Doctors Performed a C-Section & Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes When They Saw What She Gave Birth To

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When Elina was rushed into emergency care heavily pregnant, the doctors knew immediately that they needed to perform a C-section. But when they saw the birthed baby, they couldn’t help but gasp in horror.

In the remote corners of India, hidden from the world’s prying eyes, a clandestine scientific facility operated in utmost secrecy. Dr. Isabella Sinclair, a beautiful but rogue geneticist, had concocted a radical experiment that defied the very laws of nature and perhaps of morality. Her vision was audacious, to say the least—to create the first-ever hybrid gorilla-human baby.

This went against all forms of ethical science and experimentation. To date, anyone who had tried mixing human DNA with something else had been severely restricted and even imprisoned. It went against the sacred oath of many of the scientists and doctors who worked with genetics.

This project was a closely guarded secret, and Isabella needed a volunteer willing to push the boundaries of science. Her search for such a person led her to a courageous young woman named Elina, an adventurous spirit with a deep sense of altruism. Elina agreed to be a part of this groundbreaking experiment. She understood the gravity of her choice and the controversy it would bring. Nevertheless, she thought she would be a great fit to try and bring such an innovative creation into the world.

As the experiment commenced, Elena’s excitement was tinged with anxiety. The laboratory was a sterile, dimly lit chamber filled with the hum of advanced machinery. The procedure involved introducing gorilla spermatozoa into Elina’s body—a process that held inherent risks and complexities.

As the days led up to the procedure, she couldn’t help but reflect on the enormity of her decision. No one in known history had ever done this before. How would her body react? Would her pregnancy be normal? These were questions that played on her mind. However, the thrill of being part of something so important seemed to downplay all the questions she had. She put these thoughts out of her mind and underwent the procedure.

It was quite underwhelming, to say the least. In many ways, it was quite like visiting the doctor, only everyone in the room was looking at her while it was happening. This made her feel a little like a specimen rather than a person. In hindsight, this should have been her first red flag.

After the procedure, all the scientists she was working with started treating her differently. Instead of the kind and thoughtful way they had treated her before, she was now simply treated like a lab experiment. They refused to answer any questions she had about the whole process. They also didn’t let her do anything without their supervision. This included going to the bathroom.

With each passing day, she felt more and more trapped in a situation she felt she had never anticipated. The way the doctors had sold the whole experience was quite far off from what she was going through now. The biggest problem was that she couldn’t do anything about it. Technically, the specimen growing in her womb was the property of the science organization the doctor worked for. If she intentionally endangered the growing baby, she could face severe legal issues. This was not something she was looking to incur in any way.

The staff made sure that she knew this, too. The only reason they meticulously cared for her was because she was carrying the specimen. They didn’t quite care for her own well-being, per se. The pregnancy itself was also going very strangely as well. Elina woke up one day with extreme facial hair and an extremely strong body odor. When she saw her reflection in the mirror, she let out a horrid scream. This only garnered concern for the baby, not for her in any way. This was what she was struggling with so greatly. It seemed that all care and empathy for her as a human being had been disregarded and sent straight out of the window.

Nothing like this had ever been mentioned when she was signing up as a volunteer. One night, she lay crying miserably on her bed when it dawned on her. She was completely fed up with the whole situation. She had been the only one to volunteer, as far as she was concerned. She felt that she deserved to be treated like royalty, never mind like some monkey in a cage.

If what she was a part of was meant to be so important and game-changing, then surely they could treat her better. So, she decided she would make a few demands—ones that needed to be fulfilled. Otherwise, she would report them to the science regulatory board.

The doctors were quite annoyed with her intention to blackmail but begrudgingly obliged. They understood that they couldn’t quite argue with her. They came to a different conclusion that she had been aiming for, though. They decided that they would keep her in captivity until such time that she gave birth. That way, they could minimize the trouble she could cause in her position.

So, the next day when Elina received them in a room and explained their demands, they simply smiled and nodded away. But when they left, they locked the door behind them. They made it very clear to Elina that not only did they not intend to help her, but they were steadfast in keeping her hidden away from everyone and everything until she served no purpose.

She wasn’t prepared to deal with this at all. Elina had enough and was ready to break free from the madness she was involved in. So, when she saw the opportunity to get out of it all, she grabbed it with two hands.

There was a moment between walking to get some scans done and back to her room when she saw an opportunity to make a run for it. So, she did just that. She ran out an open door and out into the bustling city.

The building she had been in was disguised as an old abandoned building, one that no one would have paid attention to. She ran as fast as she could through the crowd, weaving her way, trying hard not to fall on her big belly. People glanced at her strangely, mostly because she was a white pregnant woman running through a rural city. Most people in the area had never seen someone that looked like her.

Elina was desperate to find the train station or bus that could get her far away from the horror house that she had been confined to. She ran and ran until suddenly she came across the train station. She was absolutely thrilled by the sight of it. Her excitement numbed her from her bloodied feet and aching belly. All she could think about was getting closer and closer to freedom.

Only, it wasn’t meant to be. As she got to the platform of the station, she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She collapsed almost immediately to the floor in absolute agony. She hoped and prayed that she wasn’t in labor, not when she was so close to freedom. Try as she could, she struggled to get to her feet. Suddenly, the whole room began to spin, and everything went dark.

When she regained consciousness, she found herself staring up at a glaringly bright light. She looked around herself in a haze and just saw masked men looking down at her. It was then she heard a weird cry and gasp coming from all around the room.

She tried to move but struggled. It was only then that she realized that she couldn’t feel her feet. Then she looked around her and saw that she was in fact inside an operating room. That cry that she heard was from her baby that they had just brought into the world. They had obviously performed the C-section to help get him out.

The gasps around the room continued to grow, with some people even commenting on what the baby could be. Elina couldn’t see from where she was laying, but she could hear people’s shock and horror. Then the doctor came up to her and asked her what she had done, where she had been. Elina simply stared back at them in awe and fear.

She knew that if she divulged where she had been, she could be in serious trouble. The nurses whisked her away to her room and then brought the supposed baby in. What she saw horrified her. In front of her was the strangest creature she had ever laid her eyes on.

What initially looked like a baby was covered in wiry dark hair and had tough skin. The face was strangely shaped with bulging eyes. What she saw was clearly a mix between gorilla and human. The experiment had, in fact, proved successful.

Just a few hours later, the police arrived with detectives wanting to know how this creature could have been created. At this point, Elina was so horrified at what she had been involved in that she told the detective everything they needed to know about the scientists behind it.

She wanted to make sure that no one else was ever subjected to what she had gone through. What a bizarre, scary story! Would you have volunteered for something like this?

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