They Said it was a meth lab, But They Were Cooking Child in The Bedroom

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The police received a call about someone possibly making drugs in a mobile home. When they got there, they found out something even more serious was happening in the bedroom. Now, the mom and dad are in trouble and going to jail for a really long time because of what they were doing.

The police got a call about someone maybe making drugs in a mobile home. But when they arrived, they discovered something even more serious going on in the bedroom. Now, the mom and dad are facing serious consequences and heading to jail for a long time due to their actions.

According to reports, both parents, Kathlen and Lucas, had been staying inside their mobile home for days. One room was turned into an oven, and it got so hot that it couldn’t be ignored. The woman, who was pregnant when the police were called, had been awake for 38 hours with her partner….Read Full Story Here…….

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