deal.”

But luckily, Joe was unfazed by Alina’s kids. He had grown up in a family with a lot of children, and he always knew that when the time was right, he would like a large family of his own. Alina came with a ready-made family just waiting for a new father figure to slot in and take that position. Joe couldn’t deny his happiness and told all of his family and friends that he had met a beautiful woman with four amazing kids. But unfortunately, he didn’t get the response that he was expecting. Everyone said that the relationship would never work. They explained that because Alina had four children already, she would always choose them over Joe. People laughed and made remarks about the couple being doomed, and very few people actually congratulated Joe on his new relationship.

Similarly, Alina received the same kind of response from her own family, who too pointed out that she had four children to raise and no time to be getting herself into another relationship. But Joe and Alina were too smitten to break up and kept on seeing each other. After a few months, Alina introduced him to her kids, and much to Joe’s surprise, all of them warmed up to him pretty quickly. He had never had children before, but he took to fatherhood like a duck to water. He was patient, understanding, and caring, and not once did he resent Alina for putting her children first in her everyday life. He understood her, admired her, and most importantly, wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. So he asked, and she accepted.

Even when they announced that they were to be wed, people still didn’t think the relationship would last. They kept laughing and criticizing them, believing that they would soon find themselves dissatisfied with that unconventional relationship. But there was so much that they didn’t understand and see. The most obvious thing, of course, being how much their reactions were hurting Joe and Alina. But this wall of negativity only served to bring them closer together. They went out on several dates and talked about their feelings and how they felt about their respective families’ responses to the news. Would their relationship stand the test of time? Who knew? But they were both very much in love, and one thing was for certain: they would definitely give it a try, no matter what anyone else said. Happiness can often be hard to come by, and neither Joe nor Alina were going to let go of it.

What people didn’t see was how each of these two lovebirds exposed each other to new and exciting things. Joe was, of course, of Korean descent, and Alina was African-American. They both had different cultures and heritages, and they both loved showing and explaining the differences to each other: the customs, the foods, the ways and traditions—everything about it was fascinating to the other. Joe and Alina learned so much in their first few years together, and that connection opened their eyes even further. But soon enough, something incredible happened: Alina became pregnant with Joe’s baby, her fifth child. They were over the moon. As much as Joe loved Alina’s four children as if they were his own, he was also delighted to have a biological child too. But over the space of the next few years, the couple had two more children, bringing the grand total up to seven.

It truly was an incredible number of children, and through the tough times and the easy, Joe and Alina stuck together. But there was one totally unexpected twist to this whole tale that proved all of Joe and Alina’s naysayers wrong. You see, Alina took up vlogging—the activity of filming yourself and your daily life to share with others. While at first, she only did this for her own amusement, she and Joe soon amassed a large online following who regularly tuned in to catch up with the unusual family. The vlogging channel soon took off and did incredibly well, bringing the family a healthy salary and making them rich—on top of the money Joe brought in with his own business. But despite their success, they never ever forgot their roots and remained very humble, down-to-earth people.

One thing was for sure: all of Joe and Alina’s naysayers were no longer laughing when they witnessed just how famous and wealthy this unusual family had become. Sure, they weren’t a traditional family, and there was a large mix of all kinds of cultures in there, but the truth was that they all loved each other, none more so than Joe and Alina.

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