This Girl Has Been Dead for a Century, But What She Does Every Night Is Terrifying

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This little girl has been dead for over a century, but that doesn’t stop her from doing this terrifying thing every night. People from around the world have gathered to see the mystery of little Rosalia.

When Rosalia Lombardo was diagnosed with pneumonia during the terrible Spanish flu epidemic in 1920, her parents were horrified. The sickness had been spreading like wildfire across the country, and the Lombardos had done everything in their power to protect their daughter, but it wasn’t enough. Rosalia was just shy of turning two years old when she suddenly developed a horrific cough.

Sure enough, within hours, her once warm and rosy cheeks had turned scalding hot. She became non-responsive and extremely sick, so her parents called for a doctor. But by the time he arrived, it was too late. Rosalia succumbed to the….Read Full Story Here.…….

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