This Father Didn’t Know There Was a Camera in the Room. It Exposes Him Doing This With His Daughter!

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One cold Friday morning, Tony took his daughter Mia into the living room and did something rather surprising with her. However, he didn’t know there was a camera there. When his wife Laura checked the camera at night, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She broke down in tears when this video of Tony and his daughter went viral. People reacted to it in different ways; many people cried, some were shocked, and others were speechless. This made me cry; I will never watch it again.

Someone in the comments section wrote, “The most surprising thing is that this story happened just after a frightening incident that almost tore Mia’s parents apart.” A few weeks before Tony was caught doing something with his daughter, he returned from work earlier than usual and walked straight into Laura’s room. “Darling, you’re home early,” Laura greeted, but she was met with a cold stare.

She had never seen such a look in Tony’s eyes, and it scared her to the core. Tony looked like a real mess; he didn’t have his tie on, and he never took it off until he got home. His eyes were bloodshot, as if he had been crying the whole day. Worse still, he smelled of alcohol. Laura knew the husband she married would never drink and drive, so something was really wrong.

“Why?” Tony finally said, breaking his silence. “Laura, why did you do that?” He asked again, and this time his voice trembled with emotion. Laura was confused; she approached Tony and tried to wrap her hands around his neck, but he stopped her. Laura was shocked; Tony had never treated her this way. However, rather than telling her what the problem was, Tony went into Mia’s room where she was sleeping in her crib. “You are mine. I love you so much; I can’t do without you,” he told the sleeping toddler as tears streamed down his eyes. Laura tried to get Tony to open up, but he remained mute. He didn’t eat his dinner, and he went to bed earlier than usual. Throughout the night, he kept tossing on the bed; he was struggling to sleep. Laura couldn’t sleep either.

Tony eventually managed to doze off for a few minutes, only to suddenly wake up screaming Mia’s name. “Okay, that’s it,” Laura snapped; she was done with the waiting game. Tony would have to tell her what the problem was now. Irritated, she woke Tony up. “You’ve been acting out of place since you returned from work, yet you won’t say anything. It’s driving me crazy,” she said angrily. What she heard next made her freeze. Tony sat on the bed, ran his fingers through his hair, and screamed, “Charles came to my office yesterday. He said Mia isn’t mine but his.”

“Charles?” Laura stammered. Charles was Laura’s first love and longtime boyfriend. “No, no, Charles is lying. I need you to trust me,” Laura said in a quivering voice. “I really want to, but help me understand,” he replied. Then he asked for Laura’s phone. She handed the phone over to him, and Tony checked her call logs, which revealed that for the past seven days, she had received about 10 calls from Charles, and she had also called him half a dozen times.

You’ve been talking to him behind my back; is everything he said true?” Tony suppressed a scream as he stared at the woman he loved with all his heart. “Why were you talking to him again, and why didn’t you tell me? We never hide anything from each other,” Tony said calmly. “I know you’re fighting for promotion at work, and you need to be in a good state of mind. I didn’t want to disturb you. I would never do anything to hurt you,” she said. Then she went ahead to tell Tony how Charles had suddenly started calling her the past few days, begging her to come back into his life, and she had only returned his calls to ask him to stay away from her as she was happily married.

While she was explaining all this, Tony suddenly jumped out of bed, opened his wardrobe, and brought out a bag he had taken to work the previous day. He opened it and brought out an envelope. “I would really love to trust you, Laura, but all this is driving me crazy. Fine, I understand the cause, but how do you explain this?” he said calmly and emptied the envelope’s content on the bed. When Laura saw what was lying on the bed, her legs gave way, and she fell. The envelope contained pictures of Laura and Charles in a hotel room. The dates on the pictures showed that they were taken a week before Tony and Laura’s wedding. “What do you have to say? Just tell me the truth, and I will forgive you. I love you so much, Laura, regardless of anything,” Tony said in a calm tone while in tears.

Laura explained that she had indeed met up with Charles a week before their wedding. He had threatened to take her life if she refused to see him. They met at the bar in the hotel, but Charles complained that he was feeling suddenly dizzy and needed to rest, so Laura went with him. Truth is, a part of Laura also felt guilty for leaving Charles. She had thought he was her soul mate until she met Tony. “I also went there to apologize to Charles for hurting him. I left him for you, and I was feeling guilty about that. Trust me, nothing happened. I swear on my life, I’m sorry I kept it away from you. I should have told you. Mia is yours; nothing happened between Charles and I,” Laura wept.

Tony was in a fix; Charles had even dared him to take a DNA test, and here was Laura claiming Mia was his. Regardless of all this, Tony couldn’t bear to see Laura cry, so he moved closer to her and hugged her. Then he asked her to stop crying and told her that everything would be okay. But things weren’t really okay; the couple became a bit distant from each other. Tony was unwilling to take the test, but he knew that it was the only way to solve this situation that was about to break his marriage, so he went ahead with it.

While waiting for the DNA results, Tony still tried his best to be a loving husband. He assured Laura that he loved her regardless of the outcome. As for Laura, she would constantly beat herself up for hiding crucial information from her husband. A week later, the couple was watching TV when Tony’s phone suddenly beeped; it was an email. As soon as Tony read it, his phone fell out of his hands, and tears dripped down his eyes. Laura didn’t even bother to ask him what the email was about; she knew what it contained. So she ran straight to Tony, pulled him into her arms, and the two kissed like it was their first kiss. They put a lot of passion into the kiss.

Tony felt bad that a part of him doubted his wife, but with all that evidence, who wouldn’t? As for Laura, she felt that none of this would have happened if she hadn’t kept the incident about seeing Charles and their recent communication away from Tony. A day after the DNA confirmed Mia was Tony’s daughter, Laura went to the supermarket to get some groceries. She was away for about an hour, and that was when Tony did something quite surprising with his daughter. Laura had recently installed cameras all over the house to monitor Mia’s movement since she was a hyperactive toddler. Laura didn’t check the camera until she was in bed at night; Tony was sleeping beside her, and since she wasn’t sleepy yet, she decided to watch the camera to see what Tony and Mia were up to when she was outdoors. The plan was to get a good laugh and go to bed; little did she know she would be in tears.

When Laura turned on the camera and pressed play, she heard Mia crying loudly. Then she saw Tony get up from the couch in the living room and go into Mia’s bedroom. She heard him singing to her, but the girl continued to cry. A few minutes later, the camera showed Tony walking back into the living room with Mia in his arms. He placed her on the floor, then he went to turn on the music. When the music came on, Tony began to dance. Seeing that all his attempts to get his daughter to stop crying had failed, he decided to do something creative and funny just to get his daughter in a good mood.

At first, Mia just stared at her dad, but his dance moves were so funny that Mia, who had been crying, began to laugh. But it was what the toddler did next that moved Laura to tears. Mia also began to copy her dad’s moves, and soon father and daughter were dancing, hugging each other, and laughing. It was such a beautiful and emotional sight that Laura couldn’t hold back her tears. She saw how much Tony loved Mia, and it would have shattered him if it turned out that she wasn’t his biological daughter. But despite that, she knew he would have still loved her the same.

After watching the video, Laura moved closer to Tony and kissed him. “Thank you for being patient and kind. Mia and I love you so much; you’re a good man,” she said. Perhaps Tony heard her in his sleep because he faced her and whispered, “I love you more,” before snoring again.

Later that week, the couple got a restraining order from court, demanding that Charles stay away from them. This just goes to show that love conquers all. What do you think about this story? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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