This Dad’s Stomach Dropped When He Was Pulled Over. Then The Cop Pointed To His Kid In The Back

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This dad’s stomach dropped when he was pulled over, then the cop pointed to his kid in the back. Before Levante Dell was pulled over, it may have been just a regular Monday afternoon for him.

He had been driving around Westland, Michigan on that day in April 2016, going about his business with his young daughter Lauren along for the ride. Meanwhile, Joshua Scaglione, a cop from the City of Westland Police Department, was also in the area and on the beat. As it turned out, the two men were about to meet.

Scaglione had spotted Dell’s vehicle with tinted windows, and these were of concern to the officer. Indeed, Michigan traffic law prohibits tinted windows that reflect 35 percent or more of light. It’s perhaps no surprise then that Scaglione wanted to investigate whether Dell’s car was breaking this rule. As a result, while on his journey, Dell spotted the flashing lights that every driver dreads. While speaking to ABC News about the……Read Full Story Here.…….

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