They Found This Plane Hidden In The Jungle, Then They Looked Inside

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They found this Pearl Harbor plane hidden in the jungle. Then, they looked inside. It’s just amazing what you can see from the clouds. Actually, you can see whole cities, great nature, and moreover, you can see strange things that you couldn’t see otherwise.

From time to time, you get to see much more than you hope for when you’re flying. Sometimes, you get to see a glimpse of hidden, and no one knows this better than the crew of the Royal Australian Air Force.

The year 1972 was a big one for the Royal Australian Air Force. That’s the year when the whole world heard about them and their swamp discovery. Every flight seemed identical until one day this crew noticed something unusual. This is how their first step towards “swamp ghost” was made. The Royal Australian Air Force had a whole day planned. They had to do a routine flight across a remote part of Papua New Guinea. At the………Read Full Story Here.…………………………

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