This Groom saw the Bride’s Face at the Altar and Immediately Filed for Divorce. Then THIS happened

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“Getting married is usually one of the most exciting and happiest days in the lives of a bride and groom. You plan to live happily ever after, getting to know each other’s inner and outer beauty. What happens when that dream is shattered?

When the groom reacts in a manner unbecoming of what is generally expected, what will happen to all the parties concerned after this decision is made? Join us to hear the details and reasons behind this heartless and shocking decision the groom made on his wedding day.

The story starts with a couple residing in Medina, a city in the Hijaz region of Saudi Arabia. As is often customary in some Middle Eastern countries, the family and parents of the bride and groom were very much involved in the negotiations for this couple to get married.

These families had a much more conservative and traditional approach to matchmaking. When the arrangement for engagement and marriage takes place, the aspects that are usually considered are whether the groom is entirely self-sufficient and if he would be able to look after the bride sufficiently. After all, every parent that gives away his daughter in marriage wants her to be well cared for, right?

It should also be noted that because it is the custom for the parents to arrange marriages, the bride and groom are often not very involved in the negotiation process. They are trusting in the parents to make a good match as the parents know their child the best and know what type of person will be ideal to make the marriage a success. In this particular case, the bride and groom allowed the family and matchmakers to continue with the negotiations while they went on with their own lives and responsibilities.

The families were eager to make the match, and the wedding day was arranged within four weeks after the negotiations were concluded. This gave the family sufficient time to put all the arrangements in place for the wedding party.

The prospective couple were briefly in the same room the day after the negotiations were concluded, but the bride remained fully veiled, as is the custom for this specific family. This added to the anticipation of the wedding ceremony, for they would only completely see each other on the day of the wedding. It was so exciting, and the bride was excited to get to know her groom as she liked how handsome he looked at the meeting. She, however, was shy and quiet at the meeting.

The next few days were filled with wedding preparations and excitement. The bride had to finalize her dress and get all her things packed to move to her newly proposed husband’s house. As it is the tradition, she would now integrate into the family of her husband as the extended family all lived under one roof. This information was revealed at the brief meeting they had. She was excited to live with the other woman, as her elderly mother was the only woman currently living with her. The prospect of new friendships and sharing time with other women her age was exciting.

The wedding day grew closer, and the excitement escalated. When the day of the wedding finally arrived, the bride could barely contain her excitement. Finally, she was going to be married. She longed to be a bride and a mother, and now her dreams were coming true. She felt extremely pretty in all of her wedding outfits. This was going to be the most beautiful day of her life and the start of a happy future with her husband. Weddings in this country are a big deal, as is the tradition. Everything was prepared for a spectacular and flamboyant day of celebration and festivities.

The main part of the wedding was celebrated with the men in one room and the women in a separate room in another building. They could enjoy the tables almost breaking under the feast prepared. The bride ate, but she was nervously waiting in anticipation for the moment that she would become a wife. Meanwhile, in the other room, her husband was feeling the same anticipation.

He had not seen his bride yet, but he could not wait for the moment that he would lift her veil and see his beautiful wife face to face. The moment of truth was coming closer, with the wedding contract already being negotiated beforehand. The signatures of the bride and groom would seal the marriage. The legalities were concluded, the house was ready, and a lifetime of happiness awaited the couple.

The moment of the ceremony arrived when the bride lifted the veil for some wedding pictures to be taken. At that moment, what should have been a climax turned into disaster. The whole atmosphere changed. The groom gave a shout of disgust. At first, no one understood what was happening. Then, the bridegroom loudly declared, ‘I do not want to marry this ugly woman! I did not have the opportunity to see her face before the wedding day. I cannot marry her. I want a divorce.’ In this culture, if a husband wants a divorce, it can be initiated by publicly uttering the four words ‘I want a divorce.’ If this is done three times, the divorce is legal. In this instance, the groom initiated a divorce on the day of his wedding.

The poor bride collapsed in tears. Her family rushed to her side, but her tears and cries filled the whole room. The ceremony that was supposed to be one of the happiest days for both the bride and the groom turned into chaos. The guests and both the families were in shock. The shock made way for anger and disgust.

How could the groom be so cruel to their daughter? The negotiations were done in a proper way. The bride’s family wanted the groom’s family to resolve the problem and force the groom to honor the arranged marriage contract. In the meantime, the distraught bride, who had collapsed on the floor, was picked up, but she was inconsolable. Her dreams of happiness were shattered in one moment by her heartless groom. She knew that there were other girls that were prettier than her, but she was not ugly. And now, this man that was supposed to be her future husband and supposed to love her and care for her was calling her ugly.

The bridegroom wasn’t open to convincing; he had made up his mind. The more the bridal guests, family members, and elders tried to change his mind, the more insulting he became. He maintained that he was tricked into marrying this ugly woman and that he was not willing to do that for even a day. He insisted on an immediate divorce; he would not put up with looking into her face for a single day.

His elders and parents told him that the beauty of his wife was important but that if he gave her a chance, he would get to know her beautiful heart and personality. If he was willing to give the marriage a chance, he would see that there are many things that are much more important than physical appearance. Not even these facts made any change to the attitude and heart of this rude and terrible husband.

After hours of negotiations trying in vain to resolve the crisis, the wedding parties gave up. The bride was taken away by her family, and the divorce proceedings were started. The bride’s parents insisted that the dowry paid for the bride would not be returned because of the harsh treatment of the groom and the hardships he had caused their daughter. Although this was a substantial amount, and because most of the wedding guests were disgusted with the groom, they agreed on this financial settlement.

Not only the people that attended the wedding were angry at the groom. When this story was shared on social media, the groom was insulted in an even worse way than he insulted his bride. People were disgusted that this man was only interested in the looks of his wife and did not even consider any of the beautiful qualities that she possessed. They told the bride that she was actually fortunate to escape from this terrible man, even if it was initially a shock and an embarrassment on their wedding day.

Fast forward a year into the future from this terrible event, the parents of the girl have managed to negotiate another wedding. This time they allowed the groom to see his bride before the wedding. She is now married to a man that deeply loves her. When he saw her for the first time, he told her that she was a beautiful woman and that he felt lucky that he could marry her. He knew about her misfortune some time ago. She said that it was his luck that the other guy rejected this beautiful woman; otherwise, he would not have had the chance to make her his wife.

Even if the story is not a hundred percent true, we can learn that life is often filled with difficult circumstances. In this case, the disappointment of a failed wedding day could have resulted in the bride giving up all hope.

This is what often happens in such a case, but the bride got a second chance at happiness. Although we’re expected to respect customs, we do not have to respect rudeness. Kindness goes a long way in this world. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this story.

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